Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First Day of College!!!

I am going to attempt a brief update because I had the fancy to reorganize my desk and I am in the middle of that other words there is junk all over my bed and floor right now!

So, today was my first day of classes at the U. Yep. And also my last day, of those classes. In between some of my classes I went in and talked with an undergraduate advisor, and she was so incredibly helpful! You see after my composition: literature class I was pretty frusterated and confused. The entire class looked like an elematary Rhetoric class, the objective was learning to write a persuasive paper....a review in which he assumed we knew nothing of. I knew I could just take the class and get, not an 'easy A' (there were a ton of papers to write!), but an A. Or I could choose to not be irritated the entire quarter and instead go learn something new. I know at least one of you is going to call me a snot for saying that, but it was true and after one class I was wondering if I should really be spending my time in that class. And Drama? Yeah. When I told her a little bit and that I wanted to be an English major she told me those weren't classes I needed to be taking, or really even should be. I told her what I had heard about Engl. 197, and 202 and she told me that indeed they are the prerequisites for declaring your major in English, and also that the 197 would fulfil the same requirement as my Engl. 111 class- so I didn't need to be in that! We got online and lo and behold---- Engl. 197 and 202 were open! YIPEE!!! (I had been checking almost daily this past week.) Someone had dropped them. So, we dropped my fig and my math class (it was at the same time as my new english she told me I really didn't need to be in a business math class). So!!! I now have a new schedule...a better schedule....with better classes...and I am sooo excited! The advisor that worked with me was sooo sweet and helpful, and she spent a lot of time with me, explaining and looking things up, even making phone calls. I loved that she took TIME and didn't seem rushed at all, even though there were lots of others. She was so helpful, and at the end she gave me her card and told me to come back if I like next quarter about registering..I am definitely going to go back to her.

My first day was good. The bus was relatively easy, okay REALLY easy, and the people on it were for the most part all relatively normal. Most were students or heading to UVillage.

I also picked up this one other class, we'll see about it. Its about Environmental Studies, lol. Oh well, I decided it would be fun to do something new and it fills requirements I need, and fits well into my schedule. ;)

So....thats about it. Oh..thats wonderful, when I started this I had a terrible headache, but its almost gone!

Love you all, books and books full. (hehe.)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I have been accused of neglecting my blog. I suposse it is true. Well, here is life as best as I can in words. I begin classes at the U on Wednesday, tomorrow I have the big job ahead of me of filling out my FAFSA and going down to Shmitz to talk to someone in the financial section to figure out student loans. yep. Next year I want to get more aware of scholarship opportunities. I also need to buy my books, ugh. Oh, my schedule. Well, as of now I am taking Composition- Literature, Algebra w/ Applications (business math i think?), and Introduction to Theater, as well as a community life class (for 2 genereal ed. credits). I might drop all of those but the math and pic up two other english classes if I can get in (right now they are full), because they are required to declare my major in english. I am still debating if I want to do that anyways yet, I might wait till next quarter and hopefully they will be offered. Also, next quarter I want to start taking Italian. You are required to take a foreign language for a year at the U. Youc an test out of it and Latin is considered as a foreign language so I could take it, or try to study up and test out of it. I might do that, but I doubt it because I haven't taken it for 2 years already, by then it will be nearing 3 years! We'll see though. Plus, I really would like to take Italian...but I guess if I could save myself the time and money it would be worth testing out of, or atleast taking a shot at it. By the way, I found out the book we went through in high school is a college course for Latin, Patrick Henry University actually uses that very one. Hehe, glad they told me now. In high school they told us how the Michigan classical school does it in 8th grade- boy did I feel dumb. :)

What else? Oh, I started taking SLT (Strategic Life Training). I am excited. We had the Intensive last week, and that was A LOT of teaching! It shouldn't be too time consuming, and I really like having that pouring into me with all of the other things that will be poured into me at the U. I'm sure some continual biblical thought and reminders that I need to love people will be good for me. :)

It sure has been crazy jumping right out of MCS and into a completely new life..nothing like high school. I'm still trying to find a good afternoon job, I had a couple interviews but it was pretty much impossible until I knew what my class schedule would look like, which wasn't until the 20th!
Guess what else. I am going to start taking the bus to commute to the U. Last week driving back and forth for 3 days was all I needed to convince me. But I am still pretty freaked out, I have taken a bus like once before..and NEVER alone! I am totally freaked out that i will fall asleep (because I can really easily) on my way in early one morning and wake up in like Issaquah! LOL> YIKES!

Well, there is a quick, or not so quick, glance into life right now. I love you all alot! ALOT, ALOT! You can all be praying for me to find the perfect part time job, and for me to find my books, and my classrooms, lol. I am super nervous for school. 300 is about 290 more students than I am used to sharing a class with! I know its all in God's hands, and I am doing my best to just be at peace, and rest in Him. I am definitely in a very exciting, and stretching time right now. I am so grateful for you in my life and the blessing that you are to me! Love you! (pray for me, please!) Love you, kati