Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Below is something I just read on It built up my faith and got me pretty excited, and I hope it will for you too... Love you guys!

Father Nash
Having experienced a terrible overhaul of his own spiritual experience, Nash, Finney's intercessor, emerged from a cold and backslidden condition to faithfully labor for souls, full of the power of prayer. He prayed daily – often many times a day – for those whom he was led to place on his list, frequently literally in agony for them. Multitudes were thus converted, many of them hardened, abandoned characters who could not be reached in any ordinary way. One such example involved a bartender violently opposed to revival meetings who would deliberately swear outrageously whenever Christians were within hearing. It was so bad that some of his neighbors considered moving because they could not tolerate such swearing. When Father Nash heard of this situation, he became very grieved and took this man on in prayer. Day and night he labored in prayer for this ungodly bartender. Several days later, the tavern keeper came to a meeting, confessed his sins and came to Christ. His confession was one of the most heartbroken Finney and Nash had ever heard and seemed to cover the whole ground of his treatment of God, Christians, revival, and everything good. His barroom immediately became the place where prayer meetings were held. Can bars, mosques, crack houses or other sin-dens become prayer rooms in our day? Can vulgar God-haters, drug dealers, porn-peddlers and others of ill repute become passionate followers of Christ? Only if we find the "Father Nashes" of our day – those who refuse to accept status quo and through fervent and agonizing prayer bring the will of Heaven to earth. Have you been infected with this heavenly virus?
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Monday, June 04, 2007

I only have one final left- and I can hardly wait! This is the most difficult one of the three I will have had to take (wow- that is a difficult tense!), and it is also the most important for me to do well on-- History of the Celtic Civilization.

This morning was my Anthropology final, and the open ended essay was asking us what topic we would choose to do ethnographic research on, why, where would we conduct it, and how...etc. I wrote about something thats been in my mind all quarter- a long-term anthropological study of women who chose to keep their children, give them up for adoption, or abort them. It was supposed to be a "short essay"- mine was about a page and a half, but I kept it one paragraph like they asked ;)

Man, I think I will be going to bed very early today- I feel tired. I was up early this morning to study for my final, and I was up late last night watching Pirates 3 with my dad and kris. I have got to say, I was happy that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, because I had been told it was terrible. My expectations were probably so low that anything would have been good- but I thought Johnny Depp was a kick- all of him. ;) The rest was, well okay. Staged kiss at the end battle scene--disappointing to say the least, so rehearsed and almost "counted" like a tango or something. But nonetheless, I was glad I watched it. Go in with low expectations, and you will too.