Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I would post a new blog right now, but as Kris would just be the same as all the others, I have homework to do, I can't wait for summer, and oh, I did this really stupid thing this week. laugh laugh haha.

Lots of love,
XOXOXOXlick(for kim and kris hehe)

But a few things I will note anyways:
-I have a week and a half left in this quarter (well 2 weeks really with finals)
-I am going to Orlando, FL, but only for a total of 3 days and I won't have much free time...I get to go with my work- I am excited.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Its midterms- AGAIN. I swear its always midterms or finals. Gosh. Well. I am in week 7 of 10, in fact, almost week 8, of my second quarter. I am over halfway done with the year! And I am about 16 weeks away from summer break! WOOHOO! And thats counting spring break and finals week! I am already day dreaming about summer. I think I will work Monday-Thursday and get my 30 hours in, and then take off Fridays and go to the beach! I can't wait for swim suits (and I mean 2 pieces!), drive-in movies (and I mean PG-13 and perhaps R!), beach days (ALL DAY!), and picking my own books to read! I am hoping for lots of beach days with Kris, and some drive-ins with ty and rob and whoever, roller skating with Toddley, scategories nights with rob and ty too, and lots of porch swing sitting by myself with some sweet tea and a good book!, I'm hoping Morgan might have some time for me somewhere in there for mall dates, and volleyball games, and craziness in general, I'm hoping to visit Riss in Oklahoma for a week or so in the end of June/ begining of July and then head over to Kim and Jason's in Nashville for a month. A TAN. HORSES. COWBOYS. HONKEY TONKS. KIM & JASON!!! I am so excited for this summer!

....but in the mean time, I have to keep studying and working hard at school. I am sure dad has leaked the facts to you all by now, but I did well last quarter, really well, and I was soo happy! But, this quarter is not looking quite as bright, and thats okay too.

I need to fill out my renewal FAFSA tonight for scholarships and financial aid, plus I have a paper to work on (it was due tomorrow, but my prof. gave us until Monday now), and I have to study for my Italian midterm on Friday, and then get started on my preparation for my History Midterm next Tuesday.

I love you all so much! Life is very wierd right now, and I feel more "on my own" then ever before (don't worry I am not getting too carried away with that- I still live at home and all, but you know what I mean), but I am begining to adjust to my new life.

Hey ya'll by the way...

Happy Valentines Day!!!