Tuesday, May 31, 2011

true that.

Only too adorable.
This summer, I think we should do a marathon. You down?

PS, khaki dresscode. ;)

First, I'd just like to express my gratitude to you for all you do and your attention to details. Second, Katrina do you have a DVD player at home?


Do you watch movies at night? Oh yeah, you're not really into that.


Well fine then, you don't get to watch ...[didn't catch the title].

Oh. Am I being punished here? :/

Yes. If you're not nice, you don't get to play. We're back to second grade. I'm taking back my marbles. [exits.]

Happy Tuesday.

Saturdays are for...

Farmers markets, breakfast with family, organizing, cleaning, reading in the sunshine, lessons and practice, running the trail, and concerts with friends. At least that's what this last one looked like for me, and I was quite a fan of it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dearest MacKenna....

I feel you'd love this video with me... and I'd like very much to be listening to it with you, over delicious coffee on a sweet afternoon. I'd also love to hear you sing this. Furthermore, I'd like to one day soon take another walk down the back roads from your home, find ourselves at a lake, and end up getting ice cream. This song just seems to fit those memories. Love you, so glad you are winding your way home to Washington.

Oh, and one more thing...you, Mad and I have yet to watch The Village... and a number of other films on our list. We'd probably ought to set a date for early September, complete with old films and hot dogs (shhh!)
Morgan came across a project Mrs. Gilbert led for our class back in 2nd grade. We created a sort of newspaper, entitled "Second Grade Thoughts." what a treasure. She sent me a couple of the inserts of what I wrote... makes me want to find mine and read through it all. I love it. And I find it kind of funny that what I knew then, in many ways is still my answer now... and I'm still learning the truth in these words.

I was what, 6? 7? Yep, I still hold to those answers. Only, I think I'll worship better with my pen then my blue ribbon. Not going to lie... that ribbon is still around here somewhere, the darn stick broke though. Mine was a lovely blue silver. Perhaps one day I'll bust it out in worship again... Em, think you can get me a spot on the Freedom team? Any openings for ribbon-ers? ;)

I felt this weekend was going to be about me getting a deeper revelation of who I am, and what that looks like for me in this season. I feel like everything is on hold, like all my dreams and passions and EVERYTHING is being piled up like waters at a damn and just about to burst. As I ran today I finally put this picture to what I've been feeling, I feel like I'm about to burst... I don't want to feel stuck, or standing still. I need to know what I am to be investing in right now. Morgan sent me these on Friday. And after the weekend has all but passed, and I spent part of today in tears or near-tears... I just now realized that this is still my answer. This is still who I am. And in this ever so frustrating season, this is still what I need to hold to, confess and stand on.

As I was reading Fenelon this morning I came across an excerpt where he calls us out for our desire to always be analyzing and evaluating- for our need to be able to tell where we are at and how and where we've grown and are growing. I know that strategy is good... but he was so correct in his claim, especially for me right now- as he states, it is just our selfish pride that wants to be able to measure ourselves and our progress. We are weak, He is strong. Get that and we'll be much better off. Then I started reading the next chapter in Watchman Knee, and what does he say? He expounds on how God's plan is not to make us better, it is simply for the old man to die and for Christ to live. He doesn't want to make us stronger. He wants us to let Him live through us. He dealt with sin, and He dealt with the sinner.

Aw. Lord. What does Jesus mean to me? He means faith and hope. Jesus is love. He loves us with an everlasting and unfailing love, and I want to worship and praise Him.

So, I guess that is the word I've been waiting on all weekend, that reconfirming, re-rooting word. God speaks to us two ways, through the Bible and in our hearts. And sometimes, through our own Second Grade Thoughts.
A couple thoughts.

I think it is unique to Christianity that when we feel most weak and broken, we often seek how to handicap ourselves even further. I'm learning true gratefulness that when I am weak, He really is strong. Seems everywhere I turn I hear again that my weaknesses are designed to teach me to lean into Him. His desire isn't for me to become strong, its for me to let Him live through me. The work is finished.

I always seem to return to it, "Oh Lord, you're beautiful, your face is all I see, and when Your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me..." Thank you Keith Green for being even more catchy than Katy Perry. Sincerely.

My day so far, minus the beach, and sun.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I need a little sunshine...

Oh dangit. Was that emo?

Perhaps some of the best wedding pics. Atleast some of the most fun. :)

Favor ….is the attraction of God to you that releases the influence through you so that every resource you need materializes in order to accomplish the assignment God gave you. -Lance Wallnau
"You know what Katrina reminds me of? And now, this could be a compliment, or not. But you know that girl who sings Love Story?"

"Taylor Swift?"

"Yes, Taylor Swift."

"I remind you of Taylor Swift?"

"No, but of a cowgirl. You've got the walk, the swagger and the look and the style. You're too smart to be a cowgirl really. But as long as you don't open your mouth. You open your mouth and they'd think My God, she's a scientist."

Huh. :/
Elevator Conversation:
"You look tired."

"Yep. Wild night."

"Oh really?"

"Yep, after home group, a couple of us wild ones decided to head over to the married friends' house. They put the baby down and we played speed scrabble over margaritas. It was crazy."

Sounds about right. :/ We were in bed a little after eleven.


Still, I'm tired. Good morning iced quad espresso, I like you very much.
Happy Friday.
I'm not going to say who this picture makes me think of, but I think she might suspect it is her. ;) Someone who knows how to celebrate, how to persevere... and how to enjoy a mimosa. Thinking of you.

PS, best champagne I've ever had -- Ryan & Kaylee's wedding. Kay, someday I am going to get the name from you. ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

See that blonde one, hiding from the camera? I like her. A lot. She leaves for beautiful Italia in a week, and I'm going to miss her.
And the one beside her? Oh yes, I like her too. :)
Braden told me recently, as an encouragement, "I believe you'll outlast the lace trend. You were there before it, and you'll be there after it." Something very close to that. And I was very appreciative. But it made me laugh at myself, as I thought, lace was there long before me, and will be there long after me. I like to think of my roots as deeper than the trends that rush in and rush out. But, those trends are more like ripples that come through every so many years, the remnants of styles and fashions and ideas that were born long before 1987.

I know I'm deeper than mass-media and fads. But I'm also not above them. It's kind of fun to picture myself as in a row boat, sometimes padding after those trends that came and went before I knew they were cool, and more often then not cursing those darn ripples that nearly tossed over my boat and disturbed my happy reading time.

There's no one better to remind me of how "uncool" or "unforward thinking" I am then my mom and dad. I fall in love with a song, and I think "this is so me." My sister Kim even sent it to me, because she knew it was me. What happens? My dad says, "Oh yeah, I have her record somewhere. Melanie Safka, I liked her." Her record. I've been on a weird kick of 60s and 70s music. It started with music that sounded like music from then, but now it's just become random music from then. Yesterday at lunch, my dad interrupts conversation and says, "Baba O'Riley by The Who talk about a throw back." I look at him in awe and Kristin adds, "Never underestimate Dad, sister."

That's about right. My trends, my mom usually wore it. My music? My dad has the record. And trust me, you can't fight with a man who has the record. They win. No contest. (Uh, I bought the digital download? No.)

How about bicycles? Yeah, we're all part of that little trend. Admit it. I want one. And yet, I just keep thinking of the amazing ones my mom and dad had in the garage all my years of growing up, remnants left from the life before children... when they lived on Greenlake and went hiking and biking and running and listened to the music I now like. Even the wool socks I like, there are photos of my dad wearing years ago. Rollerskating? My mom has literal pins and awards from her couples skating days. Me? I can turn around, kind of.

It's funny. There's nothing new under the sun. And the truth is, they probably did it better, and own the record.

photos from monday night, we walked to the park and swung on the swings :) i love our little street.
hope your week is sweet and filled with hope.
Cause a lot of times hope is hard to find, but this week is filled with it and it makes me so happy!

^Post from a new favorite blogger [seastation]. She's cute, sweet and has great photos. That's all I know so far about her. And that she hosts her cite on blogspot. For some reason, I like those bloggers better, I feel like they're on my side. Like we're part of a cool club. :)
Yep. I miss my long hair. A lot.
I think I'll always love feet pictures. I love what a photo can say without showing you. Cute.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Katrina, I've been working on your behalf."

LBL is teaching a seminar on contracts and liens today. He just called from there to inform me he got a woman's card for me. She met her soon-to-be husband through a dating group made up of 27 churches. He said, he wants Kristin and I to call her and get involved. "We'll have you married by the end of the summer. That's my goal." One of his new years goals was to get all three girls in the office married be the end of the year. So, when I asked him just now why he's shortening his deadline, he informed me: "the thing is, the longer you remain single, the more expanded you become. the more uncontrollable you will be when you become married. so it's better from a male view to marry you earlier, you're more maluable. The longer you wait, the more you'll go through and the more you'll know what you think and feel. You already have very powerful, deep and strong opinions Katrina."

Apparently, that is the danger. Good to know.

Perhaps it would be worth pointing out the plaguing question in my mind: How exactly did this conversation come up between Larry and this woman? I have a guess. :/ Larry decided to bring us up in the seminar. This is supported by the fact that last time Larry taught a seminar like this one, I received an email from an interested attendee. Larry was not happy with me for not wanting to respond to "TJ."

A number of months back a young man sent in his resume. He was newly out of lawschool and hoping to join the firm perhaps. LBL circled the fact that he studied in the UK, using a big red pen, wrote "Katrina?" next to it, and left it on my desk. Why? Because he feels I belong in Europe, or apparently with a man from Europe, or who atleast mentions the country in his resume.
"If you want to write, if you want to create, you must be the most sublime fool that God ever turned out and sent rambling. You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads. I wish you a wrestling match with your Creative Muse that will last a lifetime. I wish craziness and foolishness and madness upon you. May you live with hysteria, and out of it make fine stories — science fiction or otherwise. Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." —Ray Bradbury

I received Fahrenheit 451 at Esther's Book Exchange party. Or rather, I stole it. (true story.) I started it Monday morning on the bus. I finished it Monday night a little before midnight. What a delicious and provoking book. He's a tasty style that keeps you rushing along, a format with no chapters that refuses to let you put the book down, and a strange world that forces you in and frightens you by its resemblence to your own. I'll be thinking about this book for the rest of my life no doubt. For certain every time I think of Tumblr. :/
My morning so far:

I walk past this every day. So beautiful. I'm just sad I never did go in there before the restaurant closed.

Steph, periodically leaves these for Kristin and I. Thanks, Steph. lol. Guess I'll process this one. :/

It's a sign of a good morning when LBL leaves three of these in his outbox for us girls. He loves Shoefly tarts, and from time to time he'll bring them in as a treat for us three girls. You see, every morning we (usually Kristin), go into his office and pick up a huge stack of projects for the day from his "outbox." It's all too wonderful to find a box of these in there too... not to mention, it means less space for projects. Today, he is gone teaching a seminar all day in Tacoma. So, we have Shoefly tarts, coffee, and a day to get caught up on all our projects. :)

Happy Wednesday!!

PS- AND my Dad (and maybe Mom) is coming to take Kristin and I out to lunch today. Happy girl indeed. :)
Yesterday, after a 10-hour work day, I decided it was too pretty to get on a bus and miss the last couple hours of sunshine. It was warm, Seattle was in it's prime, and I was wearing my favorite heals (cute, and surprisingly comfortable). I decided to head to the library (time to re-check out Brothers K, hopefully for the last time!). Then, I walked to Urban and Anthro, did a little wandering. There were plenty of sale signs out and about. I found one of the aprons I'd been eyeing, on sale. :)

I also found a couple dresses, and a cream sweater (you know those items you realize weekly you need, but you never end up buying? For me, that's a cream sweater. Everything looks better in gray. The sweater I bought last night, looked SOOO much better in this charcoal grey color they had. But as I will show you some time, I don't need a grey sweater.)

Walking around downtown on a sunny Seattle day, with a book from the library, a beautiful new apron and a couple sundresses... some days are just sweet... even some 10-hour work days.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the list of "People I Need to Forgive" - you'll find Miley Cyrus as number one. I just heard a random song of her's, and suddenly had strong feelings of anger rise up in me. Where they came from? Well, I'll tell you, being as I just took a moment to ask myself that question.

When I was 16, I started watching a not-quite-2-year-old girl named Abby. I walked into the house, and her mom said, "My name is Katie, my sister's name is Kelley, and out grandmother's name was Katie Kelly. You were meant to be our babysitter." And then she hugged me. I stepped into the house, and we were friends from then on. It didn't hurt that her little sister, still in Montana was about my age, and she was a few years older than my oldest sister who was soon to move to Tennessee. I walked into the family room and met Miss Abby, not even in full command of her language yet, we played in a little tent for an hour and became fast friends. Her little brother, Will was 7 months old and quickly stole my heart. I'd rock him to sleep about 3 nights a week at the start.

That established, a few months back I was over watching the kids- a semi-rare occassion now. Abby wanted to show me her account on their Mac. She wanted to add me to her email contacts. (WHAT?) And, she wanted to show me a few of her favorite videos. Well of course she's a Miley fan, she's a child of the 2000's, she watched Hannah Montana after nap time for years. Wait, what, Party in the USA? Sure, she uses the words "tummy" and "butterfly" in the song, but she's also 18 and talking about clubbing, and wearing jeans that she probably stole from the set of Hannah Montana when she was 10! Good Lord! Yes, this is why I will someday need to forgive Miley Cyrus, a poor misguided, spoiled young girl who demanded to be a role model for young girls, and then teach them how to roll those tummies at the age of 9!

I know, I know, I'm not even a mom. But it kills me. There is such a thing as responsibility, and while we'd all like to believe we're the only one that matters, if you insist on making a living off of the public, please keep that public in mind. Abby is watching. And she's one amazing young girl who deserves a better role model, one that doesn't just act on a tv show like she has a wonderful relationship with her dad, and then decides to emancipate herself from him in real life a few years later.

Okay, Okay... clearing the list and getting over my little judgmental self. Oh Miley, you need a Savior too.
As we sat at the table last night, my adorable cousin Kate just smiled and said as a fact, "first burger of the season." I don't know why I found it so cute, it's something we relish each year! For all the harassment I get from my family for being a "vegetarian" (which I'm not), I don't think anyone looks forward to that first burger as much as I do! Something about the barbeque--- mmmmmmm! A good steak! A burger like this one, melted provolone, grilled mushrooms with rosemary and onions, barbeque sauce. Heaven. Not to mention grilled asparagus (which last year I miraculously lost the ability to cook properly myself. egh.)
Look what my mom picked up for me yesterday. :)

I've been wanting an herb garden. I love gardens. I hate spiders. Therefore, I do not garden (v.). But the older I get, the more I wish I did. My near-addiction to cilantro and now recent devotion to rosemary has led me to want an herb garden. I figure it will be a good start for me. A few weeks back my mom and I sat down and I listed out my herbs. She lost the list. (Kim, Kris, sound about right? hehe.) But it doesn't matter, because she got cilantro. AND, she picked up two different types of basil that look and smell amazing! I am so exited! However, the initial discussion involved a way of me taking them with me when I moved this coming fall... I think she's already come to like them too much herself now. She's building a little "herb shelf" on our kitchen patio (termed "the tea garden" by my mom, and "the beer garden" by my dad, Kristin and I... morning: tea. afternoons: beer. We also have the "wine garden" down below, and "the tree fort" on the balcony... we have a weird thing about naming. See where I get my eccentricities? Met my Dad and Mumsy before? If not, you've missed a lot of good evenings of laughter.)

As for the herbs and their new permanent home, oh well, I'm sure I can steal shoots next year.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I just got that awesome semi-rush feeling of when you stay up waaaay too late reading to the end of a good book. Suddenly feels and smells like a summer night!

Only, I have to get up for work in a few hours. : /

And, I need to think of another book to bring on the bus tomorrow... that won't continue to keep me away from Brothers K for too much longer.

PS, I was considering going to an Irish pub to listen to live music. I was a tad embarrassed when a friend texted me at 10:30pm and asked how it was. Um.... I stayed home to finish my book. ? Perhaps next week I will be "cool and young" - perhaps, next week.
A few of us are going through the Let's Talk series again. And while it wasn't even the point of the last lesson, for the past week, I haven't been able to get one think Dennis Peacocke said out of my mind! He just stated clearly that Paul grasped the truth that "Every terrible thing you could say about me is true, and none of it matters."

Guess, what, every terrible thing you could say about me, is true. And none of it matters.
The Brothers K are killing me! (I think that's ironic and witty, but I actually haven't reached the point in the novel when the murder occurs, so I don't really even know!) I read and I read, and I get nowhere. The version I've been using is double-columned! It's like reading the bible! And trying to do it in a month!

And not only that, but the ever-growing list of books is calling my name! Meg, Em and I were wandering the Elliot Bay Bookstore yesterday after brunch, and Meg asks, "Oh Kati, did you read this yet?" pointing to Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a book I've had my eye on for probably two years and I received from Kim for Christmas. Yeah, Meg read it last winter. How about this one? The Help. Another book I got for Christmas and haven't got to. Meg read it over Christmas, in a couple days. "Nope, Meg. Still on my shelf" I have a stack of books I have been given or bought that I have yet to get to. I received a new one at Esther's book exchange party, Em shipped one to my house as a surprise last week, I purchased one yesterday, and was lent three from T today (that I had asked to borrow). However, Brothers K continues to loom before me!

This morning, I threw Fahrenheit 451 in my purse anyways. My version of Brothers K is due back to the library today anyways and I figured I'd need something else to read on the bus ride home. But, guess which book I read the entire way in this morning... and which I can't wait to finish reading tonight?! :)

Oh books. Some love them for the pleasure, I think I love them for the pain. That's probably worth you worrying about me over. But admit it, many of you love the pain of a good run. It's the same with a book. A movie, you might hurt for an hour, maybe two. But then, you're quickly delivered at the safe happy ending. Oh no, a book can leave you in agony and discomfort for days and unless you commit to the journey, you'll never reach the end. Should you try to skip, the end won't even make sense to you, let alone touch you.

Oh books, not for the weak of heart.
When I strolled into work today, I saw my sister wearing black pants, a v-neck, a white under-tank, a grey jacket with rolled sleeves, and black shoes with her hair pulled back.

Funny. Because this morning I'm wearing, black pants, a v-neck, a white under-tank, a grey jacket with rolled sleeves, black sandals, and I pulled my hair back in a loose pony tail.

It's funny, but shameful. This really is starting to get ridiculous.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to get to spend some time with two of my dear friends this weekend. We've been searching for a weekend morning that we were all free, for MONTHS. Tonight, evening with my sweet Candian friend and my dear British-hearted friend. And in the morning, finally, our first trip to Oddfellows, following by some book wandering. :)

(And yes, we're pretty fond of that tall one on the far right too. Sorry Brade, it was the best pic I had of us three girls. hehe. Plus one of my favorite memories.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Take a moment and dream... I just did when I saw this.

Coldplay tour dates. Date City Venue
Jun 3 Nürnberg, Germany Zeppelinfeld
Jun 4 Berlin, Germany Rock Am Ring Festival
Jun 4 Nürnberg, Germany Zeppelinfeld
Jun 5 Nürnberg, Germany Zeppelinfeld
Jun 9 Venice, Italy Heineken Jammin Festival
Jun 9 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 9 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 9 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 10 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 10 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 11 Venice, Italy Parco San Giuliano
Jun 28 Göteborg, Sweden Azaleadalen
Jun 30 Gdynia, Poland Heineken Open'er Festival
Jul 2 Werchter, Belgium Rock Werchter Festival
Jul 3 Arras, France La Citadelle
LBL: Katrina, I want The Brothers K finished this weekend. And I want a book report. I want to see if your interpretation is the same as mine.

Me: Okay, LBL, I want to see your book report on it too Monday.

LBL: OKay. I mean, I don't remember all the details, but I'll be able to discuss it intelligently.

Me: No, I want to see something written, and I want to be able to read it. You are too good of a liar to just "discuss" it.

LBL: *flattered* Oh Katrina, you say the nicest things. [places his hand on his heart and exits, glowing.]

Me: I thought you'd like that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I saw this on Esther's blog the other day and simply loved it, mostly because that is what I feel this year has become for me. As I said in January, 24 is simply the point past all my plans. I'm not going to grad school and living in England, I'm not married with kids... I'm not any of the things I thought perhaps I'd be at this time. I hadn't really planned "24" out. I thought, married at 23. I should have known better, numbers aren't my strong point. (I should stop saying that! I don't know why I do! I was great at math. Gah- stop speaking mediocrity or weaknesses over yourself! That goes for all of you!)

Back to my topic, 24. This year, and especially the past 2 months, I've taught myself to knit, because I wanted to learn for some time now. I bought a violin I'm in love with and began lessons, because it's an instrument I've talked about wanting to learn since elementary school. I've spent more time with my cousins. I've stopped on my way in the door from work, and instead wandered through the garden, studying individual flowers that captured me. In the past few weeks I've gone to the zoo with my cousins, the theatre with my mom, and a Mariners game with friends. I've read more: books I've agreed to read for book club, books that I know will feed my spirit, the Bible, and finally books that I just want to read because a friend recommended it. I've written letters instead of texts, cards in place of emails. Had a lunch date with Dad, more dinners at home. Cooking more, and even expiramenting. ;)

24 isn't so bad, and it has room to improve. I'm learning that to make time, you have to protect your time. And I think that really is the principle behind all I am learning, with my finances, my clothes, my friendships and my time, often I've found I don't know where they've gone. I love to pour out and give, but I'm learning how to be more specific and watchful, learning priorities and simplicity. What we think we need, is often not a need at all. We live in a world of abundance and plenty, and yet we become consumed with buying, spending and consuming.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's do this for lunch one day, mkay?

Must I say anything about this rose? And yet, it is rich with words (pun). I love it. And I love its allusion to Alice in Wonderland.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is full of so much mystery and uncertainty. And I love that. But lately, that means facing a lot of "I don't knows." Or, fighting saying "I don't know" when I know I need to say "I believe." I am at work right now, and crying eyes aren't quite the greeting the front desk should offer. So, I'm fighting it, but for whatever reasons, all those uncertainties are gaining on my heart the past few days. And I know you are all going to read this and think "Oh yeah, she's single." ;) But guess, what, I'm not just talking about boys here. I'm talking about the secret things in each of our hearts, the fears and the hopes. I'm talking about the things we know we are called to, and the fear of how long or hard the journey has been or will be in between.

I was reading the story of Abraham yesterday. He believed. He tried short cuts, he tried solving the problems himself, but eventually, he just believed. And it was counted to him as righteousness. After waiting a hundred years... he believed. Oh man. Not only that, but my heart was so touched as I read the story of Ishmael. His mother called God "The One who hears me." And she named the place where he spoke to her as the place where I saw, the one who sees me. Awg. The caring of the Lord, the attention of the One. Makes me stop in wonder. Makes me trust, and want to trust more.

So often, we ignore the cries in our heart that make us long for the promises of the Lord-- our future, our calling, that thing we know we were created for... but then, sometimes we can't. And we remember the pains of believing. Let it be counted as righteousness. Oh Lord, move on our behalf. You are a God of power, of restoration, of healing. You are a God who remembers yours promises and hears the cries of your people.

And in the meantime, don't let us fear.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My mother gave us girls the first, and my father gave us the second. Thank you mom and dad for giving us girls a beautiful home and garden to grow up in... even if it meant being locked inside during the summer to read "the book" for hours with dad, and then going outside to move bricks with mom day after day after year! ;) Hehehee. Love you Dad and Mumsie... I hope to have my own home surrounded with flowers and filled with books one day and always keep a bit of the best of you both in my home. : )

I'm a blessed girl. PS...Mumsie, sorry for the flowers that were crushed by soccer balls over the years. : )
More chats with LBL:

Katrina, I KNOW you didn't go to school to order lunches and what not..

Oh, no, I did. I took a specific class on it in fact. "Ordering lunches for attorney meetings 351"

Wow, 351? An upper-level class even? I'm so impressed.

Yes, they felt it was so specific it should be in the 300s. I gained a good 5 pounds from that class though! man!

Katrina, has anyone ever told you, you're sarcastic?

(smile). No.



Katrina, has anyone ever told you you're a handful?!

Well, Larry, I'd rather be a handful than a hand less. ;)

Smile. And he walks away "awg, Katrina"
Katrina, have you ever watched a movie from the 1940s or 50's?

Yes, which one?

Oh, I don't know, any one with Doris Day or... (a list of 4 actresses..)

Yes. You know, I just saw Guys and Dolls at the 5th this weekend in fact.

Oh really? How was it?

It was wonderful! I loved it!

Well, Katrina. I don't want to lose you. And in fact, I don't think you should leave, because I think you need me for guidance. That is why I come out here every day and have these chats with you about direction. (Oh really? -- the smile spreading across my face). Yes, you're rudderless without me I'm afraid. But, I think you should audition for a 1940's style film. I mean, you've got the entire persona- the look, the charm, the character, I mean, you'd be great!

Oh man, I think I'd have to have been born a few decades ago, as they stopped making films from the 1940s, back in the 40s. ;)

Okay, Katrina. (Smiles and walks out.)


Just thought I'd share this morning's chat. You never know what exactly you're going to get each day. I've been running an editing company in New York, the head of a Governor's office, the personal assistant/ press person for Kate Middleton, a writer locked off in the woods alone, a travelling, writing gypsy, living in France, smoking cigarettes and devouring literature and croissants and coffee... and today, I am a 1940's movie star. Little does he know about my entire collection of Dorris Day on my ipod, my love for the 20's/30's/40's... or occassional confesssion that I was a 1940's jazz/bar singer in my past life. ;)

Life can be fun.
I refuse to believe love's not enough. I refuse to believe some things can't be forgiven. I refuse to believe some people cannot change. I refuse to believe that time steals beauty. I refuse to believe that truth is all relative. I refuse to believe that nothing remains. Yes, I refuse to believe love's not enough.

Confessions of the young. May mine never change.
I'm not quite sure, but I think Monday just slapped me across the face. :/

They are always pretty little things here at LLF, LBL's been here all weekend working away at nice little stacks of projects for Kristin and I. This morning, I'm feeling pretty productive. I've already completed our monthly mailings (just need to address, stuff and stamp). But even as I plot through my morning, I have Ray LaMontagne on and the back of my mind is wandering in some quiet car down the coastline. I'm sitting in a coffee shop, alone, with a book, a dozen strangers and a scripted world I'm wandering through like a ghost.

mmm, let's go drive the coast.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone stopped and walked up to my mom and I, eating gelato at a table by the street. He said "Excuse me, but I was just walking by and I stopped and thought "Oh my, There's Maggie Gyllenhaal!" You look just like her. Have a nice day." And then he walked away. It was all a little strange, as he actually was talking to us through a huge open window/door thing. And the fact that he literally just stopped. I said, "Oh. Thank you." And he was already beginning to walk away. My mom thought of it a second too late, but she goes "I should have said "thank you- I get that all the time." haha.

I just saw a video clip of her on someone's blog and started laughing all over again. I'm not sure, but I think my sister has told me that once before too. I get dozens of different people, as well as the "You look just like my cousin!" sometimes. Apparently, I'm one of those faces that looks like everyone. :/

But eh, I'll take Maggie, she's funny. And I think she's cute. :)

I can see it more than Pippa. (ahem.)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am leaving work in one hour. Granted, I have my fill of doctor and dentist appointments all packed in, but I'm hoping the skies clear up and I get a little time outdoors. :)

1920's themed? You know I love... :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

goodnight sweet friends. dream bravely.

FYI- this is what my hair is SUPPOSED to look like. ;) So, next time you see it...pretend this is what you are seeing. Thanks much.

I just told my sister what "sarty" was referring to. It took me a moment too, to be honest.

And know it is a near-crime to admit, but I'm not usually a fan of the Sartorialist. Strike that, I love the idea, and so I sometimes scan the site, but I don't like a lot of the outfits that are determing what is fashionable. :/ They are just TOO much for me. I love the playfulness... I love the photography... I love that he just hunts for these people on the streets.

But... today I scanned, and I must say, I do like this (below). In fact, today, I liked a lot more of what I saw than usual.
A post for my sisters:

At 9pm last night (while doing crunches), I realized:

Worked 3 hours late.
Worked out.
Had no appetite all day.
I was listening to Gary Allan (while working out).

Crap. :/

So You Think You Can, So You Think You Can, So You Think You Can
[insert Jason's Cat Deeley's voice]

The past couple years I've hardly been able to watch any of the show. The few of you who have been following since the early days will remember my time in Tenessee. In 2007 I spent 5 weeks over the summer with my sister and brother(in law) in Tennessee. During this time, I actually worked at Kim's law office, where I caught the bug first hand. Break room discussions were filled with "Did you see....!?" Yes, Kim introduced me to the addiction of So You Think You Can Dance, I believe it was season 1. We'd record it so that her, Jason and I could all watch it together, and then each week, we'd all crawl into the guest bed and watch as our favorite dancers took the stage. I will never forget Jason's singing along of the theme song (EVERY TIME) and his Cat Deeley impersonations when referring to the JIDGES (so sad when seasons later she suddenly learned how to say "Judges.")

The past couple years, with early (EARLY) mornings at Starbucks, I rairly stayed up to watch the show.. and Thursday nights, well thats homegroup as you all know. So, I'd have to be content with hearing about it, and catching episodes here and there. But this year, I don't have to wake up at 3:30am, and I'm hoping to catch a lot more of it.

Though.. I just realized, I have soccer games on Wednesday nights. :/ And as already accounted for, homegroup on Thursdays. Hmm.