Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good news: I was able to reset my password for the playlist! I have updated my songs...can you guess the theme? That's right,
Tomorrow is opening day for the month of LOVE!

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around

No really, it pretty much is, lol. I had a lot of fun last night looking for songs that had to do with love, and certainly isn't hard. I was a little bummed because the two songs I had in mind and most wanted to post (actually three when you include L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole), either didn't work on the site, or weren't even an option. I really wanted to put "The Man I Love" by Billie Holiday and "I Enjoy Being a Girl" by Doris Day. They are both fun songs, and seemed appropriate for a single girl, such as myself, in this Valentine month. :)


I must say, I haven't hit the age yet where you become depressed once February 1st because you are single....I hope I NEVER hit that, regardless of how long I remain single. I still LOVE finding a card on my desk from my dad, and another (lately with a starbucks card!) from my mom. It will probably get harder in the coming years, with elise already getting married in less than two months, and certainly more of my friends entering the same path...

I went out to coffee a couple weeks ago with one of the coolest women, if you ask me! She's one of our amazing single ladies (one we are all praying an amazing mans come for soon!!) And we were having such a fun time talking about being young single women, what a gift it really is. Sometimes I actually get a little scared, because I DO enjoy it and part of me can see God creating me to be single forever. I've actually told the Lord that I would be willing to stay single if he used me to really change the world- to be a Mother Teresa, or "the saint" from The Great Divorce, or a Mercy.

...and then I remember how much I LOVE to have my hair played with, or my back rubbed, how handsome men are, how much I love to be led (truly- I do), how much I love hugs...and how many dreams I have of being a wife and mother...and I figure God has put those dreams in me too for a reason.


So now, I get to run hard, go to school, work lots, meet awesome women for coffee, have dinner with my favorite couples, cuddle with my mom and dad on the couch, be crazy silly with my sisters, travel to Italy (right dad? heehee), learn what it means to Love God unreservedly, and how to love all you sinners ;) I get to reach out to my campus by striking up conversations with people I'm standing behind in line, or sitting next to in class. I get to read HOURS of homework, and challenge myself in my writing. I get to run to the Academy after work and meet some of my favorite girl friends for lunch before they go to youth group. I get to spend time with older women who have more stories to share then I can hope to have in my 90's, who have lived through wars and great adventures, loved husbands unselfishly, and raised children courageously. I can stay up late, reading in bed, hearing new things in the words of the Bible I know I've read before but never heard that way, or starting a new book, or purusing an old favorite, or writing my own. I get to spend my time with little children who are not my own, but are such treasures, and make me smile and laugh more than almost any other time! All these opportunities to learn Love, to become who Christ is, so that I can see the people around me transformed through Love.


I get to run hard and not grow weary, I get to dream dreams, I get to spend my time, and I get to waste myself on Him and all His plans for us two (or four?) right now.

These are exciting times, don't you think?

Hmm, what DOES (3 in 1)+ 1 = ???? 2? 4? or 4 in 1?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I was looking through a friends "photo survey" and I thought it was so fun that I would do one. In the end, I guess it didn't upload, and I didn't feel like going through it all over again. SO, no photo survey.

HOWEVER- I came up with another idea, as I was scrolling through hundreds of pictures on photobucket. I decided to post a picture that reminded me of different friends and family members. Here I go:



I can't seem to shrink Ashley's enough to show it says "Dream big dreams because little dreams have no magic"

Morgan G. - two words: perfume models!


Morgan P.







Thursday, January 24, 2008


I keep hearing, reading, thinking..."Shaking."

Misty Edward's has a song that says 'I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken..' I was listening to that this morning- it stood out. I was laying in bed, and it was like those words, that song, was somehow distinct. Driving in to work- I kept hearing that- He is going to shake everything that can be shaken.

It wasn't in the front of my mind, but it was somehow in my thoughts all through the day.

Tonight, I am reading and I come across this:

At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, "Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens." The words "once more" indicate the removing of what can be shaken- that is, created things- so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our "God is a consuming fire."

(Hebrews 12:26-29)

Hmmmm. Definitely a pattern, and patterns usually reveal He is saying something. Not only all this, but I am studying Romantic Poetry this quarter. Romantacism was wrapped up greatly in the concept of the "Sublime." The sublime was defined differently by different writers, but they all included a sense of awe, wonder, grandeur, power, something beyond understanding. The sublime is out of man's control- it's the thunderbolt, the waterfall. A flower is beautiful- it is small. Small is not sublime. Burke specifically discussed the God of the Old Testament, in all his power and fury as Sublime. The Sublime is the first moments after escaping death- that sheer terror of a rollercoaster or sky diving where you feel you might die, but then you don't.

I kept thinking in class of this story of Elijah, when he is running for his life from Jezebel,

The Lord said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by."
Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper...."
(I Kings 19:11-12)

All this said, I keep hearing the words of power, "Shaking", awe, reverence...and I am convinced that He is about to shake things. He is already shaking things- I've been calling it "shuffling" but it is indeed a shaking right now in my life, and in several friends lives I know too. But I think this isn't the full extent, at all. I think He is announcing right now that He is coming to shake what can be shaken- and not to be fearful, but to rejoice, because our inheritance is a kingdom which cannot be shaken. And this shaking is going to allow the unshakeable "to remain."

I am truly excited- I am ready to worship Him in reverence and in awe for our God is a consuming fire!

I think Burke had a picture of the truth- if only he had realized that God is the Sublime, and the strength he sought to build through sublime experiences and withstanding great terrors really comes in full from the great I AM. There is nothing more terrifying, awe-inspiring, and incomprehensible than standing in His presence!

ps. I'm glad He's also a God of beauty, and that He loves the details. Not only is His presence terrifying, but His embrace is gentle, sweet, and strong- it touches every part of your heart and heals your every wound.

Aww, do I ever love Him! My anticipation builds....

I'm my dad.

I just got back from heating up my coffee, and adding more coffee to my morning mocha actually (it was too sweet for me!). I came back, checked a few things, updated my schedule on outlook.

Took a drink of coffee. It's not hot enough.

I just heated it up to the perfect temperature, and already its a little too cool for my liking again. There is a specific temperature I like to enjoy hot drinks at- especially coffee. If only I had a cup warmer for my cup of coffee then I could keep it hot......

...oh my word...

I'm my dad. ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I need to change my music play list, but I can't remember my username and password for it. hmm. Hope you aren't completely annoyed by the songs. Love you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm pretty sure everyone of you can draw back to some memory and connect with what I am feeling now. I am sitting in my Economics class,
completely lost.

As I usually am. I've been here for almost two hours now, and I have no idea any of what he's saying. We started the class off with a quiz, which I had studied for. There were 4 points, I think I got 1. :(

It doesn't help that he speaks with a strong accent that makes it SO difficult to decipher one word from the next. He is very good at speaking english, very...but it's like he places the accent on the wrong syllable or something. Have you ever heard those people who speak English, like Italian or Spanish? That's what its like, if I tuned out, I'd think he was speaking in tongues, even though it's composed of english.

Plus, Total value, market value, consumer surplus, and all the charts and weird symbols (which he never explained to begin with, I don't think- then again there have been a lot of words I haven't understood). Income elestic demand? what?

Yep...lost. And I need this type of credit, plus we are too late now to try to transfer. Lord, give me grace to understand this....and to understand his english.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Last night was one wet, cold night. I'd grabbed the hood that buttons on to the coat I was wearing...only to realize later that one of the two buttons on my coat had been popped off. I usually keep a rain jacket bundled up tightly in my backpack- but I'd taken it out last wednesday and not put it back yet. So, I was in the rain. I had dressed very warmly, but I hadn't prepared for the rain...or more appropriately, hail. It was like freezing snow. I first realized this when I went to brush something out of my hair and panicked- I thought there were bugs in my hair or something. I started to laugh as I realized it was hail.
It was coming down hard as I walked from my first to second class, and the ground was flooded already. Luckily I didn't have far to go. After this class, I thought I'd stay in the building and just wait the couple hours till my next class, only a couple blocks away. But, I had to go buy a book. I had to. My economics class has its first quiz wednesday (tomorrow now), and I need the book to figure out what exactly he's been talking about- I've been lost most of our class times. So I walked all the way across campus, and down the Ave to the University Book Store- it was probably a 15-20 minute walk. I was soaking wet! And then, I had to walk back, with my full backpack, and two heavy bags of books in my hands (because the textbook I'd intended to return- I did not have my receipt on me after all and couldn't!). I was soaking wet, and kind of enjoying it.
I made myself laugh as I realized how much the romantic side of me liked that it was dark and beautiful outside, that the hail made it more dramatic to see falling near the streetlights. I liked the flooded brick walkways, because they shined beautifully. My feet we cold, my hands were numb, my jeans were sticking to me and coated with ice/snow, my hair was dripping wet and had fallen across my face...and I was thinking? So, were is he? as I laughed. You know what I'm talking about, the classic scene, where the man chases her down and they kiss in the rain- the dramatic ending, the climax we've all been waiting for and we hold our breaths the few, long seconds right before. Yes...I was laughing as I walked in the freezing rain, heavy bags in both hands, and my wet hair tangling in ringlets. And I smiled for the future.

The famous Breakfast at Tiffany's kiss, Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook, Cinderella Story, even Spiderman (hate that kiss, yuk! makes me scwerm), I guess Daredevil, Pride & Prejudice where you want them so badly too! Just in case you didn't know what i was talking's the classic romantic finale.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

If I could make a livin' out of love'n you,
I'd be a millionaire in a week or two.
I'd be do'in what I love, and love'n what I do
If I could make a livin' out of love'n you.

:) I love my family and friends! God's blessed me with amazing people in my life, that's one of the many ways I know He loves me.

Life certainly isn't a walk in the how great is it that God's given us a handful of assorted flowers to cheer up our days! That's how I really feel about it. Life and families and work and school- they all have troubles and trials. But then I remember Him, and I look to Him and I lean into His voice. And He tells me He loves me, and He shows me a bouquets in a clay jar. Thank you Lord that You always provide for my every need, and no care is too small for Your divinity.

Thank you for all the treasures in clay jars that you have given me. I love them dearly, and You're right- they are each a beautiful piece of your glory. May I be one as well.

p.s. you're the flowers...for those of you who hadn't caught that

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I missed my court date today!!! I had a mitigation hearing at 3:00pm for a parking ticket! Yes, at approximately 6:30, it struck me. Hmm, I have a court day....I think on the 10th. today the 10th? And then the sick feeling struck my stomach and tingled into my limbs. I prayed, "Oh Lord, please let it be...not today!" I just was today.

Tomorrow I will go, and apologize and pray that I can reschedule. Please pray I can, and that I can still hopefully get this silly ticket lowered.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SO, the birthday extravaganza!

I had birthday wishers all morning- mainly texts, with the exception of my sister's phone call from Tennessee. Kris then kept texting me every 15 minutes too- thinking it funny to prevent me from sleeping in. She told me to be showered and ready to go by 12:30. Once she got home (she brought me a coffee), showered, and got quickly ready to go- she told me to sit on my bed and face the window/wall. She took my hair out of it's pony tail and put it all up in sponge curlers....then pulled a hat on over it all (I looked Jamaican-style in the hat). Then, we left.

Next stop, which I had figured out since she had a third coffee with "Linda" written on it's lid, was her friend Linda's salon. I got a manicure and an amazing pedicure! She got a manicure too...then we went out to lunch (we got Pho). I didn't eat much since I'd been fasting and was trying to play it safe...I had started the morning out with half a bowl of wheaties and hardly any milk ;)

Then home, where Kris immediately got started on my hair and makeup- I wasn't allowed to see anything, I sat on the toilet lid and faced the window. Then, she got me dressed with my eyes closed- the skirt felt kinda funny- when I opened my eyes I was freaking out- it was such a cool outfit!!! I never wouldhave picked it out- but I love it and will definitely be wearing it every chance I get! She'd bought me the whole outfit- complete with a cluth purse (that matches the color she'd picked for my nails) and a bracelet. I felt SO beautiful!!!!

Toni (Rosie) came over and got ready with us too- she looked like the leading lady from Pearl Harbor! Beautiful! Kris, mom, and Rosie headed out early to set up. Uncle Bob and Aunt Bev showed up around the same time. I thought they were going to just visit at our house with me for a bit- but they had also come for the party. My uncle bob is amidst chemo therapy, and I didn't expect he would be able to be around a lot of people- due to his immune system. I loved being with them!!

Krista too came running in on her way back to Canada and got ready in a whirl. At about 7:45 we started out- didn't actually get to leave till a bit later, ahum. We also had to stop for gas. I drove, and my dad lead me one step at a time, which made me a bad leader for bob and bev behind me, lol. I had figured it out about halfway there- my dad told me I was wrong. We pulled up to the dance studio/ballroom in Redmond and Jill and Rose were sitting out in their car- I was so glad they'd come. They walked in with us.

Inside was Hope and Court, Bridger, and Madison, Joe & Christy Tab, the Hales, Aunt Ivy and Uncle John, Elise, Rosie, Clayton, Forrest, Lynda and Ty, Jena, Aime, Cami, uncle ralph and aunt karen...and more. Later also came Dustin and Misty, Tyler and Bianca, Tyson, Chris and Katie Ruff, barco, his girl, his sister (lol Jess)....and again, more.

It was decorated amazing- probably one third of the people were dressed in 40's garb. Swing and jazz music played, white candles were lit all over. I'd never been in the studio- and it was fantastic!!! There was food and wine and punch, and even a cake for me :) Some people even ate, lol.

I danced and danced and danced, and just enjoyed spending time with all these people who undoubtably love me and came to celebrate with me.
My sister, and mom, could not have thrown me a better party! I loved every little detail, down to the roses on the table, and the frog prince on my cake!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who came and made my birthday so special and just had a blast with me- I love you! Thank you Kris, mom, and dad, for throwing it (and paying for it!!)!!! Thank you dad, for getting all decked out, and for staying at a party ;) and for dancing with me.

Thank you Kimmy for all your love, and being such an awesome big sister, I know you would have been there if you could....and we have plenty, plenty of amazing things left to celebrate together!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hey, I changed one of the slideshows at the bottom a couple days ago....if you haven't noticed then you should scroll down and check it out. :)

I plan on filling you in on all the joy of my birthday....tomorrow. I'll also add a bunch of my favorite pictures.

I am off to bed, for I have an early morning.

I started school today.

I had a break from 4:30-7pm so I went down to UVillage and enjoyed a quiet dinner alone, with a delicious spinach pizza and a glass of chardonay :) I sat alone at a table by the window and just enjoyed the view outside of all the trees and buildings dripping with white lights. I also got to talk to my older sister, Kimmers, which I loved!

I feel such excitement for this year! Love you. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Today is my birthday!!!!! If you read this, you should know that I am having a party tonight...and you are invited. You were probably meant to be sister decided about a week ago to throw me a surprise party...all I know is that it is happening, tonight, at 8pm. For details, call my mom's cell: 206-794-4887.

When Kris does something like this, she does it AMAZING, I am so excited! I know my ENTIRE family has been in on it in different ways. I know my friends will be there. I know I am going to have a wonderful night...and all-day. Kris and I are leaving to go do something in a few minutes. The one thing that could make this better, would be to have ALL those who I love and know love I know my big sister Kim especially would do anything to be here tonight...and I would too, to have her here. As kris said, I think sisters just aren't meant to live so far away from each other :( I know it's God, I know He has divinely placed Kim and Jason in Tennessee, and me and Kris here. But, it feels like we are breaking some law by being so far apart and we just have to pay the dues :( I love you dearly Kim and Jason, I wish you two were here to celebrate, but I know you cannot fly over for every single holiday and birthday, and you two have done such a great job of visiting these last couple years. LAST year, Kim actually did get to fly in for my birthday and go with me to George Strait's concert!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!

Riss too I would love to be here. She's been such a great friend- we've lived with each other in almost as close of quarters as you can- MC prayer partners...and then another year, very far apart- across the country. And through it all, she has prayed for me and fought with me for the things I am passionate about and the people I care about. She's listened to me cry...She's made me laugh SO amazingly hard. I would love to celebrate a night like this with her too.

Kaylee, and my big bro Jason who makes me feel like something special and doesn't even know it, ......

AH, Kris says we got to go...she just made me sit down and she took my hair out and put it in we are going out, lol. ??????

Love you all...I gotta run...hope to see you tonight. :O


Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Years!

With the new year comes new resolutions for many :) My sister Kris pointed out to me last week that I had left a list of my resolutions for last year on her blog...and that I had done most all of them. I was so excited to go read them. Here's what my resolutions were for last year:

New years resolutions:

1. turn 20...I am really aiming for this one.

2. pay off MCs (Lets see if I can walk in your shoes and pay it off within the year)

3. save up for a down payment for a new car

4. complete 45 credits and become a better writer

5. visit Nashville at least once. (summer 07)

6. spend time more regularly with the Lord (make worship, study, and prayer the foundation of my life in reality!)

7. begin discipling someone the Lord leads me to

YEP. and buy a rockin laptop..thats my icing on the cake. Oh, and find those really close girl friends (the ones in addition to my bestest sisters ever!)

So, those were my resolutions for '07. Sadly, I still have not paid off MCs completely...but that is SOON to come. I turned 20, received 45 credits, visited Nashville, spent more time with the Lord, began discipling someone (I LOVE) who the Lord lead me to, bought my lovely MacBook, and I gained some more close girl friends.

Now, I am praying about my resolutions for '08. They are soon to follow... :)

What are yours?