Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to dream again.

I'd ask, "ever have those days (weeks, months) where you just want to cry? The ones where you forget the deadline, oversleep, seem off with your friends, or simply feel you haven't seen them in ages? The season where you feel the things you are waiting for will never happen?" Was that a yes? Well, that is why I decided to not even ask. It seems like a lot of people around me are going through this same sort of feelings- like something is close, but not close and its easy to get disheartened.

I've been there for a few days, and I don't think my dad even knew what to do with a 'depressed kati.' But yesterday I started to pull out of it. I just decided to refocus for the present, this moment, this day, this adventure. I am here, and I am going to enjoy every detail of it. Yesterday was a choice, today it is more of a natural joy moving through me.

I had a very productive day, and even an hour to semi-nap in the sun (with my architecture book beside me....somehow assuring me that I was somewhat studying- or not). I just enjoyed a delicious steak dinner and amazing salad (I literally just ate some of the lettuce all alone because it was so sweet and refreshing!). I'm now cleaning the kitchen and making sweet tea....

...and midway through (the dishwasher door is still open and the tea is boiling on the stove) I just felt like dreaming. Maybe part of it is the George Strait playing pleasantly in the room :) It's good to be here, to be in this season of my life with all its uncertainties and daily changes. Its good to have made new close friends in the past months. It is good. And its good to let myself dream.......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hey guess what, I'm about to head out to the doctor's...surprise, I know!?

No, thankfully its a foot and ankle specialist and I am very excited. I have been being better about running and I'm starting to enjoy it a lot, especially with this great sunshine and if I run with a friend, or my ipod ;) But I keep getting stunted by my old ankle and knee problems and I'm about done with them. I finally went and saw Dr. Curtis about it and got a referral back to a foot specialist (something I had done years ago in my glory soccer days). Looks like I will be getting orthotics and then I expect to be pretty much ready to get my endurance going! In case you didn't know, I signed up for a half marathon with Aime and Cami Morrill for this June and time is running out to build up to those 13 miles! ;-0

AS WELL, in case you didn't know, that same beloved Aime Morrill is now courting (or rather, being courted by) Robert, and I don't think I could be happier. :) I am excited to watch this adventure unfold in the coming months.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am ready to be done being sick. Today I went to the doctor yet again and found I have a sinus infection. Lovely. At least i can expect to be all rid of this stuff by next week! I am at the point where you start to feel guilty almost for being start to wonder if you are the weird sick kid who people don't want to get too close to. LOL.

Maybe I shouldn't laugh.

Well, I'd like to announce that my car is clean- er. And that I am already in week 3 of classes- that means 7 weeks (and two days) left until finals....and 8 weeks (and 2 days) until summer!

Also, we've moved our office from Bellevue to Kirkland, right near the church which is super exciting for me! (less traffic, easier lunch dates!)

And, I am listening to hear if I am to go to Monroe. :)

In case you hadn't realized it, life is exciting!

Friday, April 10, 2009

As of yesterday these additions were in my car:

1. computer tower
2. two laptops
3. keyboard
4. mouse
5. office phone
6. mouse pad
7. garbage bin
8. recycling bin
9. 'personal shower' gift (you know what that means!)
10 surge protector
11. random cords

And I think I forgot to mention (confess) the other day, girl scout cookies :)

I took most of these things out this afternoon and did a little tidying up back was about time.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Inventory Time.

While filling up on gas I decided to open the back of my car and take a quick look. When I started counting up the items I began to laugh. Ready? No lies...

1. Two tennis rackets
2. Soccer ball
3. Soccer gear (cleats, shinguards, socks)
4. medical tape; bandaids; advil; individual wipes for my mac (laptop)...
5. sunblock
6. suntanning lotion
7. pillow
8. two blankets
9. scissors
10. wine bottle opener
11. two books (The Magician's Assistant; Prague)
12. a gift bag (just in case....also have tissue paper)
13. blank thank you cards
14. stamps
15. maps
16. gift cards I've been given
17. baby powder
18. antibacterial wipes
19. ice scraper (this one makes sense)
20. contact solution (I don't wear contacts)
21. sunglasses
22. morgan's jeans, perfume, and ipod cord
23. two coats (rain coat; pea coat)
24. bible and notebook (just took them out when I got out though)
25. body spray
26. deoderant
27. toothbrush
28. tooth paste
29. floss
30. mouth wash
31. towel
32. tank top (not dirty--- all these things are clean and there in case I need them, lol....they are my notorious "emergency kit")
33. tea cup and saucer
34. slippers
35. slipper-socks
36. clean socks
37. hot chocolate mix
38. make-up (common for girls)
39. mini-bible
40. highlighter, red pen, black pen (important to have both colors)
41. ipod adapter (always!)
42. work laptop
43. work key-card/badge
44. hat
45. water bottle
46. a rock (it looks like a heart!)
47. THE stick--- a momento from the Blue Smirf.
48. Lotion
49. my prophetic gifts from the encounter retreat/ some choice prophetic words
50. an unbrella
51. window markers :)
52. an empty plastic bag (for wet bathing suits or muddy shoes)
53. bug spray
54. Morgan's stick (not to be confused with THE stick)
55. magazines--- I don't even read magazines, lol.
56. a cooler
57. a bottle of sand :/ (a piece of California beach!)
58. Toilet paper from a rest stop someplace in was our "susan poison"--- pretty much courtney and I just wanted it :) (and it embarassed Morgan, which made it even a little more enjoyable!)
58. "It Happened One Night"
59. "My Girl"

(I just took out my rainboots a few days ago...and my swim suit before cali to pack)

And I think that is it. Interesting. :/ And believe it or not, most of these things will remain in here all summer...organized neatly in the tub in the back, aka "The Emergency Kit"...and a bathing suit is being added today!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So, I am back from our delightful trip to California and thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics...give you a quick run down of our travels.
So us three girls, Courtney Morgan and I headed out last monday on our adventure. We spent the first evening/night in Ashland Oregon. The second day we drove to Novato, California. Here we met up with the fellas for some adventures!

The next day (wednesday) we all packed up and drove to San Francisco! We stopped at this great overlook and had a blast with our cameras (and the bunkers!).

(Court her!)

We spent the day exploring San Francisco and then the evening after dinner (and coffee!) we played pool with a bunch of the Novato folks.
Next day (Thursday) was our "beach day" and we knew well enough that it would likely be too windy for donning swim suits or any such thing. However, it was even more than we expected. Once again we all packed in and stopped along the way for sandwiches and drinks which we through in our cooler and we were off on a drive. We determined to go to a beach that would give us a fun drive--- best decision we made all week! We played in the freezing water and ran and laughed enough to make up for all the studying we'd done last quarter! The sun was out and had it not been so windy we would have been hot! The ocean was gorgeous and the skies were blue. We found a spot that was a little protected from the wind and ate our lunch, talked and just enjoyed the sunshine and peace for a bit.

We packed up and decided to follow signs for a lighthouse...the drive out there had been incredible and the weather was unbelievable so why not, right? WOW! 10 minutes later we felt like we'd been dropped in the middle of Ireland or some place in Europe. There were cattle wandering around and across the street--- the fences just ended. The road lead us right along these unbelievable cliffs that I can only compare to the beauty and danger I've seen in my dreams! We reached the top and didn't discover a majestic lighthouse like we'd hoped....but we found something better.
I'm so heartbroken to find that none of the pictures could quite capture it--- an unbelievable view, without any lines, fences or signs to distract from it's natural terror and beauty. It was so windy up there and I felt incredibly overwhelmed with joy and just life! God truly created this earth with such LAVISH beauty, he mixed beauty with majesty- the beautiful with the sublime! And I was beholding it and drinking it in!
The next day us girls headed to Redding. We have TONS of AMAZING photos from the beautiful places we stopped, but being late, I will leave you with this of my absolute favorites. We wandered through these ruins of an old brick mason was beautiful. :)