Saturday, October 28, 2006

So...I am updating my blog.

I am on the phone and watching Raising Helen and attempting to write simultaneously. I'm not promising this will make sense.

I slept in really late today and then went to run an errand with Kris and then we went and sat at Starbucks and drank tea. She read Frankenstein out loud to me. I like being read too, lol. However, it probably isn't the best because I can't make comments in the text. I am really liking this book- and hating it at the same time. Its crazy how well Mary Shelley writes it with people telling stories inside of other people telling stories inside of other people telling stories. But the story itself is really sad. really sad. OOOh- speaking of good books I am excited for the new Nicholas Sparks book!!! Woohoo! Although his last couple ones haven't been all that great to me.

Sorry my blogs are so short lately. I am enjoying school, but its been a lot of work. I start working the week after next I think. And in the mean time I am going to do my best to do some temp work in Bellevue. Arivederci. LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I had my second Italian quiz today...and I want to cry. I got an A on my first one (bairly), and I'm thinking maybe a C on this one. Infact, I'd almost rejoice over a C! I missed my bus yesterday, so I missed my class yesterday, so I missed the review yesterday! Yep. So, although I worked (and have been working) really hard on learning it all...I never guessed that there would be a bunch of geography on there! Yep! We did something in class the day before yesterday where we talked a bunch about Italy and its geography so I should have known it might be on the quiz. All that to say: yes, me. crying. OKay, not on to the rest of my homework. I have about an hour of being home alone left and I really need to take advantage of it! Love ya.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I want to shoot myself in the stomach...AAAWH!
Thought I would just share that, lol.

So apparantly there are some readers who feel that I am random, that I write like I talk, that I talk random. Hmm. Thats interesting to note. (Uhum, Jason...and Kim). Sorry, something in my throat. Well, I will try to keep that in mind as I journey through my past few days for you. Because of this new concern, I will infact use the best ordering format I know-I will number my specific thoughts for you so as not to tire anyone as we transfer from one to next.

1.) I am in major pain right now, I left class early.
2.) I have my first midterm. It is a take home test which I received last Friday and will be due this Friday. I should work on it some more. I have already done a portion of it, and I have yet to write 3 seperate 1-page essays on 3 of the 6 specific texts.
3.) I am also in process of writing my first paper. The rough draft was turned in last friday and the final will be due next monday. I am writing about Plato's opinion of poetry not being an art and why he believed it should not be looked to for wisdom. I like writing, but it was a lot harder to get into then I had expected- mainly because it has been so long since I have written that type of a paper/ essay. Oh, I better be careful not to run on too long about this, huh Jason? Ooops, sorry- my hand slipped on the keyboard- random chance that it happened to type that name.
4.) I also took my first Italian quiz, which I studied really hard for. I got a 91.5% I was happy. I AM happy.
5.) I want to study in Italy this spring, or next spring. I think it would be incredible and the UW has a program which I can earn my 15 credits this spring quarter in Rome!!!!
6.) I need to e-mail Chris Ruff because I am going to start working at UIEvolution again.
7.) I am doing that was a bit random huh? Kim, Jase, you two okay? You still following? Alright.

Just having some fun ;)


<3 Katrina Hope

Thursday, October 12, 2006

So here is my post-

WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT, SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE END!!! (mom, dad, and sometimes kris) you are driving me MAD!

(see ^ its easy, and it lets people know who the heck is talking)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ciao! Mi chiamo Katrina. Sono di Seattle. Sto benissimo!

Okay, so its not mind blowing, but it hasn't yet been a week, lol. Just you wait, I will be your little Italiano Bella! hehe.

I really should actually get to my homework. Whoever said that MCs improves your study skills, was wrong. I am way worse now at getting my homework done than I EVER was!

I dyed my hair, its dark brown now. Its not much darker than my real color in winter, it just looks kind of extreme because it covered the highlights I had. I'll try to get a picture up so you can see.

I have home group tonight, I am going to Dustin and Misty's homegroup, and I am house sitting for the Ruffs for this week and I need to make sure I atleast stop by there on my way to homegroup. This is why I must go and do my homework! LOVE YOU!

Alla prossima!
(until next time)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So, I have my final schedule. I am taking the two english classes- the requirements for declaring your major in English. And now I am officially taking Italian- yeeehaa! I am very excited. I thought I would just keep you all posted on that. I have a nice schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have all 3 classes and I'm there from 9:30-12:20. not bad at all. And Tuesday I only have Italian, 11:30-12:20. Thursday I have Italian and a quiz Section for one of my english classes so I am there from 11:30-1:20. Yep, I know. Thats pretty much the coolest schedule ever if you ask me, plus I am spending my days studying literature, writing, and the Italian language..."If this is torture, chain me to tha wall" (I know atleast Kris just got that quote!) However, I am finding its really not a walk in the daisies by any means- and by that I don't just mean it is challenging intellectualy (which it is), I am just suprised by how outright vicious one of my professors is to Christianity. I knew to expect it, I am in one of the most liberal colleges of an incredibly liberal university, but I expected it to be a little more masked. I actually teared up in class yesterday. First I was just furious with my professor (he was lecturing and we could respond in any way really to anything he said...he just sat there and blasphemed God infront of a captive audience, and completely disrespected Christians and accused believers as being mindless dummies who just 'do what they're told.') But then I started to feel really sorry for him and I started crying when I realized he is going to be held responsible for what he is saying, and who he may be leading away right now. He called God a "moral imbasol." So yeah, I was suprised by how deeply it struck me and drained me to just sit and listen to that lecture. I was soooooo incredibly torn apart inside, not because I was doubting anything I believe. I could tell several points where he was twisting the book of Job, what he was using as his base according to literature, and even where he was saying point blank lies about the book. Ugh. It was frusterating as hell- you all know how I can get fired up and be so freakign stubborn, and also how sad it can make me to know how deep someone's pain is going to be. After the class it keeps plaguing me how the Lord's heart must be breaking for this man. Man. Well, we started the very begining of my college career considering 'justice' in reference to the Greek gods with Odysseus in the Odyssey, and God with Job in the book of Job. I don't know but I walked into my discussion group that morning with quite a bit of confidence knowing that I stood as an 'expert' on those two books when compared to my class and that I could discuss it with anyone of them in that room. I was incredibly grateful for CCA, and for the Lord's faithfulness that He would prepare me the way He did and place me right into that specific situation. I was praying through my whole discussion time these past couple days. It comes in pretty handy to actually know the author of the book, it helps give you an inside view of the deeper meaning and purpose of whats written. I actually had a huge realization in that class about the book of Job, a book that has always puzzled me. You can ask me if you want to hear it, I am pretty excted about it, it may not be 100% right, but it was a cool new perspective to me. I LOVE YOU ALL and I should go do a little homework and get ready, I am heading over to the Ruffs in about a half an hour. Oh, it looks like I will be starting to work at UIE again, under Chris in the marketing department. :) I am TIRED. (Oh, I am listening to some lovely music by the way right now-thought I'd share that.)