Friday, August 29, 2014

That ain't no way to treat a lady.

I almost turned this song off I was so annoyed by all the tropes - then I started listening to the actual words. I am sorry, but this is currently my favorite song. Give it at least 3 minutes.

 I am so freaking sick of Country music! My how an overwhelming wave of dumbass lyrics and frat-themes have managed to completely turn me off to one of my favorite things.  "Conway and George Strait never did it that way" - that about sums it up.  That being said, I still keep listening, just waiting for that sparse melody that's about something more than getting a girls name, a tailgate, or a good night.

Tell me a story like you used to. Use real words.


As an addendum to this message:  I still love Miranda.
Have since Uncle Billy handed me her first album. :)

The three day weekend is nearly here.  And I think I over-packed.  But if we can make it to Saturday night  -  I think we'll be okay!  And the best part is, we'll still have 2 more days to rest and accomplish much!!

We're 37 days out folks. Our renovation should be done in the next week.  Our invitations should be in the mail tomorrow.  My sister's things will be picked up by the movers tomorrow and driven to Cali. Flowers for the wedding will be ordered tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day.  And tonight is full of work to get there.  Here we go weekend!! But first, Friday.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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