Friday, August 29, 2014

That ain't no way to treat a lady.

I almost turned this song off I was so annoyed by all the tropes - then I started listening to the actual words. I am sorry, but this is currently my favorite song. Give it at least 3 minutes.

 I am so freaking sick of Country music! My how an overwhelming wave of dumbass lyrics and frat-themes have managed to completely turn me off to one of my favorite things.  "Conway and George Strait never did it that way" - that about sums it up.  That being said, I still keep listening, just waiting for that sparse melody that's about something more than getting a girls name, a tailgate, or a good night.

Tell me a story like you used to. Use real words.


As an addendum to this message:  I still love Miranda.
Have since Uncle Billy handed me her first album. :)

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Rosemary Rankin said...

yessss. I want to punch Luke Bryan. Dont tell me to shake it a@@hole.