Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I had been waiting for a request to write a new emtry. :) I couldn't update the last few days at my house parents because the computer was having problems. And since then it seems kinda silly to write since everyone at home see's me all the time now, and I have talked to kim about every day, at least once.

Yes, I am now an MC graduate. ;) I have a ring. I am almost all unpacked, and we have been fixing a few things that have long needed to be fixed- for instance the window and blinds in the down stairs room. Also, we are working on making the bathroom fit Kris and I and look nice. I cleaned today- the bathroom and my bedroom. I also had coffee with dad for a little bit at 3rd Place Books, and went shopping with mom for the things for my room and for Kim's BBQ (plates, napkins, and cups- I picked green.) I watched a movie with the girls, and now I am in my pajamas checking my e-mail and blog before bed.

Tomorrow is the girls first day of school. I am going to make them pancakes. Mom, dad and I are going to Maltby :) hehe. Them I am hoping to mow the lawn and update my resigme. Also, we should be able to pick the window up and put it back. Then I get to pick Kim and Jason up at the airport tomorrow night!!! YIPEE!

Oh dear, I just was eating a brownie and ice cream and I feel grose. I need to work my appetite back up- I don't like food much right now. I also need to start exercising again! Hmm, what else? Oh, I saw Pirates II, and I was not a fan :( I didn laugh prety hard at a few parts though, but overall I was bugged by the movie....it was no way near as good as the first, and I am hoping the 3rd redeems itself. Well...I am off to bed here pretty soon. Love you!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So..I just signed covenant! I am so excited right now. It was such a wonderful day and night. I have been scared all year to sign covenant. BUT as Pastor Kevin read it out loud to us in the park, my eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with peace. That is who I am, who I want to be, and the legacy I want to leave. I have looked at it with the fear of whether or not I can hold up to it, but today that perspective completely changed. I am excited, not scared. I am grateful to have something to stand on for who I want to be already. Its not about the covenant(you know what I mean), the covenant is a tool for me to be who I am. I am so excited for you guys all to see my covenant on the wall along with Kim's and Kris's. The last Kelly girl. :) I love my covenant, it is true and simple. I love you all!

Kim comes in 8 days!!!! I am soooo excited!!! I am so crazy to see you two! As it gets closer and closer I almost can't handle it...if it weren't for all the awesome things I am in the midst of right now I would go crazy! I LOVE YOU ALL!

All my love,
Katrina Hope

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family Camp is over. Kim, you are right..nothing compares with that year at camp..though it wasn't last year- it was actually two years ago already. Family Camp was pretty fun, but very tiring for some reason. In Champions today we had a massive water balloon fight with all the kids, and I think that was a highlight of camp for me. Each team had two captains, and I was a co-captain for one. I think us MCs (there were like 7 of us involved in the water balloon fight) ended up way wetter than any of the kids. The guys had filled up regular sized balloons with water which they used..and we ended up breaking those on each other and dumping huge buckets on one another. The first like 3 minutes was Capture the Flag...then it just became hit the other team..than it morphed into...hit SOMEONE. It was really fun, and I was soaking litterally from head to toe after Tyson and Ryan had both dumped several buckets over my head...but don't worry Morgan and I (the two girls) held strong and definitely dished it out...Ty, Ry, and Ricky especially all walked off soaking too, as well as Bry and Aaron. It was a blast! One week today! I am going to pack up a bunch tomorrow...probably all that I can. I LOVE YOU ALL! I can't wait to see you Kim and Jason...I miss you both soooo much! Kim, no Trace Atkins...I think you forgot something important you invited several people to on the 31st! lol??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yesterday was a full day..fun, but it had its own challenges and was draining. Today we finished up writing our covenant. Tonight it is going through its final grammar revision. We already have the format pretty finalized too. I am excited about how it has come out and I am waiting to see what Pastor Kevin says about it. He will get his first look at it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of Family Camp! I am staying with Aime at the Morrils...I think we are gonna sleep in the back of her Xterra. :) Yeahhhh, Family Camp! Bon fires, lots of late talks, stories, and laughs (wait..11 o'clock curfew??), swimming, soccer, cards, nerds. Oh, I am sooooo excited! Yep. Our dance I am in is really fun and long, we will be doing it Sunday morning. There is also a really cool one that the guys are gonna do that has like dancing, rythm, and 'acting'- I don't know much about it, but Todd, Ry, Evan, Rob, and Bryan are all in it and they say its the coolest thing we've done. I think it will be pretty fun to see.

I have 12 days till graduation!!! 5 of which are Family Camp! CRAZY!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I have been sleeping so much lately, and I am still SOOO tired. Ty said its because I'm probably really emotionally drained. Yesterday we worked on our covenant writing as a class from 3 till about 8:30 pm!!! Yep! Drain. But still awesome. We are pretty much to our final draft, at least as far as content. Today I cme home and took a nap for a couple hours, and I have been getting to bed by 10 each night, 9:30 even one night. Friday night I slept for about 11 hours! Anyways, theres that and I am fighting a pretty nasty cold..and I am pretty certain something else, but it could just be the result of nerves from all that is going on. I love you all!

Friday, August 11, 2006

I wish I had some new pics to post. Hmm, maybe I'll ask Todd or Riss to send me some pics. I know Riss and I took some funny ones today.

Well, we are well into writing our covenant and it is definitely tough, but I am so loving how it is turning out. I have a total peace about it and I know that the Lord is so helping us. Aunt DeeAnn encouraged us to be 'simple and true' rather than trying to be all idealistic and poetic. I think ours is coming out that way. We are seeking for it to be very real, matter of fact, and true to our hearts. I think it also sounds pretty beautiful. :) Simplicity is beauty to me. Tomorrow we will be working on it again, and by the end of our time together we will hopefully have our mostly final draft so all we have left for Tuesday is the visual and structural to decide.

Morgan came up with a pretty cool idea for our class pictures today on the ride home. I think she is going to pose it to the class, and I really hope they adopt the plan. Also, they are working on our graduation dance and we'll learn that when we get back from Family Camp.

We are learning a dance for family camp right now, its really fun and exciting. I actually start the dance...so I hope you all are there ;) lol. I am actually kinda freaked out about it, but I am also excited because its a chance to finish strong since I started out the year so freaked out about dancing in front of people and hating being in the front....well now I litterally invite all the people on the stage to come dance with me. Its a cool dance too!

Well...I am really tired and hope I get to go to bed early tonight, but we will see. We should be having dinner soon. I love you all....

...and I especially appreciate what you wrote dad! I was waiting to hear from you guys.

ALL MY LOVE, Katrina Hope

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well, not that I really have super exciting things to write about, but I am at home alone and I feel like writing. So, rather than writing to myself like I normally would, I decided to let you all in on this. I have been crying. Not right now, but the past couple days I have had no defenses and things have been pricking my heart, like they used to. I haven't cried much this year...well I have, but at the same time I have felt pretty "tough" since I haven't cried nearly as much as I would have thought. In fact, I don't really like that. I hate people seeing me cry, and I am always around people..i think thats why. But, even still, I don't like feeling hard and insensitive. Most times this year I have been wanting so badly to cry and on the inside I am breaking apart, but on the outside there is nothing. It was so frusterating to me. I think maybe the shift came that night in Boston. It hasn't been bad tears the past couple days, I have just been really moved by things and really sensitive to what the Lord has been speaking to me. This is a pretty crazy time right now, and a lot is going on inside and out of me- not to mention all around me. I love you all a lot, and I miss you guys tons! Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the UW Undergraduate Admissions Office and begin doing what I need to, to register for my classes!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hey...I'm BAAACK. ;) Wow....yep, Kim's right, that was pretty much heaven for me. Most likely my favorite week all year. It was also one of the hardest though. There were a couple girls in particular who my heart just broke for and its so hard to pour into them and let them so into your heart and then just say goodbye. There were two girls in particular, Hannah who was in my cabin but went home like the second day because she was too homesick (and she was supossed to come back for each day, but only came back once) and then a little 8-year-old girl named Lillie who I got to lead to the Lord. Both opened up to me a bit about their families and my heart broke. Hannah was pretty inpenetrable..or so it appeared, but there were a couple things that showed me that she really was letting me in. Before Hannah's mom came to pick her up, I got to pray with her to receive the Lord into her life. Her parents are going through legal things and she can't really talk to her dad, and its just really rough. There are other things I am pretty sure about her too that she never told me, but I pieced together. I just so wanted her to know how much the Lord loved her. And then little Lillie, who wasn't in my cabin but raised her hand in one of the evening meetings to receive Jesus and I got to pray with her and her little friend Kennedy. BOTH ADORABLE. Well, Lillie also told me about her family and how her dad is remarried and lives in Montana and just her different thoughts and feelings about it. Oh, that girl. Then, I got to pray for her last night and after a bit I opened up my eyes and just looked her straight in the eyes as I was praying for her and speaking identity into her, and I began crying and I told her it was a good reason I was crying because I was so glad I got to pray with her to receive Jesus into her heart and tell her how much he treasures her, and told her how God sees her as His daughter, and how he wants to to talk to her and listen to her and will never miss a game. Ahh, man. Thats why it was tough too. My heart is so broken for those girls. In worship at Chapel last night I couldn't help but cry and Kate walked up to me and asked me why I was crying and I said it was okay. I held myself together mostly during worship (just a few quiet tears) but as soon as it was done and i knew i could sneak out- I got out of the chapel and went behind one of the cabin and cried so hard, it really hurt. My heart was so breaking for Hannah, and Lillie, and Kate and Kolleen, and all the other girls like them that I've known. And part of me wanted to ask the Lord to take away that burden that He gave me for young girls who are so hurt, because I sometimes doubt how my heart breaking for them can help to change anything in their life. I don't know what I can really do for them, especially in just one week. I have had this burden growing in me, probably forever. And on several occasions it has built up to a painful sobbing, where I release it just enough to bear it and then I can't cry any more and it wont go completely away. I have seen it with kate and kolleen, and with Jeannie, and with others. I told the McCuens last week when I met with them that I know I am called somehow to help young girls who have been hurt and broken, though I don't really understand how or when. Lou Engle came and spoke with us back in January and I will always remember one thing he told us, "Tears lead you to your destiny." I know I found some pieces of my destiny last night.