Thursday, July 27, 2006

There isn't much to write since I am at home....but, I graduate in about a month (4 weeks and 4 days). Soccer camp is next week....then we write covenant...then family camp....the graduation week! Crazy!!! Love you!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kimmy, Kimmy. Yes, you are a bit out of the loop. lol. Crossfire, my old team has a tournament next weekend, and I am all signed up for the summer stuff so that I can play in any of the summer tournaments or games that I can make. Next week (today) the Wessels will be out of town until I get back from soccer camp, which leaves we for a week to stay somewhere else. I was supossed to be staying with the Mayes, but I asked Pastor Sean if it would be alright if I went home for the week and he said he didn't see a problem with that, and sent me to Ross Baker who is in charge of housing- Ross called the Mayes and got it okayed for me to stay at home this I don't know where I am sleeping, but I will be going home TODAY and staying until soccer camp! Thats one week, plus one night! I am very excited.

And about us being spoiled- we worked a lot while we were there, especially Registration, we were the first ones there and the last to leave. We worked 14.5 hours, 13 hour, and 11.75 hours days..yesterday, Todd worked Reg all day (6am-1:30pm, and then tsg strike till 9pm!) Whats kinda sad (for everyone else) was that about 15 of us got lucky and didn't get put on strike, and we got off at about 3:30pm yesterday...and pastor sean got us tickets to Universal Studios for the Microsoft party!!!! It was really fun, and we had been told everyone else from kirkland would be able to go too after they got off, but because they got off too late they didn't get to, and I felt REALLY bad. :( Kim, you have to remember that we do tsg set up and strike now (take down all the computers and held pack everything up to be shipped!) so we have usually a couple days before the conference starts and those days we don't work as late....we were the only group here for the first 3 days (for set up), and then the conference was so huge we had 250 MCs working it under Mrs. Mitchell! It was pretty crazy! Reg was pretty great, boring, but great. I read a lot,,,actually Todd caught up to me in my book and read out kept us both awake, I have like 20 pages left and then I will be finished with it! Mara joined us yesterday too (she had just read the book so didn't mind coming in late). Her and Todd took turns reading it out loud...I LOVE being read to, and they both are drama people so they read really expressively! It was hard to stay awake sometimes though.

Last night at Universal Studios we went on this short roller coaster called "The Mumy" and I ended up closing my eyes through the whole thing because I was expecting it to be really scary (like the Mummy haunted house you took me through dad at LA Universal and I cried...yeah, still scarred). It ended up being a really short ride though and it wasn't that I love the roller coaster aspect, but I thought that the stuff you see (its all inside in the dark..its kinda liek Indiana Jones, but grosser!) would freak me out. When we got off we found they take pictures and it was really funny, because I am clinging to Connie's arm with my eyes closed,,,,it was pretty great. lol. It was fun. And Jaws is much better in the dark by the way cus you can't see the shark in the water, and you can't see it as clearly when it comes out at you so it looks more its dark and you are in this little boat in the dark..thats freaky in and of itself. Jewel was performing last night too. Hmm, I think I am gonna go swim now..I am mostly packed up and we have to check out at noon, so I want to get a little swim in first. I love you all!!!

Mom and Dad, and Kris..I will try to call, but hopefully one of you get this today...I need to be picked up at the church if at all possible tonight around probably 10:30pm or so- I'll call you before we get on the plane, and then also when we land. I am really excited to be home for a week!

ALL my love!
Kati Lady

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I love reading your comments :) They make me smile, and tear a little. I just woke up from a nap and everyone is either in, or just getting out of the pool. Tonight is the first night I think that I haven't gone in the pool. Thats the great thing about travelling with crazy kids like myself- I never have to swim alone, lol. First thing Morgan and I did when we checked into our Orlando hotel (the Peabody..look it up, its incredible!!!) was strip, put on our swim suits and run to the pool- i aint kidding..she jumped in the closet and i jumped in the shower to change because we didn't want to wait for jess to WALK our of the bathroom. Then we RAN down to the pool and jumped in, it was at least 10 minutes before the firsts were able to come down to swim with us. LOL. Its been great. In the evenings here we gather (those who want to) at the pool and Jeff Mitchell reads a bit from the bible, we might talk about it a little, then we just sing acapella, people just leading out from one song to the next, and then we end by praying. Its so great- Kim it reminds me of when we found that youth group out worshiping that evening in Nashville and we just sat by and listened and talked for atleast an hour. Some people we sitting near by us doing just that.

So, to fill you in, I had a good flight, I slept for the duration. We spent the first night in one hotel, doing laundry and went out to eat in groups, and of course- went swimming. The place had 3 seperate pools, so a bunch of us missed each other on accident, lol. Then we had our hang out day, and because all the theme parks were so expensive and wouldn't offer a group discount, we just hung out. A bunch of us went miniature golfing, it was so fun! We had like 5 groups of 4, or maybe even more. Pastor Kevin was the overall champ, we found out he worked at a miniature golf course when he was 17- lets just say he annihilated us all!

Then we checked into our hotel here early afternoon and swam like ALL day, it is so hot, and the pool feels awesome! Dad- you would be in the pool! Then, around 6 we all showered and changed and met down in the lobby and we took a trolly to an awesome outlet mall!!! Yeah- it rocked and I spent money I told myself I wouldn't. Sorry :( I just bought a pair of jeans at the Lucky outlet!!! Yep, $40. And a pair of sunglasses (which I needed) at the Fossil outlet for $10, and a soft case for them for $5. And a new watch band for $8. OOO, and a cute pair of girls boxers at Gap (since Kim has mine in Nashville), and a cute sweeter/shirt.

So, right now its 9:15pm, and I am in the lobby, kind of. I am on the recreational level indoors, which is kind of like a balcony to the lobby- where a man is down on the grand piano & singing...there is a man down there each night. Its so wonderful, and you can hear the water from the fountain in the middle. Each day they march 5 ducks in which stay from 11 to 5 in the fountain in the mane lobby. Then they go back to the 'duck palace' out by the 4 tennis courts! lol. I haven't gotten to see it yet cus we are always at the conference center during those hours.

We have been doing tsg set-up the last 3 days, and badge and binder builds. We were the only group, but other groups began arriving today and the actual conference begins tomorrow. I am in registration at a kiosk with Todd.

I love you all so much and miss you tons. I don't get to write as much here because there are not computers down in the lobby like in Boston. Tonight, Jozi was super sweet to let me borrow her lap top. I will try to write again. I have the best family! Please keep leaving comments, they make me smile! I miss you tons and there is a chance i may need to stay at home for the week directly following this conference. (so from next sunday till the 31st, which would work out really well for the tournament, hehe).

Love you all TONS and TONS!
Katrina Hope

Friday, July 14, 2006

Its about 8:45am here and I am waiting down in the lobby for the rest of our group so we can check out. They are expecting over 1500 guests to be checking out from the hotel today! Crazy huh? Today we fly out (or in), and do laundry and hang out. Tomorrow is a free day and I heard we are going to Universal Studios....that will be fun! The man here at our Starbucks in the lobby asked me when we would be checking out, and told me he'd miss us...if that says something about my regular attendence, as well as others, lol. He's a sweet man, he knew my drink and started automatically adding whip cream to it. ;) What else to tell, hmm. Tonight we will all be in one hotel together and then the next night we get split into two groups. There is a pool at the hotel tonight, and hopefully the other one i end up at- we swam every night we got home early enough to this week....and sat in the hot tub. This morning we are taking the subway to the airport- the same way we came, and it is kinda a pain to haul your suit case and back What a site to see. Well, halfway through. I think I already told you all I got to work with a friend i met at the Dallas convergence. She's from North Carolina, but is going to Masters in South Dallas. She just finished her second year and will be going home after this conference. She wants to come visit in Seattle, and I am hoping she will. She's kinda like Jeannie in that it was so easy to become friends and talk about so much. I had to say goodbye to a couple of the Puyallup people last night. Of all the groups, theirs is the closest to ours and we have been able to spend good time with them over the year. They aren't going to the next conference, and then we aren't working the one after that which they are. So we wont be seeing each other before graduation, and a couple are going home. Its kinda sad. Oh well, I am sure I will see them again. :) OKay, its close to 9 now and I should go stand with the others. LOVE U!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Its a quarter to one- AM, so this can't be long. We are finished with the boston conference, we leave tomorrow for the next conference. Last night was rough, i cried. I am tired and have no defenses, and there was no where to hide when I cried really. You grow a lot at these conferences- you are forced are NEVER alone. So, basically I miss my family. I was just seeing all that I have let go of this year and I told the Lord, "You win, but I still hurt today." Thats what it came to. I trust the Lord, and I will give all for Him, but I also wanted to be real that it hurt- I didn't have the strength to hide it. I love the Lord so much, and I am so grateful for how He is drawing me close. I love you all and miss you lots. Pray for Mrs. Morril please- she was in Isreal, and was evacuated today...pray for her family too.
All my love, Katrina Hope
(I have read lots lately!!!! Its great!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yeah, we do tsg stuff now. We help with all the setting up of computers, and all the tear down. We've done it every conference this year, and at least last year- but I am not sure how long they have been doing it for, and we get to wear jeans and grey "eventforce" T's. Tomorrow we get to wear our brand new uniforms for the first time- they hucked the white polos and now we have red long sleeved, button up, collared shirts. They look pretty nice, but you can't get away without ironing them. The conference opens today- in that the attendees can register (I am not on registration this time, sad.) but the official conference doesn't begin till tomorrow. We worked from 8am to 9:45pm yesterday doing the most massive bag builds! ugh! And to make sure we got there on time (we take the subway there, and it requires 3 different buses/shuttles) and had time to eat we left out hotel at 6am!!! Yeah. lol. What rocks, is that there is a Starbucks in the lobby of our hotel, a nice big one...if I had a digital camera, I'd show you. And it usually opens before we leave-I have been spending my time with the Lord in one of the big chairs right outside the doors to it. Its been tiring, but fun. Its getting to be like a reunion because you meet so many MCs throughout the year at the conferences, and then you don't see them for forever. The South Dallas AG MCs are here, which I wasn't expecting, and so I have got to see my friend Nicole who I met at the Dallas Convergence. And Puyallup is here, so I get to see Daniela. Theres lots of them, its pretty fun in the breakroom- which is big this time since there are so any of us, and luckily it is seperate from the Eventforce office so we can talk and hangout a bunch. I met the Open Bible MCs from Spokane too, and then are really sweet...oh, look at that..STABUCKS IS OPEN! I am gonna go spend time with the Lord. We are leaving the hotel today at 7am.
Love you all!

Oh, one last thing- I took my first Taxi last night. Yep. eventful. memorable.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I guess I lucked out, they have an internet lab here. I am staying at a nice hotel. We had a real red eye the night before last..our plane left at 9:30 pm and we flew through the night, with a lay over and landed about 9am local time. I couldn't sleep very well on the plane, in fact every ther light was off but eventually Morgan (who also couldn't sleep, but just layed there and occasionally turned around and we'd talk a bit) gave me two sleeping pills..I was OUT, unfortunately, that was only a 2 or 3 hours before our lay over...the two of us we like the walking dead. lol. MY legs felt super heavy, as did my eye lids- it was almost funny how heavy those pills hit me- and then I had to be up walking around, lol. Yeah. I slept through most of the second plane ride too. Then we had to figure out the subway. By the time we found our hotel and checked in- we were all starving for lunch..and sleep. We did a little walking around (found the nearest H&M!!!), and of course went swimming. Then for my dinner I went down to the lobby and bought a steamed hazelnut milk and a peanut butter cookie, cuddled up with my book and read/slept on and off. (My roommated kept coming in and out and talking). I was really out by 11, and up by 5. I could sleep all day I feel like. BUT today is our first day at the cofnerence center- its jeans and t's for tsg....that will at least mean something to kris and kim. Mom- I am guessing that last comment was from and dad have got to remember to sign your name at the bottom. OKay, well I am gonna go tidy up my room and blow dry my hair. I love you all and am so grateful for what you each wrote. Kris- thanks for coming back to say goodbye to me! I love you all!
Katrina Hope

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm not sure when I will be able to write again because I am not certain if I will be able to while we are away at Microsoft or not. I am gonna miss you guys. Its July 4th, 9:30pm...and I am in my room on the computer. I kinda want to cry. Its okay though, I am tired and obviously emotional (since I want to cry??) so I should probably go to bed. I have been feeling off for the past few days and am not certain why, I don't like it though. Today I feel a bit better and I think its because I spent like 20 minutes just out praying this morning before carpool. I am torn, I think I should be out with my host family, but I also feel like I should just spend time with the Lord, study my verse, and go to bed. I have been feeling sick since like 2pm today...ugh. I went out to dinner at Olive Garden with Todd, Bryan, and Evan and all I got was a mocha because my stomach was just starting to feel better from lunch and I didn't want to feel sick again. Why must I eat at all?? Sometimes I wish I could just forego food all together, but I think it would make life impossible. ??? ;) I know I am inwardly fighting right now too and I know thats part of why I feel so sick- I hate to admit it, but I know (and have known for some time) that a good deal of my sickness is because of my internalizing everything. I am stressing over something and hurting and knowing that I shouldn't be and so I am trying to just ignore it, but it is still there- even if I wont let my thoughts acknowledge it, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach..litteraly. I just want to be free of it all. I know its not mine to worry about so I am gonna release it again...right now. So, I should probably go do my forms and try to catch a bit of the fireworks with the Wessels. I love you!!! I am hurting. But don't hurt because of it, k? Pain heralds growth. :)
ALL my love....Katrina Hope.
Please do keep praying for me- more than you even have before, its a new level for us all, and I AM praying for you- cus you need it too!

Monday, July 03, 2006

ooh, and its good to know you are still reading Kris.... LOVE YOU!!!
OKay, I'll try to save up..and NO way on the trade!!!! You can take back your jeans even..and I don't have any zip up hoodie of yours....I LOVE THOSE BOXERS! I told you that within a few months you'd be wanting a pair...but guess who didn't listen, and guess who's right..yep, the baby. Those better be in your suit case (and the chapstick), or you are sleeping on the floor, cus you know who's room you guys will most likely be taking over....mine :) hehe.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Jason, will you bring me a demo CD with the new songs you have by the time you come? I am excited to see you!!!

Oh, and Kim and Jason, also another chapstick from the Loveless Cafe, its my favorite and its almost all gone...the vanilla flavor. ;)

And Kimmy, my pink striped 'boxers.'

LOVE YOU< mean it.