Thursday, September 27, 2007

I had a dream last night, I went to get my hair cut and the hairdresser cut all my hair was like Roman Holiday short, and it was dark brown again. I was crying at first because I was so shocked by it- but then I sorta liked it. Then, I woke up. I've been wanting to recolor my hair, probably just go back to brown (that was the plan initially), so maybe thats why I had the dream..but hmm, maybe I am supposed to cut it all off? God will probably need to show me that pretty clearly- it would be fun though. :) > come to think of it, it looked like Kim Walker's did when she was here for the Womens Conference...hmmm, maybe I'll pray about this. :)

I am working a little late today, I need to get some hours in. Having a budget is good for me, because this year I know how many hours I need to work each week which provides personal accountability. Last year, I didn't have much to do at work (my 'manager' wasn't very good at utilizing me), and so I would end up leaving early almost every day because I felt I was wasting my time. So, I'd work like 7 hours some weeks! This year, not only do I have a wonderful manager who definitely utilizes me (!), but I also know exactly how many hours my budget is based on, so I have to hit that as a minimum.

Today our company was celebrating a new stage in our 'development' - so we went out on a boat cruise for a few hours around Seattle, it was really quite wonderful. And it didn't rain, which was great! I'm surprised how tired it left me though-- all of us, infact. The office is pretty much empty- everyone cleared out as soon as we got back.

Speaking of the's the season premier tonight! I've heard it was at nine, and I've heard it's at eight. I will need to be working on homework tonight, but I might have to multi-task ;) I know, that's not very good study skills... Well, who knows, maybe it's at eight and in that case I'll miss it anyways.

I need to get back to working on my press release...see many of you tonight. And those I won't-- I LOVE YOU TONS!
(Post Scriptum. the pictures are just random pictures I took with my phone this morning on campus. I was walking by the fountain on the way to a class and was struck by the beauty all around me. i love walking around the campus, i am so blessed to be able to attend classes there. and i was so happy, i took a picture to show you- you can see a beautiful part of the campus behind me.)

Kim and Jason- I cannot wait for your visit!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, lots of fun news!

Yesterday I bought a car! It's a black 2001 Nissan Pathfinder, and I love it!!! We'll have to name it. I'll add a picture tomorrow...

I also started classes today, that's why I haven't had time to update my blog. Work is crazy, I have several press releases that I need to write pretty much today and tomorrow! I also really need to write my SLT paper (which is already late!), I already have homework, and I am going on the encounter retreat this weekend!

I am so excited about life right now, I love how things are happening...but today I really began to feel "busy." I know I have so been riding on the Lords grace these last few weeks- and I'm sure there is even more grace now as things are picking up even more...I just need to choose to stay at peace, and trusting Him to take care of it all.

I am taking Archaeology (with Tyson!) and Philosophy- Logic (with Kyle!), and I was taking Italian 201 (second year) but I decided today I am going to drop the class and try to find an 8:30 class if at all possible. As of now, I am not getting to work until 2pm, and that is rough!

Well, I will be up early to work on those press releases, and to do my Logic homework, so I'd best be off to bed. I love you all- be encouraged, God is wanting to bless us, I really do believe that!

(PS, Kim and Jason bought a house, and it's amazing, but she made me promise not to talk about it before I'm not. :)

Also, I just had a wonderful time out to coffee with Kris, Elise, Jeff, Rob, Kevin, and Ben...I'm glad I went :)

Goodnight, really. Have awesome dreams! Prophetic dreams!

Monday, September 24, 2007

School starts in 2 days! I haven't purchased any of my books yet, I am hoping to just buy them after class on Wednesday. :) That's what I end up having to do for the winter and spring quarter anyways- and I have learned from the past year that I change my classes half of the time. So yes, I will buy them on Wednesday.

Today, I am at work. I really do love getting up early and getting going on the day. It's only noon- there are many summer days when I would have just been getting up. But not these days, I have already worked almost 6 hours- and visited morgan at work. Which reminds me: Morgan looks very good in a green apron...if anyone who is reading this happens to be wondering. You can pass that information along as well ;) heehee. No really, and she prepared the best toasted chonga bagel I've ever had. I was only sad her shift manager (I'm assuming thats who she was) made me my drink instead of morgan. I will just have to come by again soon to experience that work of art. (And by that phrase I do not mean it the way some people do when they say "he's a real work of art" as a critique, but rather I mean that morgan is an ar-tiste and all things she does, become a work of art. I know I am over the top- lol!)

But yes, it has been a good day. As I was driving along Lakeview Road, towards Caroline Point, I really wanted to pull over and just sit beside the water and watch the sun come had only just begun to and it already looked so spectacular! Now, I just walked by the window, and saw the skies, clear blue. I know when I walk outside it will be crisp and fresh- autumn is already here! I love leaving my window open during the fall- letting my room fill up with the changing air. I love to drive with my car window open- (and a coat on!) letting the wind chase past my cheeks, leaving them chilled. I love taking walks every chance I get, under the changing leaves, drinking a mocha, talking with a friend. I especially love spending time with my dad in the autumn- school approaching- shopping for new pens, taking walks, going on drives, life changing again.

I love autumn!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today is officially Talk Like A Pirate Day. My inbox at work this morning was full of yesterday afternoon's preparation for it...including a url for how to find your pirate name. Here is mine:

My pirate name is:

Dirty Charity Rackham

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello my wonderful family and friends!

My blogging is already slowing, but that's okay, because so has your comments, and so I conclude that we are all becoming more busy with the fall season approaching. Todays rain was wonderful! I loved it- I went outside this morning and realized that I could put on some jeans and a sweater and be perfectly fitted for the weather :)
I ALSO realized that I could not pop the hood of my little blue smurf (aka- the prelude), so I couldn't fill the oil. NOT such a happy problem on a Sunday morning. I had a few revelation this morning- I couldn't fill the oil, I had forgotten to accept my student loan last night, and I still hadn't gotten the final information online for Elise and mine's special surprise day today. I also didn't have THAT much time. So, if you noticed my wet hair at church- that's why. I gave people who commented, the short answer- "it was coffee or blow dry, and I decided coffee." Really, that dilemma was caused by the three other surprises this morning, and they left me NEEDING a mocha! ;)
It all worked out wonderfuly- it turned out, I knowing myself better than I realize, had actually told myself that the loan had to be accepted by the 15th, a day early of the real deadline (the 16th- today!). I accepted my loan immediately this morning, then mom and dad said I could take mom's car to church and then out for Elise and mine's date. I grabbed the information online real quick, jumped in teh shower and was off- stopped at my espresso stand, and was at church with plenty of time to find a great seat, enjoy my coffee, and hug a BUNCH of people I love. It was a good morning.

Then, Elise and I had a great time! That's all the info I'm giving ;)

Yesterday I had CCK 301 in the morning, and then had to leave early--- so I could go see Lonestar Love at the 5th with Kris and my parents- then we went out to dinner. It was fun day! I ended up really enjoying the play..and dinner was fun, just getting to be together. Kris and I got stuck at the parking garage exit for about 20 minutes because the attendent really didn't know what he was doing. Then, he tried having Kris and I leaving without giving us back her debit card! You'll enjoy the series of photos taken while waiting at the said parking garage exit. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

I went out on the Morrill's boat yesterday with Aime, Mr. Morrill, James (Phillips) and Jared. It was SO much fun, but today- even my fingers are sore. It is difficult for me to use the muscles in my hands, so this is about all this blog will be. We went intertubing (which I didn't do well at staying on) and then wakeboarding- which was SUCH a blast! I'm bummed the summer suddenly seems over. Except, I love autumn, so I wont be too sad. I am certain this season has many wonderful things in store.

Love you all.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Saturday night I was at RC Prayer- short for Revival Culture Prayer. There was a pretty big group for what I usually see there (but I have not been there the last couple months)- probably 15 people or so. Congregation prayer was amazing before it, and it shot us right in to a truly holy place. I Loved it- can I say it again?

So, I wont go through the whole night, but at one point, we all split up and I was laying on the floor, between rows- looking down one of the rows under the chairs- and it was like a cave (all the lights were off)..and the Lord told me a story. It was INCREDIBLE and through part of it, He would tell me something, and then the song in the backround would say almost the same thing. Like part of the story, the girl learns the language she's hearing, and I said "no, she can't not understand the language and then learn it" and then the song sang about learning the language of heaven- OUT OF NO WHERE! It was awesome- and I am really inspired to write this story. The last couple weeks I have been listening more and more for stories in my times with the Lord, and He's been giving me more and more- this was the most of a story He has ever told me! It was very cool, and I look forward to writing. :)

Other GREAT news- my sister and brother-in-law bought a house!! I have yet to see pictures- but Kim said it's awesome! It was built in the 1920s, and has been completely redone inside. They have a little work to do, as would be expected, but it sounds like they can feel at home here pretty immediately- and thats a feeling I know Kim especially has been looking forward to.

Hmm, what else? I start school in a little over 2 weeks! I need to take care of a few matters before then.

I am at work- trying to write a case study about a project I know very little about- and I am really struggling. What to do. What to do.

Well, the first thing to do would be publish and close this blog I suppose. Love you all!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This one goes out to Jason.

So, I think most of you who read my blog, on occasion read my sister's...when she writes. ;) So you are all caught up on how Jason's writing is going- or I have told you and thus you know. It's only a matter of time until his songs begin to get cut- I'm not just saying this because he is my brother-in-law and it's my duty ("lets talk about your duties" hehe). He really is very talented- and I REALLY would like a number of his songs to get cut, for my own selfish reason of being able t have a finished version of them to listen to and enjoy- to be able to switch on the radio and hear, "I Can't" "That's How I'd Do It" "Right Where We Belong" "You Should Have Been in Love" or "She Dreams With Me"....

I decided to write this because Kris was telling me how badly she missed him a couple days ago- and I told her, I had just had one of those days too. So, we miss you Jason and love you- even though you don't read this blog, Kim will tell you about it, andperhaps you might scan the pictures, as you call "catching up" lol.

Life is exciting right now- and I have a sense that there are about to be a lot of BIG exciting changes coming your way, Kim and Jason.

I love you BOTH (or BOLTH) and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving!

(doesn't this look like Jaosn- look at the name on top too!)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

21 days. Exactly 3 weeks until I am walking through the Quad and down the steps of Red Square. I wish the MCs still had a group of people doing outreach there, it would be nice to see their faces scattered through those crowds. I am excited that Braden and Pierce will both be at the U this year! Where are the girls though? :)

I am excited for classes to start, even though I know I will be tired of them rather quickly and wishing it were already over. I love school- I LOVED highschool and junior high- especially literature and english classes, and Mr. Whelham was such a good science teacher, that I enjoyed those too, even though I have no special affection for the subject. Last year I would get excited for each of my classes, and then depressed as I re-discovered that it was nothing like highschool- not because it's harder. But because my instructors were all outspoken feminists-humanists-depresidents ;) who made us read perverted topics and discuss our own "thoguhts" on it, which usually made me want to silence at least half the class as they said a lot of words- but really made absolutely no reasonable point! They already know what they want to say, and it doesn't matter if that's what the author meant or not! Sorry, I'm getting worked up.

I love studying, I really do. I love fall, when the rain is falling outside the window, and I am sitting at a desk (or coffee shop table!!), warm drink beside my notebook, and I am highlighting in a book whose binding is still crisp and hard to bend. I love taking notes on lined paper. AND NOW, I love typing on those inspiring white keys. I love putting on a jacket (and my thermal underwear on under my jeans) - grabbing my backpack and walking around the campus from class to class (with a bagel and a coffee!). I love buying new pens and notebooks (not that I need any this year- I overstocked on them last year because I was too excited!). I love school supplies shopping!

Yes, now you can see why writing would be my ideal destiny, even if for no other reason than a lifetime of holding new pens over fresh white paper, and opening my beautiful mac, and trusting it to hold my stories like a pure vause. :) IF for no other reason, but THERE ARE other reasons- like passions, and dreams, and calling. ;)

Yes, school is coming, and ever so quickly. I am ready for fall all the sudden, and good thing too, since it is here quite suddenly! Actually, today is supposed to be rather pretty and warm. I've been working in the coffee shop the past few afternoons, and I keep dressing for fall, and then roasting in there because it's so muggy! The weather looks ugly, but it's still warm! Not to mention, there are so many machines in that little room, and they all give off imense heat- it's hot! If it's going to get dark and rainy- it needs to get crisp- that's how we do it here, remember Seattle??

This last weekend was the first Labor Day weekend in years that us Kelly Girls didn't go to the Ellensburg Rodeo- which is terribly sad to me! I was actually glad that I was working quite a bit- because it kept me from being tooo sad. It just didn't make sense for Kim to fly down for it this year- since I was just there, and her and Jason will be coming for Thanksgiving. Still, it's sad to let a tradition go! :(

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm leaving work in 3 minutes (to go to the other job- woohoo ;) I just wanted to post real quick. I like that I knew that was you kaylee, before I saw the post with your name below. It made me smile to be right.

I can't believe school is back in session! I only have like 3 weeks left myself- goodness!! Anyways, i really do need to go- Love you.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I LOVE comments! Rachel- I LOVE that you left a comment. I know you read my blog, and you are in my mind as I write, so always feel free to comment! I didn't know English was your thing, that so cool! I'll definitely be posting as I return to classes.

I am writing from the McCuen computer- Ash, I should have left my pajamas and tooth brush here this weekend! (You just walked right behind me- you are pretty stink'n cute, but I won't tell anyone!)

About two days ago I was sitting on the floor saying "I hate being a girl" (mostly kidding, lol- I was in pain!) Tonight, I love being a girl! I don't know all that occurs at guys sleepevers, but from what I know it involves odors, video games, and sometimes concussions. I used to have a little block, in my strip to the left, which said "The truth about girls: We are never too old for sleepovers." Oh, its too true. I love these girls, so I am gonna get off the computer and go enjoy the movie with ya'all. (Ash- I think our dance rocked- Chris might think so toon-- embar-assing!!)