Saturday, October 27, 2007

A few quick pictures from last night and today... I took katherine and kolleen to the Reformation Festival last night. It was pretty col, definitely gets better every year. And they got WAY too much candy for their good- and my moms!

Then today, Kris and I went to the 5th- in mom and dad's seats....where we like to be, right up in front. It was halarious actually, they had the stage set up so that it had a front part that came out right to our seats practically. And one actor, spit, BAD. We were leaning back in our seats, as he spat upon us!!! We were laughing pretty hard. I'm pretty sure that throughout the play, we laughed harder than anyone else there- ESPECIALLY through the first duet of the "Prince Charmings"Oh my goodness!
The second part wasn't either of our favorite, but it was still very good- the first half was the best as far as we were concerned. It was WONDERFUL! Now I am going to run and meet Morg at the farewell to you- I love you! (I can say that, since I believe I know everyone who reads this blog- and I know that I love you." And one last thought to leave you with- fairytales do come true :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

I had two midterms today- they didn't feel real great, but I am praying I'll be surprised with a good grade. I intended to come home and take a nap, but because there is a conversation going on out in the family room- I couldn't at first, and then I just decided I'd rather do some homework- check email- update the template of my blog ;) Then I found this photographer and started going through his portfolio- a lot of GREAT pictures...a few strange ones too.

Tonight is reformation fest- tomorrow kris and i are going to see Into the Woods- I am SOOO excited! So, you should be seeing some pics from each of those soon. Here a few I just found on Jen Staab's flicker account. They are kinda fun and I don't get many pics with these two friends, so I thought I would post them. :) The ones of Daniela and I is from one night at homegroup. The pic of Riss and I is from the Luaw (how do you spell that?) at family camp.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have yet to wear a flower in my hair...but I'm enjoying San Francisco nonetheless.

The actual work end has been pretty tough- pretty much EVERYTHING going wrong, but its all been fixable, its just taken some effort (a LOT of effort). Well- most of its been fixable, but the things that haven't been, are also no one's fault so- oh well. :) Its really been entertaining actually- how much every little thing actually can go wrong....I'm giggling about it now. Like this morning- going to send my homework assignment in (which has to be in by 9:30am, or else it goes down to half credit)- and low and behold, the hotel is upgrading their server and their internet is "temporarily down"--- I was stressing a bit then, but once again, there was nothing I could do but wait and pray that it came up in time- and it did- JUST in time...I got my assignment in with about 5 minutes to spare, lol.

Don't let all these problems fool you though, I have had some fun time- not yesterday, but the day manager treated me to a pedicure to thank me for all my hardwork. They were GREAT! Not your average pedicure- they were at a really nice spa- the pedicure we got was called the "mojito"- cute pun of words. They soaked our feet in hot lemon and mint baths (with both, fresh, floating around)- then they scrubbed our feet and calves (OUCH! I had JUST shaved that morning!), we had headphones and sat and watched girly tv shows (I'm not big on tv shows, but it was still fun), and drank mojitos (mine was virgin, ;) and still, it was very good! Maybe I will be trying a real one in a few months??). We also did a little wandering and shopping that day- then went to a great restaurant that night- one of kathryn's favorites in San Fran. It was called 50 Hyde 15- small, personal, AMAZING! A great day.

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5124668731547822594" />Yesterday, I spent the day at the conference center getting everythign ready, then headed back to my hotel, and spent the entire night working on Logic homework :(

This morning was a mad rush back and forth between the conference center and my hotel- managing both the final setups for our booth and meeting rooms- as well as my own schoolwork! AND, in the end, it all work out. :) Jason, says that 90% of what we worry about never stop worrying....I'm getting a litle better at taking this advice. I think that its easier for me to laugh at things, when I know others are freaking out about them takes that off my shoulders ;)

Now, I am off for the day (finally!!), and I am trying to decide whether to wander around the shops right here (our hotel is in shopping central!), or take a nap- I am very tired....but figure it will be getting dark in a few hours, so I better go see some things now...I'll have homework again tomorrow, and tomorrow night is our team dinner.

So I am off....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thought of the day: REALLY skinny guys, should not wear SKINNY jeans.

My weekend in photos:

I took Abby and Will to Sean's firehouse for Bellevue Fire Department's open house day.....they really liked it! And so did I! :)
I loved how the tire was as big as Will!
I also gave in and finally bought the new Sparks book- and I read about 100 pages in it Saturday night- but I haven't read any more this week since I have been sooooo busy! Saturday, after the firestation, I went to work at the coffee shop, then I went to the Ruffs to babysit till late- so that was the day. :)

Right now, I am at Kahilis, studying away (well, except for this short distraction- and my phone call with Kim :) But every good student needs a break here and there) NOT that I have been a good student- I have been a really bad one this week, and I am pretty upset with myself. It has been mostly due to how much I have had to do for work though- and then homework getting put off and then missing class to get homework done in time. YEAH- BAD!

So, now I am going to go back to studying, in effort to make myself a better student again.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Has it really been 10 days since my last post? Well, here are the updates from this short span of time:
I'm blonde again- well, the brown roots are finally disguised.
I have a midterm friday.
I leave Saturday morning for CTIA in San Francisco..I will be gone close to a week :)
I have 2 midterms next Friday now! (Kind of a bummer that I will be in San Fracisco-studying!
I have not been a good student in my Logic and Archaeology classes- especially my Logic class- that is where I am right now...not paying attention.

Kristin Hale cut and colored my hair last night, and I had a blast over there hanging out with her and her roommate. My hair looks good too, which is a definite plus :)

Ty and I started studying for our upcoming Archaeology exam, last night.

Tonight, I will hopefully be meeting up with a friend who used to work with me, to catch up over coffee. I am VERY excited...if it doesn't work out for tonight, that will be good too thoughm because then I can study during that time instead. So either way, tonight will be a good night.

Work has been so ridiculously crazy, I've almost cried the last couple days. This morning on my bus ride, I was soaking. Yes- I was "soaking" on the bus. I turned on my ipod, and closed my eyes- surprisingly, this does not illicit as much attention as one would think, because unlike all the other college students on the bus with their eyes closed, I am not REALLY sleeping, so I am not quite as fun to stare at...I am not snoring, or twitching, or falling on my neighbor's shoulder....well, I am sometimes lipsincing, and I know my face is displaying a number of expressions while my eyes are closed- BUT, the truth is, if people ARE staring, my eyes ARE closed, so I don't know any better, and I can go on, "Soaking on the bus."

But to my point, I played this one song by Adie Camp, over and over...the words were something like, "When my strength fades...Your strength remains...When I am weak, your strength is complete...perfectly, everything I need" Yeah, let me tell you, it was definitely life for me this morning. It was a struggle to calm my spirit, silence my soul, and just REST in His presence on that crowded bus. Its a good practice. The last few days I have felt this constant anxiety, and struggle going on inside me- work really is driving me to my end, and with midterms coming and barely having any time to prepare-yeah. So, finding peace, repenting for anxiety and taking it all on myself, and just choosing to TRUST Him to take care of it all, and rest in the midst of this mayhem- that's the place I am looking for. I have found it some, I think I began to find it more last night, and even more this morning.

Today, in about 5 minutes, I am about to go on my first "Treasure Hunt" and I am pretty excited! We are going to do it here on the campus!

Alright, love you all.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I have internet at home again! YESSSSSSSS! This means I will likely blog more often. Or at least, I will put a bit more effort in some of them. We had a post-encounter meeting this morning, and Tong made us another soaking CD- I was SO happy! There were a number of songs they played on the encounter that I loved- and they didn't make it on to the first I have been replaying the first CD over and over, so I was real grateful for another one to set into the cycle. :)

So a man at church, who is realtively new from City Church, gave my parents a prophetic word today. I had to leave right when P. Norm finished speaking (I had to make it to work), but apparently he prophesied over mom, dad, the twins, and he gave them a word for me too. It was incredible! The things he said, he could not have known. I for one, was not even there, and mom said she didn't even know the things he was saying about me were true- but he said to them, "This isn't anything new to her. She already knows she is called to broken children." I don't know it all really, I have only heard bits and pieces, and I don't know it word for word, but when my mom called me on the phone and started telling me some of the thign she said, and I started laughing, she was like, "Really?" It lined up with a number of prophetic words I have been given. It's crazy! I've been inspired (and I can't remember if this is what inspired me, but I think I was thinking about this before too actually) to create a book of rememberence- a memorial of the words and promises God has given me, with the verbal prophetic words and the images he's shown me, I guess I will finally be writing my 'identity journal.' I'd even like to include a couple literary characters who most speak to my heart, and I believe I'm called to be like.

Well, I haven't been able to hear the whole prophetic word in detail, but I have heard most of it in pieces now I believe. Pretty exciting! I guess he wants to speak to me too, and tell me. Cool!

On another note, which I am tempted to mention on a very sad note, but immediately felt adjusted- because it's God's mercy that He is revealing this to me, and I am SO grateful....God has been showing me a lot of pride in me...A LOT. At first, I thought it was just a little, a little jealousy and judgementalism....the last 3 days, He's been showing me more and more of it in me, and I've been continually repenting and repenting. This morning, I wrote 'humility' on my wrist, as a reminder, and as a prayer. Well, today was certainly the greatest unveiling yet. I went to the Women's Meeting tonight, and lo and behold, what was Mrs. Marcy speaking on? PRIDE. Yep, I cried through I good deal of it. She simply read portions from this book she's been dwelling in. It lists out 30 fruits/signs of pride- oh my word! A number of the things I have been frusterated with in myself- were listed out as fruits of pride- INCLUDING FRUSTRATION. Ironic, a? No, I know frustration with my own sin is good, it's the only good frusteration I've got, however, the easily frusterated with my dad, and my mom, and my sister, and my cousins- not SO good. And I have been becoming more and more impatient, and even though I see it and hate it, I keep facing, as with some anger, jealousy. UGH. :( There were a BUNCH of things she read, and as she did, a memory would come right into my mind, from the past couple weeks and a few more tears would come. It wasn't just the sad type of tears, it's the real painful ones fro your heart, because you realize how evil you are, and you want so badly for Him to change you and make you like Him...loving, humble, pure, patient, meek, forgiving, encouraging.

I want so deeply to be humble, more than I think I have ever wanted to be humble. It's no longer about just being "humble" for the sake of being 'humble.' It's the realization, that God dwells with the humble, and His glory cannot co-reside with pride. I'm realizing that the qualities I want to be, are the fruits of humility- especially patience and graciousness- I really have been praying that God would make me patient and gracious- now I see it's humility that i really want, and these will follow. I don't like that when I am asked to help around the house, I can be irritable, I will help, but lately I've done it with the attitude of an 8-year-old! What is that?! It's pride. OH MY GOSH!

My prayer tonight, was, and is, God, go deep, go all the way, and make me humble. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MERCY ON ME!!! Root out this pride that's so deep in me- and posture me in humility. Open my eyes to see You, and really realize that without You, I am lost.

Goodnight, and I love can pray for God to deal with my pride :)
Wow, that's not a prayer request I give everyday ;)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

OH work, oh work. You know what's wonderful though? It is pretty quiet in the office. It has been a stressful week at work- and at school, sorting out classes and books and finances. We have our big conference for work coming up in a few weeks, and that means we are hitting the deadlines this week and next, so it has been busy. Sadly, I woke up with a cold Monday morning too, so to say the least, I have been relying on the Lord's grace, and looking forward to the weekend! ;)

Tonight I have no homework! WOOHOO! I have things due Monday, but I'm going to put them off from tonight. Tonight, I am working, then going to homegroup, and then hopefully catching up with Elise somewhere. This, I am definitely looking forward to- though I am thinking perhaps we should just go home, put on our pajamas and cuddle up in my bed and environment better for sharing the matters of your heart with your best friends. would be a bit better if there was Ben & Jerrys involved, huh morg? Though, I don't think I'd be a fan of people eating ben & jerrys in my bed. Actually, Ben & Jerrys is typically more of the "after-lots-of-sharing-matters-of-the-heart" refuge anyway. It's the, 'lets not talk at all and recover for a moment,' or 'let's just laugh at anything' type of companion. Oh, ice cream. :)

Can you tell that i am wanting a quick mental break right now? Writing about the many medicinal purposes of ice cream. haha. The sudden quiet of the office is actually making me tired, which is NOT good. You see, when I get tired, I fall asleep. I can be watching a movie, reading a book (especially those last two!), sitting at my desk at work (as I am now), on the bus, riding in a car (passenger), eating spaghetti (okay, I was like 5!), sitting on the stairs, laying in the yard, sitting at work at the coffee stand...pretty much anywhere I am not standing, I can fall asleep (yes- I fell alseep on the toilet at work a couple weeks ago! ), come to think of it, I have even fallen asleep a few times standing up (Italy!). It is terrible, I know. And once I am asleep, i can remain in this partial sleep state, even while carrying on conversations (which I will not recall later), being led up the stairs by the hand, etc. I am not always a heavy sleeper though, I can also wake up to my bedroom door opening and someone stepping inside. It really doesn't make much sense.

All that to say, be careful that if I answer your question at a sleepover, that I really am conscious.

Kris, I think, enjoys asking me things when I am in this half-sleeping state. She likes waking me up and watching me as I interact with the world around me in deep confusion. "Wait- why? What did you ask? I don't understand." Much in the same way, my dad liked leading me up to bed when i was little, and leaving me with one foot on each step. My mom and sisters would come watch too, as I stood there, asleep. Eventually, I'd just sit down right there and continue sleeping.

Where are all these stories coming from? Oh yeah, i was saying the office is quiet and I am growing tired. Well, I have affectively woken myself up with these stories.

Goodness, sometimes I wish I could video tape my office, just so I could truly convey how ridiculous people here can be- it is SO entertaining. I love it. I love awkward people! Some guy just walking around the office barefoot, another reportedly peeing in a bottle, the man whose accent and lisp are so thick I would never had known his name except for the invention of's beautiful. And it keeps life so entertaining. There are far more subtle things too, but I am not sure others would laugh at them.

What to have for dinner....I think Jamba. I wonder how many of you are wondering right now why you read this? Hmmm. Why do you? ;) I suppose it is only because you love me. Well, because I love you, I will stop wasting your time by writing about old stories, and what I'd like to eat for dinner.

I love you all!

Monday, October 01, 2007

So my class schedule is set! Woohoo! I had the most wonderful weekend at the Encounter Retreat! Tonight is the sharing time. I woke up this morning with a nasty head cold, and maybe something more. Luckily my boss was heading out early, so she just told me to skip work and go rest at home. Thank you JESUS! I slept over 9 hours last night, and then for another 2 or 3 today!

Now, I need to go get all caught up on this past weekends homework!

Love you guys, pray my cold goes away please.