Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I left out a critical part of my "family" revelation from Sunday morning. I actually said "This is why God wanted a family" after another piece of understanding came to me...

I only understand this as a sister, friend, and daughter, but I am sure it is intensified in the affections of a wife and mother. When I see someone love one of my loved ones, I love that person (more). Meaning, when my friends love my sisters, I love that friend even more. When Rosemary or Elise talk about how great my dad is, and they treat him like a dad in their life, my heart is all the closer to theirs.

I recently met a friend, of one of my friends from work. The first couple times I hung out with them together, I realized that this friend of my friend, was good to her. She cared for her sincerely, and looked after her, and lvoed her with a pure love...a Godly love in fact. And suddenly, I loved this new friend to, because of her love for someone I love. (confused? I hope not.)

There's more though. I've realized this is magnified when it comes to God. Almost two years ago now, I was driving to my dearest friend Rosie's house (I don't think she'll mind me telling this story--- it may embarass her though) when I had a divine encounter. She was hurting, but I knew the Lord was coming to really mend her heart in an unprecedented way. I'd been waiting all evening for her call, and when it came, I flew out the I drove, I started praying in tongues and it turned into a song. And then I just started to really sing over her and to her (alone in my car...). And something came over me like I have only felt 3 or 4 times. I started to bawl as I felt like I touched a piece of Father's love for her- a passion and intensity that I'd never even felt from Him toward me. The words coming out of my own mouth were wrecking me. By the time I reacher her door, I couldn't even contain the love. I'd felt a piece of what Father felt for His Rosemary Grace and it wasn't almost enough to destroy me.

It changed a lot of things. It changed the way I dared to talk to her, treat her, the level of grace I had for her. And, it made me love her so much more even. But, it also made me love God unbelievably more. I cared about Rosie deeply, and when I discovered how much He cared about her, and how He took better care of her then I ever could, my heart was joined deeper to His.

THIS is why God wanted a family- love mulitiplies in a family. I love Kim more for her love for Kris, and vice versa. It touches my dad's heart when I really express love to my mom...and speak highly of her. This is His intention...

The larger the community, the greater possible expression of love. Love multiplies.

There are those who I have very little relationship with, but the witness of their love for my loved ones has built a bridge already, and I look forward to crossing each of those someday. This is also the power of speaking highly of one another- of dwelling and speaking about that which is beautiful, lovely, pure, true, admirable (etc)--- it multiplies it.

I have never been a "Bigger is better" person (EVER), but this Sunday, I was...and am. I can make more room for people in my close circles, because I see that is the heart of God. Grow love....and love grows communities. If we aren't finding that with bible study, phew.

Everything I have said above is true of our Monday night bible study. Other's love for the Word of God has made me love them more. And the Word of God is living...its a person, Jesus is the Word, right? Its one of the most unique expressions I have seen of love and community- a somewhat random misfit group of us young people started coming to Braden & Joel's bible study. We weren't really close friends. But what we tasted from the begining, we wouldn't let go of, and we became a sort of community, building relationship on the basis of the word truly transforming us and our daily lives. Now, a year later, we are not 6, but 20-something. :/

So, you can see how this revelation of God's heart for a family has become real to me at the perfect moment. ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have four different blogs in my head, and I'm considering just writing them all out right now. Too many thoughts and ideas and revelations... not a bad problem to have.

First one that that came (I'm going to save the most exciting two for the end, so read through) was while I was washing dishes at sbux friday morning. I was looking forward to seeing my friend Meghan, just back from summer vacation at home in Cali, and my friend Aime, just back from her honeymoon in Mexico. I then started thinking about the chance of my sister Kim coming home for Christmas. I began to laugh as I looked at these 3 very close, very different friends. My range of close friends runs somewhere from 17 to 30ish...scratch that, 40's. I absolutely love spending time with a particular 4, 6, and 8 year-olds. When dancing with a 4-year-old is one of your favorite ways to spend a Friday night, and you'd prefer to spend Tuesday night with a good friend watching her daughter score in her highschool soccer match, you have to wonder a did I get like this?

Please don't take this as bragging...its merely me examining two things: What has caused me to be the way I am? And why was I created to be this way?

These two questions are closely connected to the process the Lord has had me in of growing confidence in His intention to fulfill my dreams.

The answer to why I have such a broad range of close friends I'm pretty sure has to do with my sisters. My sisters are 4 and 9 years older then me, and have been my best friends for a great many years. I wasn't always close with Kim. I have certain memories where Kim was the ideal amazing "older" sister, once when I was crying and very upset she sat and talked with me on the floor in my parents room, and I still remember her promising to take me for a ride in her "rabbit" some day (my favorite car at the time, because it was hers). I also remember her playing some hide and seek game with her earings in her room. I still clearly remember her teaching me how to make a bed properly, how to square the sheets in the corners. All these were before I was 5 years old, and I remember them. Once we moved to our new house (my kindergarten year), life took a lot of turns and I wasn't close with her until I reached high school.

Once again, life took more unexpected turns and I found myself spending more and more time with Kim, becoming best friends as we spend saturdays reading on her couch with a fire burning silently, or catching up on a season of some TV show... or eating her delicious baking projects... anything really. Maybe going to see some film together at the theatre, or playing basketball as she coached me and a bunch of my friends. Nine years came to mean very little, even while they meant a lot. She was older, wiser, and she was my ever-near friend, not judging or demeaning.

Our middle sister, Kristin, has always been my partner in crime, as well as interpretive dance. ;) She's the one who laughs at me no matter what I do, and pulls out the goofiest side that most of you don't even know exists....that will start conversations with strangers, maybe even bark at them, lay on the mall floor at christmas time, causing people to step over us, offer the woman at the macy's counter my library card as I snoutily inform her "charge it." She's 4 years older, but has never (okay, rarely!) made me feel like the obnoxious little sister. When she was a Junior and I just a seventh grader, she brought me along nearly everywhere. The older siblings I've seen do this genuinely I can count on one hand.

For this reason, when I was a Senior in high school, it seemed not so strange to bring the seventh graders along with me...not as a project, but as a friend. And I am so grateful today that this was put into me, because some of those "seventh graders" are the most incredible young women I know, and my good friends who I love to talk about life with. In Masters Commission and the years following, a girl 6 years or so older then me because my closest and dearest friend, walking through fire after fire together.

This was my final thought, I am so grateful that my parents had us girls 4 years apart, and even more grateful that they raised us to treasure one another as friends.

As for the why I am this way, I'm getting revelation...but I'll leave that to you to determine. :)

The revelation I had today that amazed me was this: our gifts really are for each other. During worship this morning I watched as Barco hopped off the stage to go dance, and Tong Pineda just as swiftly jumped up to the mike and began to sing in his place. I was stunned by how lovely this expression of praise and giftings was, and how the greater the complexity, due to the more people involved, the even more wondrous and lovely. See, I'd watched Tong clear more room for the dancers a few moments before, and considered also how his wife was involved in the training of the dancers...and the other dancers involved and their giftings, and the band. Its lovely, and complex, and so simple and pure at the same time. I hope some of this is making sense, sometimes a revelation is hard to really pass to another through words.

I've long considered my primary gifting to be "for others" as in, it's my heart to see the people around me become who they truly are, deeply, fully, freely. My calling is to call them into their callings. I want to do this through my words (spoken and written), my actions, my literal gifts to them, my glances, my hugs, even my clothing. We read recently in 1 Peter where it spoke about our giftings being for one another... and today I got it. It's not just my gifting that's for others, ALL of our giftings are for others, for one another.

And this led me to realize, "THIS is why God wanted a family." You see, it's beautiful to see a person functioning in their gifting, to watch Jordyn Cline dance is stunning. But to watch a group of people with different giftings, all interact is breathtaking. It's like listening to a piano, than an orchestra. (This comparison in worship this morning made me decide I AM going to listen to a live performance of an orchestra this year). The larger the community, the more beautiful and complex and overwhelmingly beautiful the expression is.

My final exciting remark is this, the Lord gave me a promise in worship today...
"I will write many stories through you, some with your pen, some with your words, and the greatest with your blood."

I gained one other noteworthy revelation today (also in was a very remarkable morning):
Adventure will find me.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One more thing about fall, it's the season where we reflect. Authors sit and pen, creativity stirring in their spirits like the wind in the autumn leaves. I've included a poem a friend passed along to me that I thought you all might enjoy. Let me know what you think, it's certainly sincere and strong.

My Love Waits

My love waits.
It waits for a time that is always coming, a time never here.
It waits for a heart that might not exist, this I fear.
For what evidence, what proof have I of love?
Only stories told by friends of hearts, roses, doves.
Is it for this my love waits?

My heart is locked up, but I don’t have the key
That could open it up, a liberation I long to feel and see.
How can such fire, such passion be kept inside?
My body feels the ache, the soul longs to confide.
But still, my love waits.

Beauty glides past, but oh such waste;
For of its sweetness I shall never feel, touch, taste.
A blessing to many, a song in the hearts of some,
Yet for me it is a faint, barely discernible hum.
In spite of all this, my love waits.

But feelings aside, longings stripped bare
The day I find her, the day I know she’s there.
I can say all I am is for her, none have taken love from me.
I have kept it safe, kept it secure, kept it free.
For the one, for her, my love waits.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The First Official Day of Fall

It is 90 degrees today in Seattle. Not what most think of when they hear fall, but September is truly one of the most beautiful months in Seattle, and definitely my favorite.

To follow-up my fall blog(s), I'd like to add a couple more reasons to love fall.

Last week I strolled downtown kirkland with one of my good friends, Theresa, and when the rain shower suddenly hit we ran to the car and headed to her house. There we lit a fire, cuddled up with blankets, and picked out an old film (Guys and Dolls). It was the perfect fall girls night.

This morning, I met Rose for coffee in downtown and we sipped cappuccinos and chatted about life, family and goals. September mornings, delightful.

Tonight, I get to spend with my dearest friend, Toni (aka, Rosemary). I'm planning to make her dinner, something special. We'll spend time just catching up and sharing our hearts and thoughts and recognizing all the changes that have happened in one another over the past year.

Perhaps I'll invite a few others over for a bonfire like last Tuesday night. After all, it is only the most beautiful month of the year in Seattle ;)

One thing I DO NOT like about fall: massive spiders moving indoors! :0

And one thing I will like about fall even more some day and look forward to... cuddling and reading with a special someone, cuddling and watching old movies with that special someone, cuddling and talking,... you get the idea. Fall is the best, especially for us cuddly-folk. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


My Masters Commission year we were so incredibly blessed to have Lou Engle come speak with us (and to meet up with him and his group at a Life Seige in Washington DC). His message took root in the heart of my class, and I've heard many classes since have been lucky to listen to it as well.

He encouraged us,

"Don't live your life for a safe story, live it for a good one... It is easier to go die facing giants than to live in the wilderness. Either you are willing to die for the dream that is in your heart or you will live a safe life."

"Pay close attention to your tears, for your tears point you to your destiny."

"Walk through the land of your dreams." (The quote above my bed, written of course on a picture of a door.)

The last few days I have been wanting to write down my dreams and passions more. I think it is what God is doing in me through Sunday's messages, Dreaming With God (the book by Bill Johnson I am reading), as well as life's circumstances and the previous cries of my heart. I'm discovering a new trust in the Lord that tells me that He wants to accomplish the dreams in me, He wants to work with me and through me...through my dreaming.

Sunday, Pastor Norm told us we need to lift our expectation. He spoke on significance. God's people all throughout history have struggled with a sense of a lack of significance, yet it has always been the heart of God to make them of multiplies significance. Think of Moses. Consider the spies Isreal sent into their promised land. Even for my own life, and my own promised land(s), I want to give the report of Caleb and Joshua... young men who found themselves and their peope to be significant, because they were the people of God!

My dreams may seem out of reach, but the Lord will accomplish His will, and I'm learning that His will is very closely tied to His people, and He desires to co-rule with us (right?). Well, one way He does this is to give us dreams as we seek Him...and then work through us and with us to accomplish them!

With all this new revelation mixing around in my spirit and my heart, and as I write right now, my mind, I can't help but desire to write out my dreams...set down my passions and crazy ideas, mark out what makes me come alive, what makes my spirit cry out, my passions unleash, my fury arise, and my tears fall.

Doesn't it sound like the Lord, that in a time when the vast majority feel more helpless and out of control of their lives, finances, the economy and government God would begin instilling a sense of significance and confidence in His people. A spirit that cries out from within, "Surely we can do this." If God is for us, who can be against us?

I've been wanting to read the Psalms like I haven't in years. And now, I'm wanting to be like David. I want to be honest, and I want to cry out from the heights and the depths to my God. I want to trust Him, though armies surround me (literally!). I want to not take for myself a crown, even if its been promised to me... but wait on the Lord to fulfill His promises to me.

Just a little spilling out onto all of you of whats bubbling up inside. Love you all, I am off to the porch swing to drink my coffee and read for a while...probably some Psalms :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I drove home last night with this strange desire to write a poem, so I made sure I brought in my journal. I was so tired though and knew I'd be up shortly so I sent myself to bed. Only, I couldn't sleep. My heart was too awake to really sleep. Now, part of this was likely due to the energy drink I consumed around 9:30 last night,...but part of it I think was just an awakening heart. Because after a restless night, I opened my eyes at 6am (a good 40 minutes before my alarm) and was longing after the God who's pouring out this rain... and now even more, I want to write a poem. I think I may be about to meet that Poet I heard of a few weeks ago. In other words, I think the Lord woke me up to reveal yet another side of Himself to me.

He's awakening a seeker's heart in me. He began putting this passion in me to seek out mysteries (in scripture, in prayer, in listening to him, in observing people and the creation around us), and He's been feeding that passion steadily by letting me find so many of the things I've sought, the most importantly, Him. I'm finding Him over and over, and it's always a new mystery discovered. He's a good God. He cares for me. He's a poet. He wants me to be part of the planning and unfolding of my life, and He hopes (intends) for the desires and dreams of my heart to lead me into co-ruling with Him, deciding things together. :0

PS, I love listening to this rain!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I slept in, had coffee on the porch swing with my dad, went for a walk with him, and now am going to do some work real quick and then go play with Tyson and Elsa. Today is a beautiful day. I'm learning to see new qualities of who the Lord is... I'm seeking out who He says He is.

He told me a couple weeks ago, He's a poet. I didn't quite see it then, but I'm beginning to. I've lived a long time expecting to surrender the things I love, seeing that as "trust." When a decision arose, it seemed that the harder one was probably the better one....but I'm starting to learn that isn't always true. Trusting the Lord means knowing Him, knowing His character in light of who He says He is. The Lord created a world that begins and ends each day with the most colorful, creative exhibits of beauty, sunrises and sunsets. He set stars in the sky, should we awake in the night and forget of His love for mystery and beauty and wonder. He made sound... whispers and yells, deep, strong, sweet, tender, alluring and alarming sounds. He says he's the God of wonders. In His word, He chose to center it with poetry and love songs. :/

He's not who I thought.. He's more. I like Him. hahaa.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This means the season of beloved birthdays is approaching. Courtney, Aime & Ashley's just passed. Todd, Ryan, Bryan among others are right around the corner. Those are followed by all the holdidays, and then my sister kris and my own's birthdays. Oh the many joys and reasons to celebrate the fall.

Braden called the fall a girl's season last night, something about his lack of enthusiasm for scarves and sweaters I think. I disagree, mainly since its my dad who passed his love of fall on to me, with long autumn strolls, crunching the crisp brown leaves on the trail, hot drinks keeping our own frosty fingers warm. The smell of the air, watching our breath as we talk about life, and soccer.

Fall means time to buy new pens (and other school supplies), reorganize your desk, throw out old clothes and neatly put away new ones. Fall is when families start to hunker in earlier, light fires, and drink hot chocolate. Fall is soup season!

Fall is when you get the warm thunderstorms! Rain falls on your car roof, and you decide to just sit in your driveway for a spell and listen. Fall is when you start new classes, and you are still eager enough to get all your homework done early.

I haven't even mentioned the truly "girly" parts of fall, as far as the beautiful autumn tones of clothes that come out, and the abundance of layers you get to splash together (or I splash together...I pity those of you who are limited by the little thing called "matching").

And when you add to all this, the tons of get-togethers, birthdays, and other opportunities to tell people how important they are in your life, and how dear they are to your could you not love this blessed season, known by the assonance-obssessed, as autumn?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You know what I think happens when you see the face of the Lion? When you see the face of the Lion, overwhelming terror renders you motionless, and vulnerable, and the LOVE of the lamb reaches around you and clothes your naked frame. You can't run, hide, or move. Every thing is shaken off of you, every fear is inferior to His glorious face, every lie is uncovered, every pain is raw and every wound opened. Things you've covered for years are shown- the hurt no longer hidden. And the Lion looks on you. And the Lamb moves from where He lays, beside the Lion. He comes to you, He gives of Himself to cover your nakedness. And the Lion roars. And nothing is ever the same.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Baking With Todd & Kati

Well, Todd (aka, "My twin") and I share quite an affection for all things baked. And since a few months back when we both discovered I can make some killer cupcakes, we've been talking about trying our hand at some red velvet cupcakes. For those of you who have never had red velvet, please stop reading, get up and locate the nearest cupcake shop. They will help you. I first had it a few summers ago in Tennessee, and I fell in love. One of Kim's coworkers makes some pretty darn good red velvet cake. When red velvet cupcakes showed up in Starbucks last February, it was trouble. I think I averaged one a day...they were really good. Then, our addiction got worse. We started frequenting cupcake shops and testing their red velvet (remember this Kaylee? lol).

Last night we decided to try. We located a recipe on "All Recipes" that looked doable for us and had a 4.5 rating (out of 5). It had a couple surprise ingredients... like white distilled vinegar. A suggestion below the recipe claimed that if we made a couple substitutes they'd be deliciously moist and less bland. We did, of course. To top them off I made the cream cheese frosting recipe my sister Kim passed along to me. Waiting for them to cool enough to frost felt like forever....but once we tasted them... we couldn't quite contain our excitement- they were good!! We had actually done it!!

We proceeded to worship as we ate our little bites of heaven...and then take many more pictures of us celebrating (of course).

We then went downstairs and watched as mom, dad and Kris bit into theirs. They liked them too, though their "ohhing and awwing and yumming" were more sarcastic I think then sincere....unlike Todd's and mine.

Friday, September 04, 2009

I love these photos, especially the bottom one. Another great find at Creature Comforts (thank you AGAIN Kim for uncovering its joys to me).

Tonight we are heading downtown to feed the hungry and then over to Alki for one last summer bonfire. September is here, my favorite month of them all :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Above is a (not so good) picture of the coat.

Funny story: yesterday, roughly 3 hours after blogging, I walked past an elderly man at Northgate Mall, or rather he walked past me. He had a cane and as I stepped aside for him to pass we both said hello. Then he said, "That is a very nice coat." And I said "Thank you, I love it." Then he proceeded to comment over what an excellent coat it was, and I told him, "Yes, its my favorite" as I stepped into Barnes & Noble with the hint of a laugh. :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's shameful. I know. But I'm blogging right now aren't I?

I was driving out on a back country road yesterday, at my favorite time of day. And as I glanced over at the side mirror I felt like raw beauty shone into me. I love driving away from the sun at dusk, looking into your mirror and seeing a golden sky illuminated behind dark rich trees. The world looks enchanted. The trouble is, I'd like to stare into that world, rather then watch the one I'm driving toward at 35 miles an hour. No, thta wasn't meant to be allegorical, but take it as you like (it).

That was my profound little moment yesterday.

This morning has been great already. I got to wake up at 5:30, which is my favorite time to wake up on a week day morning. It's the moment I feel the perfect balance between rested and disciplined. I discovered in MCs that 5:30 is my ideal alarm time...but with opening at starbucks over half the week, I rarely touch my bare feet to the floor at that hour.

After showering, another thing I don't often do first thing in the morning (don't judge me...its stupid to shower before working at sbux, and its nearly suicidal for me to crawl into a shower at 3:30am!), I put on my new carmel leather jacket.... my current favorite clothing item and one I wear unashamedly WAY to much as of late. The problem is, it goes with pretty much every single thing I own. Plus, it makes me feel inspired for autumn. Everyone should own a cool leather jacket, it will make you feel like an artist of some kind. ;) (THUS the blog; see you should thank the jacket next time you see it, and trust me, you WILL see it soon and often.)

I then got to drive Abby to the church, which was fun having a carpool buddy, and we listened to Buble (a fall favorite for me!). Next, I met Rose for an early morning cappuccino before work. She's pretty much one of the coolest women I know. Plus, what better way to begin your morning then dreaming about all the amazing European cities you'd like to visit, the professions you'd love to carry out, and catching up on life over a cap....let me answer my own question: not many.

Now, having caught up on emails and plotted out my day, I am sitting here in my caramel jacket, finally blogging and looking forward to the rest of today's fun activities.

Love you all, have a great day. And if you are considering buying a certain leather jacket, do it. ;)