Friday, December 08, 2006

I just got assigned a paper TODAY- can you believe it? Oh well, its not a real bad one, and it will actually give me extra credit. Its due Thursday, but I hope I can finish it before then- we'll see.

I think I have told you all this, but I officially start working at UIE on Monday! WOOHOO (or as Todd says, "woot! woot!" - I still don't really get that Kris, do you?). I have been so crazy swamped with homework I haven't bought any Christmas presents except Katherine's! Well tomorrow morning is my Italian final, which I will come home from to start my Engl. 202 FINAL and hopefully finish by Sunday night! Saturday, I am going to the Christmas play again because the Ruffs are bringing the kids to it, and then I am going to go babysit for them for the evening- that will actually be helpful because after I put the kids to bed I usually have a quiet house all to myself and it is pretty easy for me to really think and write there...that is assuming that Will can get to sleep. :) I have until Monday to get my Engl 202 final in by, but I have to work on monday, and I have an indoor game that evening which I would like to play in so I am hoping and praying I finish early by some divine help!

Alright, back to studying, love you all!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hope is an anchor...

Alright, next week is finals week for please all be praying!

Engl. 197 peer reviews due
Ital. 101 Quiz 4 (but verificas are really quizes, and quizes are really tests)
Ital 101 Workbook due


Ital 101 Oral Exam (!!! 1 of 2 biggest worries)
Engl 197 Essay #3 Conference

Engl. 202 Quiz

Engl 197 Essay #3 Portfolio and Final due

Ital 101 Final Exam

Engl 202 Final Exam due at midnight. (I have to be working on it at home all this week!) (Other biggest worry!)