Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to school.

I feel like summer break just flew by in a week and now I am back to school in the fall.'s March.

I'm on campus, sorting out my classes and meeting with advisors. I'm applying for different programs and prejecting what credits I still need to take. In the midst of that, I asked my advisor about an email I'd seen regarding credits for internships. And yes, come to find out- I can get up to 17 credits for my job! I am so incredibly excited! In fact, thinking about that...I suposse I could even drop this quarter! :/ Oh no wait, I couldn't. But what I can do is choose to put those credits 5 each quarter next year and I can take just two classes each quarter and still get the regular full time price. (Credits are cheaper if you stay within 13-18 credits/quarter). If I were not to do Honors English I could actually graduate early! But alas, I AM going to be doing it so Kris turn your car away from that bridge ;)

I'm happy to be home...except that I hate how cold it is. I am wearing a sweatshirt and coat and drinking hot drinks and had the heater on in the car! I miss being able to wear a tank top and be almost too hot!!! :) California, I will have to see you again soon.

Note Bene:
It appears it is time for my annual call up (specifically to my family who like to text me or call me to tell me they loved my blog---) LEAVE A COMMENT if you have something to say. Comments are the best part of blogging....those of you who blog already know this, and those of you who don't will just have to take my word for it.

Love you all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

We will be leaving Novato in a couple of hours and heading on to our "adventure stop"- tonight is the undecided night where we are not entirely sure where we will end up for the night. Tomorrow we will be going to Redding.

The sunshine is incredible here and it is so hard to leave!! Plus we have had a blast hanging with the guys the last few days- yesterday was INCREDIBLE! We got sandwiches and drinks and put them in a cooler. Then we took off for a beach a little over an hour away. Even Joel had never been there. It was a gorgeous drive- and when we reached the hilly coast the drive literally took my breath away! We felt like we were in Europe some place, with free range cattle wandering across the road and this road leading us up, over and around lush green hills with the cliffs and and ocean all around. Literally, unreal! We wanted to put in some Sigur Ros and pretend we were in Ireland or Iceland or someplace in Southern France perhaps. :)

The beach was super windy, otherwise warm and gorgeous! Soft sand, picnic lunch, it was fantastic. Then we decided to follow signs to a light house- that was the most spectacular part of the drive and the view we got from the top was unbelievable. The winds were so strong and there were no fences telling us "Caution: you will die if you fall." Apparently the folks in charge of this area think that the average dumb person can figure that out, and rightly so. We took some pics and decided that our parents probably wouldn't kill when we show them to them, since the danger is already past and we lived to tell about it.

After our adventure we came home (and I CRASHED) downstairs for about an hour. Sleep = delicious! Then we headed to Santa Rosa to meet up with Katherine Danford for In n' Out burgers (de-lish!) and coffee. We literally just wandered around this cute historic part of town for hours, moving from corner to corner until eventually finding this strange little gazebo to all sit at and chat.

Eventually we headed back and watched American Idol and the Office before decided the night was over. Well, over for most of the group. Court and I returned to our room (where Morgan had already passed into deep sleep), grabbed our blankets and snuck quietly upstairs to the upper porch. We sat and watched the stars for a while, talking and trying our best to be entirely quiet. We decided to head to bed only once we got another brilliant idea: sunrise! We grabbed my laptop and found the moment of sunrise for that day. Alarm set and we were out. 6:50, court wandered outside and I soon followed to watch an AMAZING sunrise!! Court grabbed a few great shots and I'll be sure to add them to this post once she gets them up.

After a morning of playing "PDQ", sitting in the sun with lattes and listening to Joel play a little guitar...the boys are off and we are packing up. Soon we will be on the road again.

Love you all and see you soon- hope you are finding moments to rest this week...and I really hope we are able to bring a little of this sunshine back with us to the rainy (yet beautiful) Seattle :)

PS, I finally wrote something new on my creative blog (link in the right upper corner of this blog).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is beautiful this morning, I woke up before the others, showered and headed out to the porch to read in the morning sunshine. T-shirt and shorts (and yes Kris- of course swimsuit!) Its warm and incredible, with a view of rolling green hills.

Funny thing is, I miss home more than any time yet this week-- and I am probably happier then any other moment thus far. There is something about sitting in the morning sunshine alone that undoes me. I have a suspicion that something in my heart will always long for home when I sit outside in the peaceful morning.

My home in one of the most beautiful places to be in the summer. Surrounded by blooming flowers and green shrubs, a running brook and quiet little cozy nooks every where. It sounds like a natural eden, but it has taken a lot of labor. My mom hands show it. :) I love the "Secret Garden" my mom has created with her love and hard work. And I love to be no place more then sitting on the porch swing in the morning while the neighborhood is still quiet. The kids just waking up and not yet out and about making mayhem, playing indians and hoola-hoop, shooting hoops and riding bikes. The birds are chirping and my heart is listening to every melody the morning plays me. I'm wrapped in a soft blanket and holding a cup of coffee.

That is why, even while I sit here so contently, warm and alive and in love (with Jesus, calm down)...My heart misses home a bit. And my mind is drawn to my mom, and the beauty and feeling of 'home' she creates.

(PS, happy 37th anniversary [yesterday] mom and dad!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm in cali for spring break having an incredible time!! We spent a night in Ashland, Oregon (which I LOVE, I can't say the same for morgs and court). Then we headed to Novato on Tuesday. Yesterday we all went to the coolest place for dinner- Old Chicago Pizza! Seriously, such a cool environment, I LOVED it. Brick walls and old carpet in the hallways full of doors. [side note: we are watching American Idol right now and I totally caught myself making my "tv-watching face"....I shut my mouth, and I believe no one saw it] After dinner we rented a couple movies. We watched some movie none of us had heard of (joel's brother recommended)...which ended up being one of the FUNNIEST movies ever (everything is so green here!").

Today was San Fran (TONS of pics to come!), and then pool (was supposed to be bowling but it was league night so plan B became pool). Now its American Idol (and court and I eat'n pints of ice cream, YES!).

Pretty much you all just need to know that it is GORGEOUS here, and I think Courtney Sones is one of the coolest chicks ever. :)

Love you all!

Oh, and I got my grades today- HALLELUJAH, Praise Him!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I should let you know....I am officially on spring break! I have celebrated by NAPPING yesterday and the day before, so delicious.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick. Studying. all day. library, from open til close.

Home, sweats on, "calm" tea in hand, studying still.

Then a knock on my bedroom door and mom walked in with this!

And then with this:

And lastly, with this:

And suddenly our evening went from this: (we are pointing to 'what school is doing to us- aging us too quickly!)

To this:

Friday, March 13, 2009

I should be asleep; I open tomorrow morning at Starbucks. Yet, my sleeping schedule is all messed up lately and I'm at that awful state of being sick where you WANT to sleep but are too restless to actually do it. I slept for several hour this afternoon again and then woke up restless. I went out to make a cup of tea (with honey!) and saw my mom, sister and cousins watching House (one of their favorites), I rarely watch tv, but tonight it felt right.

When I say "it felt right" I really mean more my position while watching tv. For those of you who more than know me, know my sister Kristin and our specific relationship, you will get a wonderful kick out of this scenario. Kris does NOT like to be touched or cudddled...she will at times, but only if she herself initiates. Touch is one of my love languages. (Come to find out, I am more like her than at first thought..but we wont go into the details of when I love versus loathe affection--- and it IS that extreme for me. We will leave it at this, I ALWAYS love affection from my sisters, and Kris does not always love it from me). So this evening, being frustrated about all the random things going wrong with me lately and still having no answers as to what the cause is, I wandered out and when my sister asked me "have you heard back about the test results yet?" I simply said no, and sat down on her. Like literally, I sat in her lap. I am bigger than Kristin by MOST measurements. My mom was rather in shock that Kris did not push me off, and she had to laugh at the image of the bigger, little sister sitting on the other.

Within moments, I cuddled in a little more and like an overgrown toddler I sat on Kris for the next hour. Somehow, it helped. lol. Her legs did eventually go numb and I had to move, but it was comforting (both in humor and affection) to just sit there (and of course she did play with my hair a bit).

Some of you may find that strange, others perhaps disturbing, and then there will be the third group of you who will laugh to yourselves at that ridiculous and ironic happening. I have to say, both my sisters become the BEST big sisters when I am sick... almost enough to make it un-miserable.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want to write. No more papers, no more analysis of this film or that book, or how this character typifies this cultural dynamic. I want to write something pure and revealed, something that more then excites: something that awakens and ignites (me and the reader!). I want it to be like fire pouring through me- into me; out of me.

I want that fire to go through my veins and my mind and burn through the chaff that's the residue of the past 3 years of assignments and mediocre writing. God, I want to be re-enlisted, re-assigned to the original assignment. I want the clarity and fluidity of my voice to come back, and to deepen.

I just read something James wrote on passion: raw passion versus refined passion. I'm not certain, but it seems to me passion becomes refined through being tested and tempered by trials. We have to take that raw passion and take risks, calculated risks. I want refined passion: passion that faces controversy and the frustrations of hopes delayed--- and keeps hoping. My passion may still be raw, but I won't let it burn out....and as the fire continues I know the coals will begin to burn fiercer and fiercer, until my passion is refined.

Lord, my hope is in you. I 'study to show myself approved,' but I know that unless you inspire my writing, my words will only be more verbal pollution in this world. Come and let your presence fill this place.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sitting: at my new favorite spot (upper floor of hub, hidden in the corner with a great view)

Drinking: extra hot white hot chocolate

Stocked: with an old favorite, berry skittles

Listening: to some old Fred Astaire at the moment (itunes on random)

Wearing: my new reading glasses (it's great actually, every time I go to look out that wonderful window I get a little woozy...they are like blinders, I have to keep my eyes focused on the paper or screen in front of me)

Ready: to put the evening away studying for this Poli Sci test!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I really like Australia, meaning the film.

I saw it in the summer with friends, 3 friends who definitely disliked it. In fact, I believe they laughed at me when they looked over and saw how into it I was. After several pleas to leave, I gave in. (In fact, I would have stayed, but we'd left their cars further away and all driven over in mine). The reasons for leaving...the plot does sincerely seem resolved before the 2 hour point...and then a new plot appears to begin at this point. We'd seen a 10-something showing, it was past midnight, and their expectations weren't being met. We had no idea how much longer this film was going...

However, I wanted terribly to see the final (20) minutes of it and later heard repeatedly how wonderful they were. Tonight, my family watched it. I cried. Not only did I cry, but I enjoyed the entire film more this time, noticing a great deal of small details and recognizing points the plot hadn't fully explored by the 2 hour point. THIS is why the 'second plot' is needed.

The final 20 minutes are worth the extra time, definitely.

I have to admit, I am already a fan of Baz Luhrmann. I grew up watching "Strictly Ballroom" and love his other films as well. I'd been looking forward to his "upcoming film" for close to a year. So when I sat in the theatre, I wasn't just thinking about the plot and the sometimes slightly cheesy feeling lines...I was relishing the shots that scanned out across the Australian outback, and the brilliant (almost quirky) scene changes. I was loving the colors and vibrant world we were put in. I even liked the character of Nalla as a story-teller (a point of criticism). I also LOVE the time period surrounding WW2. AND Nicole Kidman is a favorite.

So all that said, if you are willing to enjoy all the detail and beauty and wont be bothered by a longer film, that isn't entirely obsessed with entertaining you with on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama (though there are some exciting moments as well) should pick up the film.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I have been blogging for nearly four years now. As I've been waiting up for Kim and Dad to get home and I was unsure of what I wanted to write, I started reading through the early posts. I had several thoughts. First off, I started blogging much better then I do now. My first post sounded a good deal better then most of mine do today. Which makes me wonder if I really am becoming a WORSE writer at University...sometimes I think I am. Secondly, my early posts reference Italian at times...and I am very sad how quickly the language is slipping away from me. Third, it was really wonderful not working. My days were filled with home chores like cleaning and organizing my room and mowing the lawn. I spent time running errands with Kris and then reading at Starbucks and drinking tea. :) It was nice, I remember. I took naps like every day.

Next year I will be graduating. I have 4 quarters left of college; it is crazy how quickly it has gone by. I want to finish with the same level of vision and excitement that I came in with.

Have I mentioned grad school yet? ;)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A little fashion quickly found.

I came across this series on my way to hotmail. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hayden Panettiere as Amelia Earhart

Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter

Paula Patton as Billie Holiday

Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn

Monday, March 02, 2009

This morning I woke up at 4:30am, an hour before I'd even set my alarm for. I remember being very awake, and immediately thinking I was awake because God had woke me up and I could spend time with Him.

I didn't.

Now, I'm realizing today is a hard day, even a painful day. And as I'm thinking of leaving work early to go someplace and be with the Lord and process what He's brining up in my heart- I realized that this morning He wasn't waking me up just because I need to be "better" at spending time with Him in the mornings, but because He knew I'd need those tender moments with Him this morning. He knew I needed to exchange my weak strength, for His strength, and I needed, a hug.

Perhaps that sounds too elementary, and even selfish, but I don't doubt it in the least, and I am totally undone by how caring He is...funny that pastor Norm spoke yesterday about the imminance of God, and intimacy. He is a majestic God, who gathered the oceans and seas together. He is also a loving God, who woke me up an hour early today because He knew my heart was going to hurt today, and He wanted to hold me before the storm even came.
For those of you who comment on the mysterious "other job" I have. Here is a little piece of what I do:

Not going to lie, this press release (click here) was touched up a good deal by someone who actually plays PS3 and IS a gamer, which I am not. Anyways, I drafted and revised this press release on Wednesday. Today, I am working on a similar one for another application we've recently added to the iphon app store, the XBOX achievement guide.

As of last wednesday, I actually know what achievement-oriented games well as trophies. Yeah google, and yeah tech bloggers!! ;)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I can't stay up past 10 these days. In fact, I am lucky if I even make it TO 10. Lately, I can go to sleep easily at 6pm! Twenty-two, and I'm becoming an old lady....guess I am following the steps of Grandma Scribbles. Speaking of which, I get to see Kim in just a couple days!!!! Which is why I am going to end this blog early and go read homework till I fall asleep (probably 10 minutes max).