Thursday, April 02, 2015

This has been an unusual week with almost no evening commitments for John and me.  Tuesday, my soccer game was even cancelled and the closest to being social we have come is John smoking pipes with the guys next door. So Monday I went for a run and made dinner.  Tuesday, I was in sweats within minutes of arriving home and sat and read for probably an hour before John got home and we decided to check out the Italian place up the street (egh).  Wednesday, we had a couple by to look at our MIL apartment, we cleaned up our own place, ordered pizza, finished 30 Rock and stared at our big European map that arrived. Tonight, we're seeing the Seattle Symphony perform Chopin's Piano Concerty No. 2 (courtesy of my firm). Tomorrow we spring into a full-fledge social weekend, with dinners every night and then into busy, busy work weeks for the next couple weeks. So tonight, I'm relishing.  Just plain ol' relishing. :) Weeks like these are rare and perfect.  

I hope you're finding the unusual and perfect parts of your week too right now. If not, look for it. ;) 

Wednesday, April 01, 2015