Friday, December 08, 2006

I just got assigned a paper TODAY- can you believe it? Oh well, its not a real bad one, and it will actually give me extra credit. Its due Thursday, but I hope I can finish it before then- we'll see.

I think I have told you all this, but I officially start working at UIE on Monday! WOOHOO (or as Todd says, "woot! woot!" - I still don't really get that Kris, do you?). I have been so crazy swamped with homework I haven't bought any Christmas presents except Katherine's! Well tomorrow morning is my Italian final, which I will come home from to start my Engl. 202 FINAL and hopefully finish by Sunday night! Saturday, I am going to the Christmas play again because the Ruffs are bringing the kids to it, and then I am going to go babysit for them for the evening- that will actually be helpful because after I put the kids to bed I usually have a quiet house all to myself and it is pretty easy for me to really think and write there...that is assuming that Will can get to sleep. :) I have until Monday to get my Engl 202 final in by, but I have to work on monday, and I have an indoor game that evening which I would like to play in so I am hoping and praying I finish early by some divine help!

Alright, back to studying, love you all!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hope is an anchor...

Alright, next week is finals week for please all be praying!

Engl. 197 peer reviews due
Ital. 101 Quiz 4 (but verificas are really quizes, and quizes are really tests)
Ital 101 Workbook due


Ital 101 Oral Exam (!!! 1 of 2 biggest worries)
Engl 197 Essay #3 Conference

Engl. 202 Quiz

Engl 197 Essay #3 Portfolio and Final due

Ital 101 Final Exam

Engl 202 Final Exam due at midnight. (I have to be working on it at home all this week!) (Other biggest worry!)


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is mainly for Kim and Jason,

WE HAVE LOTS OF SNOW! It dumped yesterday and then froze- Kris got stuck about a mile from Barco and had to leave her car and walk to Barco's and it took dad a really long time to get home from everett. Meanwhile...I was home from classes by 1:30 and was safe and warm- until later when I went out and played in the snow for hours and hours! We had a snowball fight and played tackle football down at the school (always fun in deep snow), and then Rob and I went sleding after everyone else went in. UW didn't cancel classes at their Seattle campus (though they did at their Bothell and Tcaoma campus'! dangit) but I e-mailed my teacher and told her I couldn't make it in. So..a wonderful day at home in the snow, again. I'm hoping we decorate our tree today, we have had it sitting on the back porch for days now. HEY LOVE YOU ALL and I wish some of you atleast were here to play with me in the snow...Kris, we could have built a big igloo!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A funny story...

So last night I was being my OCD self and I was 'arguing' with Dad about this little basket that he keeps moving on the window seal. Every morning I wake up and go into the bathroom (mine and Kris' bathroom downstairs!) and the first thing I see is this brown basket, off centered, pushed awkwardly against the old glass coke bottle that hold a flower (a fresh one, not a fake one- thats important to me, lol). OKay, so keep in mind dad and I are in the bathroom at about 2:30am aruging back and forth about the placement of this small basket. Actually, we aren't quite arguing, I am actually begging him to let me atleast angle the basket the other way of he wont let me move it back to where it belongs on the other side of the window seal. He, eventually willing to TELL ME WHY it must be in that ridiculous, off-centered position, tells me to open the window- thus knocking over the basket, which falls and knocks over the glass candle holder on the floor and making quite a commotion. I pick it all up- part laughing at this whole event, but still truly frusterated (dad's favorite word, hehe). Suddenly, in the midst of me putting things back, and re-angling the basket Dad starts laughing and points at the toilet and says, "Look what you did!" "You dropped your shoes in the toilet!"

Well....I had been picking up the bathroom and cleaning (yes, don't all normal people clean their bathroom at 2:30 in the morning?) And I had grabbed Kris' tennis shoes off the floor to put in her room, when dad came in and pushed the basket in against the coke bottle. I still don't know when, or how, but somehow I dropped KRIS's shoes in the toilet in the midst of our "argument" (and by the term 'argument' I mean a persuasive discussion incorporating all the available means of persuasion). As Dad is laughing, I thrust my hand into the toilet (okay- admit it, you are all wondering about the manner of the toilet at this is flushed, and it had just been cleaned hours before) and grab out Kris's tennis shoes, explaning to dad (in a very panicked, loud tone) "They aren't mine- They are Kris's!" "Crap! Crap!" Dad begins lauging harder than I have heard him laugh in a while, knowing full well that his middle daughter is about to kill me! I began panicking, wondering what to do with them.

Dad said, "throw them in the bath tub. She'll think they got wet in there." But she'd still get mad at me- how did they get in the bath tub?! I went and 'rung' them out in the laundry room and set them on the floor. By now, Dad's filled mom in on the story and she is laughing with dad as I worry about where I can put the shoes to dry. katherine's on the stairs, "what happened?" I said- "Go to your room!" Mom and dad both still laughing, even harder. I set them on the floor in the back corner of the laundry room, hoping she wouldn't see them....and then this morning, I could help but tell her the whole funny story. She laughed, until she found out WHICH shoes. :(

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today, we had a big storm, and I put a fire in and lit a yummy candle and Kolleen and Katherine and I all bundled up by the fire and I read two chapters out of Tales of the Kingdom. Then after it all blew over I let them go play at their friend's house down the street and I took my bif down comforter off my bed and cuddled up on the couch. It wasn't for long, but I enjoyed it, and I called Kim. :) And I took a bath after I read to the girls. It was a pretty good day. There isn't a whole ton to write about these days, especially since I talk to you all either in person or by phone. I'm reading Mere Christianity (again), I like that book. It breaks life down to being simple again. And I am in Exodus, chapter 30. OKay. Well, I love you all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It is TURF TOE, sorry if I made yet another typographical error. And, I can now shed some more liight on the issue. So, my big toes on both feet were hurting really bad all week, but by yesterday they had started to feel considerably better, so I decided to sub in the indoor soccer game again last night. Part way into the game (past half time) my left big toe began to hurt really TERRIBLY bad when I put pressure on it in a particular way. I hopped out of the game and took off my shoe to check it, beginning to consider if I should even get my toe x-rayed. Well. I have had this deep red toe nail polish on all week, and it had started to get rubbed off a little last night in the game, so I was able to see the bottom of the nail (toward the joint of the toe)- and yes- I was very suprised to see that it was all a deep blue. I sat out a couple minutes and then finished out the game. When I got home I took off the polish on both feet, and found that both of my big toes are all bruised under the nail. The left foot is really terrible, and now everyone has me scared I am going to lose the nail- grose, i know! :( My feet hurt even worse then last week- it honestly hurts to walk because putting pressure on them hurts- and shoes hurt really bad. Well- I thought I should share this important development with you all. I am not sure this is even classified as 'turf toe' but if so, this is one of the worst cases!!! I hvae never seen this happen to my feet, at least not this bad. I don't know if its from my shoes, or if from one of the guys when they stepped on my feet in the game- who knows. :( OKay, glad I've shared, lol.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am doing a poor job of keeping my blog updated. Our computer has become much slower- or our internet has actually. So, I don't often have the patience to wait for it all to load. Plus I write so much lately that after I finish doing my homework, I don't necessarily feel like writing in my blog. But I know I ought to. PLus, life is largely the same ol'- same ol'.

Well- I found out I am doing good in college- in at least 2 out of 3 classes. I had a midterm in Italian on Friday and I am very nervous to get it back. I hope I did well! I like learning what I am, I enjoy it alot!

Mom, Kris, the girls (Katherine and Kolleen), me, Todd, and our neighbor Paul all went rollerskating last night. It was a very random group- but it was the most fun I have had rollerskating! I laughed so hard! (but don't worry- I didn't pee my pants.) Then I came home and read the new Nicholas Sparks book until a quarter to three- I finished it in bairly over 2 days! I still don't know how I feel about it. I loved it and hated it and kind of just feel- I don't know :/ Anyways...I am sure Kim will comment more on it as she reads it. Now tonight I have my homework to finish, but mom is on the phone behind me and the tv is on so I am waiting for all that to be gone and then I will finish my homework (all I have left is what I need to do on the computer).

There were a lot more fun things yesterday too- I should start from the beginning. I got up REALLY late and went and jumped i Kris' bed- where I joined myself to her plans for the day, lol. I didn't think we would actually end up getting to spend the day together again- but I am very glad we did! We were gonna go get some coffee to start the day, but when we realized that day was home, and up we decided we wanted him to come with since we don't see him much these days. So, with mom's approval, the three of us headed out for coffee (which became coffee and quiche). It was a good time and we talked for hours. I really enjoyed it!

Then, we came home and I quickly retreated to my room to get back to my book, but Kris came in and teased me and we ended up going to a movie. We called Todd, who happened to be heading to a movie with his cousin so we met at Woodinville and all saw Catch A Fire. (Thats how Todd ended up being part of the rollerskating). After the movie we sat outside for a while and talked- then Kris and I headed home. We picked up mom, the girls, and our neighbor Paul (lol) and went to the rink. It was a blast- and mom has still got some stuff! I have never seen her skate I think, until last night. It was a good time- if I haven't already made that clear.

I played in an indoor game last monday with a bunch of people from church- it was fun- even though we got spanked! I have never lost by so much in my life! truly! I also got really bad trug toe I think- like REALLY bad. It's wiers. Its been almost a week and my big toes on each foot are still sore, primarily near the nail.

UGH- I want to do my homework. I can't wait to get a lap top. Hopefully I will get it sometime this week! I'm supossed to call Chris this week about getting set up to start working for him. YEAH! OKAy, I hope this was enough to fill you all in...and not too random and confusing, lol! LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

So...I am updating my blog.

I am on the phone and watching Raising Helen and attempting to write simultaneously. I'm not promising this will make sense.

I slept in really late today and then went to run an errand with Kris and then we went and sat at Starbucks and drank tea. She read Frankenstein out loud to me. I like being read too, lol. However, it probably isn't the best because I can't make comments in the text. I am really liking this book- and hating it at the same time. Its crazy how well Mary Shelley writes it with people telling stories inside of other people telling stories inside of other people telling stories. But the story itself is really sad. really sad. OOOh- speaking of good books I am excited for the new Nicholas Sparks book!!! Woohoo! Although his last couple ones haven't been all that great to me.

Sorry my blogs are so short lately. I am enjoying school, but its been a lot of work. I start working the week after next I think. And in the mean time I am going to do my best to do some temp work in Bellevue. Arivederci. LOVE YOU ALL!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I had my second Italian quiz today...and I want to cry. I got an A on my first one (bairly), and I'm thinking maybe a C on this one. Infact, I'd almost rejoice over a C! I missed my bus yesterday, so I missed my class yesterday, so I missed the review yesterday! Yep. So, although I worked (and have been working) really hard on learning it all...I never guessed that there would be a bunch of geography on there! Yep! We did something in class the day before yesterday where we talked a bunch about Italy and its geography so I should have known it might be on the quiz. All that to say: yes, me. crying. OKay, not on to the rest of my homework. I have about an hour of being home alone left and I really need to take advantage of it! Love ya.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I want to shoot myself in the stomach...AAAWH!
Thought I would just share that, lol.

So apparantly there are some readers who feel that I am random, that I write like I talk, that I talk random. Hmm. Thats interesting to note. (Uhum, Jason...and Kim). Sorry, something in my throat. Well, I will try to keep that in mind as I journey through my past few days for you. Because of this new concern, I will infact use the best ordering format I know-I will number my specific thoughts for you so as not to tire anyone as we transfer from one to next.

1.) I am in major pain right now, I left class early.
2.) I have my first midterm. It is a take home test which I received last Friday and will be due this Friday. I should work on it some more. I have already done a portion of it, and I have yet to write 3 seperate 1-page essays on 3 of the 6 specific texts.
3.) I am also in process of writing my first paper. The rough draft was turned in last friday and the final will be due next monday. I am writing about Plato's opinion of poetry not being an art and why he believed it should not be looked to for wisdom. I like writing, but it was a lot harder to get into then I had expected- mainly because it has been so long since I have written that type of a paper/ essay. Oh, I better be careful not to run on too long about this, huh Jason? Ooops, sorry- my hand slipped on the keyboard- random chance that it happened to type that name.
4.) I also took my first Italian quiz, which I studied really hard for. I got a 91.5% I was happy. I AM happy.
5.) I want to study in Italy this spring, or next spring. I think it would be incredible and the UW has a program which I can earn my 15 credits this spring quarter in Rome!!!!
6.) I need to e-mail Chris Ruff because I am going to start working at UIEvolution again.
7.) I am doing that was a bit random huh? Kim, Jase, you two okay? You still following? Alright.

Just having some fun ;)


<3 Katrina Hope

Thursday, October 12, 2006

So here is my post-

WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT, SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE END!!! (mom, dad, and sometimes kris) you are driving me MAD!

(see ^ its easy, and it lets people know who the heck is talking)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ciao! Mi chiamo Katrina. Sono di Seattle. Sto benissimo!

Okay, so its not mind blowing, but it hasn't yet been a week, lol. Just you wait, I will be your little Italiano Bella! hehe.

I really should actually get to my homework. Whoever said that MCs improves your study skills, was wrong. I am way worse now at getting my homework done than I EVER was!

I dyed my hair, its dark brown now. Its not much darker than my real color in winter, it just looks kind of extreme because it covered the highlights I had. I'll try to get a picture up so you can see.

I have home group tonight, I am going to Dustin and Misty's homegroup, and I am house sitting for the Ruffs for this week and I need to make sure I atleast stop by there on my way to homegroup. This is why I must go and do my homework! LOVE YOU!

Alla prossima!
(until next time)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So, I have my final schedule. I am taking the two english classes- the requirements for declaring your major in English. And now I am officially taking Italian- yeeehaa! I am very excited. I thought I would just keep you all posted on that. I have a nice schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have all 3 classes and I'm there from 9:30-12:20. not bad at all. And Tuesday I only have Italian, 11:30-12:20. Thursday I have Italian and a quiz Section for one of my english classes so I am there from 11:30-1:20. Yep, I know. Thats pretty much the coolest schedule ever if you ask me, plus I am spending my days studying literature, writing, and the Italian language..."If this is torture, chain me to tha wall" (I know atleast Kris just got that quote!) However, I am finding its really not a walk in the daisies by any means- and by that I don't just mean it is challenging intellectualy (which it is), I am just suprised by how outright vicious one of my professors is to Christianity. I knew to expect it, I am in one of the most liberal colleges of an incredibly liberal university, but I expected it to be a little more masked. I actually teared up in class yesterday. First I was just furious with my professor (he was lecturing and we could respond in any way really to anything he said...he just sat there and blasphemed God infront of a captive audience, and completely disrespected Christians and accused believers as being mindless dummies who just 'do what they're told.') But then I started to feel really sorry for him and I started crying when I realized he is going to be held responsible for what he is saying, and who he may be leading away right now. He called God a "moral imbasol." So yeah, I was suprised by how deeply it struck me and drained me to just sit and listen to that lecture. I was soooooo incredibly torn apart inside, not because I was doubting anything I believe. I could tell several points where he was twisting the book of Job, what he was using as his base according to literature, and even where he was saying point blank lies about the book. Ugh. It was frusterating as hell- you all know how I can get fired up and be so freakign stubborn, and also how sad it can make me to know how deep someone's pain is going to be. After the class it keeps plaguing me how the Lord's heart must be breaking for this man. Man. Well, we started the very begining of my college career considering 'justice' in reference to the Greek gods with Odysseus in the Odyssey, and God with Job in the book of Job. I don't know but I walked into my discussion group that morning with quite a bit of confidence knowing that I stood as an 'expert' on those two books when compared to my class and that I could discuss it with anyone of them in that room. I was incredibly grateful for CCA, and for the Lord's faithfulness that He would prepare me the way He did and place me right into that specific situation. I was praying through my whole discussion time these past couple days. It comes in pretty handy to actually know the author of the book, it helps give you an inside view of the deeper meaning and purpose of whats written. I actually had a huge realization in that class about the book of Job, a book that has always puzzled me. You can ask me if you want to hear it, I am pretty excted about it, it may not be 100% right, but it was a cool new perspective to me. I LOVE YOU ALL and I should go do a little homework and get ready, I am heading over to the Ruffs in about a half an hour. Oh, it looks like I will be starting to work at UIE again, under Chris in the marketing department. :) I am TIRED. (Oh, I am listening to some lovely music by the way right now-thought I'd share that.)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First Day of College!!!

I am going to attempt a brief update because I had the fancy to reorganize my desk and I am in the middle of that other words there is junk all over my bed and floor right now!

So, today was my first day of classes at the U. Yep. And also my last day, of those classes. In between some of my classes I went in and talked with an undergraduate advisor, and she was so incredibly helpful! You see after my composition: literature class I was pretty frusterated and confused. The entire class looked like an elematary Rhetoric class, the objective was learning to write a persuasive paper....a review in which he assumed we knew nothing of. I knew I could just take the class and get, not an 'easy A' (there were a ton of papers to write!), but an A. Or I could choose to not be irritated the entire quarter and instead go learn something new. I know at least one of you is going to call me a snot for saying that, but it was true and after one class I was wondering if I should really be spending my time in that class. And Drama? Yeah. When I told her a little bit and that I wanted to be an English major she told me those weren't classes I needed to be taking, or really even should be. I told her what I had heard about Engl. 197, and 202 and she told me that indeed they are the prerequisites for declaring your major in English, and also that the 197 would fulfil the same requirement as my Engl. 111 class- so I didn't need to be in that! We got online and lo and behold---- Engl. 197 and 202 were open! YIPEE!!! (I had been checking almost daily this past week.) Someone had dropped them. So, we dropped my fig and my math class (it was at the same time as my new english she told me I really didn't need to be in a business math class). So!!! I now have a new schedule...a better schedule....with better classes...and I am sooo excited! The advisor that worked with me was sooo sweet and helpful, and she spent a lot of time with me, explaining and looking things up, even making phone calls. I loved that she took TIME and didn't seem rushed at all, even though there were lots of others. She was so helpful, and at the end she gave me her card and told me to come back if I like next quarter about registering..I am definitely going to go back to her.

My first day was good. The bus was relatively easy, okay REALLY easy, and the people on it were for the most part all relatively normal. Most were students or heading to UVillage.

I also picked up this one other class, we'll see about it. Its about Environmental Studies, lol. Oh well, I decided it would be fun to do something new and it fills requirements I need, and fits well into my schedule. ;)

So....thats about it. Oh..thats wonderful, when I started this I had a terrible headache, but its almost gone!

Love you all, books and books full. (hehe.)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I have been accused of neglecting my blog. I suposse it is true. Well, here is life as best as I can in words. I begin classes at the U on Wednesday, tomorrow I have the big job ahead of me of filling out my FAFSA and going down to Shmitz to talk to someone in the financial section to figure out student loans. yep. Next year I want to get more aware of scholarship opportunities. I also need to buy my books, ugh. Oh, my schedule. Well, as of now I am taking Composition- Literature, Algebra w/ Applications (business math i think?), and Introduction to Theater, as well as a community life class (for 2 genereal ed. credits). I might drop all of those but the math and pic up two other english classes if I can get in (right now they are full), because they are required to declare my major in english. I am still debating if I want to do that anyways yet, I might wait till next quarter and hopefully they will be offered. Also, next quarter I want to start taking Italian. You are required to take a foreign language for a year at the U. Youc an test out of it and Latin is considered as a foreign language so I could take it, or try to study up and test out of it. I might do that, but I doubt it because I haven't taken it for 2 years already, by then it will be nearing 3 years! We'll see though. Plus, I really would like to take Italian...but I guess if I could save myself the time and money it would be worth testing out of, or atleast taking a shot at it. By the way, I found out the book we went through in high school is a college course for Latin, Patrick Henry University actually uses that very one. Hehe, glad they told me now. In high school they told us how the Michigan classical school does it in 8th grade- boy did I feel dumb. :)

What else? Oh, I started taking SLT (Strategic Life Training). I am excited. We had the Intensive last week, and that was A LOT of teaching! It shouldn't be too time consuming, and I really like having that pouring into me with all of the other things that will be poured into me at the U. I'm sure some continual biblical thought and reminders that I need to love people will be good for me. :)

It sure has been crazy jumping right out of MCS and into a completely new life..nothing like high school. I'm still trying to find a good afternoon job, I had a couple interviews but it was pretty much impossible until I knew what my class schedule would look like, which wasn't until the 20th!
Guess what else. I am going to start taking the bus to commute to the U. Last week driving back and forth for 3 days was all I needed to convince me. But I am still pretty freaked out, I have taken a bus like once before..and NEVER alone! I am totally freaked out that i will fall asleep (because I can really easily) on my way in early one morning and wake up in like Issaquah! LOL> YIKES!

Well, there is a quick, or not so quick, glance into life right now. I love you all alot! ALOT, ALOT! You can all be praying for me to find the perfect part time job, and for me to find my books, and my classrooms, lol. I am super nervous for school. 300 is about 290 more students than I am used to sharing a class with! I know its all in God's hands, and I am doing my best to just be at peace, and rest in Him. I am definitely in a very exciting, and stretching time right now. I am so grateful for you in my life and the blessing that you are to me! Love you! (pray for me, please!) Love you, kati

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I had been waiting for a request to write a new emtry. :) I couldn't update the last few days at my house parents because the computer was having problems. And since then it seems kinda silly to write since everyone at home see's me all the time now, and I have talked to kim about every day, at least once.

Yes, I am now an MC graduate. ;) I have a ring. I am almost all unpacked, and we have been fixing a few things that have long needed to be fixed- for instance the window and blinds in the down stairs room. Also, we are working on making the bathroom fit Kris and I and look nice. I cleaned today- the bathroom and my bedroom. I also had coffee with dad for a little bit at 3rd Place Books, and went shopping with mom for the things for my room and for Kim's BBQ (plates, napkins, and cups- I picked green.) I watched a movie with the girls, and now I am in my pajamas checking my e-mail and blog before bed.

Tomorrow is the girls first day of school. I am going to make them pancakes. Mom, dad and I are going to Maltby :) hehe. Them I am hoping to mow the lawn and update my resigme. Also, we should be able to pick the window up and put it back. Then I get to pick Kim and Jason up at the airport tomorrow night!!! YIPEE!

Oh dear, I just was eating a brownie and ice cream and I feel grose. I need to work my appetite back up- I don't like food much right now. I also need to start exercising again! Hmm, what else? Oh, I saw Pirates II, and I was not a fan :( I didn laugh prety hard at a few parts though, but overall I was bugged by the was no way near as good as the first, and I am hoping the 3rd redeems itself. Well...I am off to bed here pretty soon. Love you!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So..I just signed covenant! I am so excited right now. It was such a wonderful day and night. I have been scared all year to sign covenant. BUT as Pastor Kevin read it out loud to us in the park, my eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with peace. That is who I am, who I want to be, and the legacy I want to leave. I have looked at it with the fear of whether or not I can hold up to it, but today that perspective completely changed. I am excited, not scared. I am grateful to have something to stand on for who I want to be already. Its not about the covenant(you know what I mean), the covenant is a tool for me to be who I am. I am so excited for you guys all to see my covenant on the wall along with Kim's and Kris's. The last Kelly girl. :) I love my covenant, it is true and simple. I love you all!

Kim comes in 8 days!!!! I am soooo excited!!! I am so crazy to see you two! As it gets closer and closer I almost can't handle it...if it weren't for all the awesome things I am in the midst of right now I would go crazy! I LOVE YOU ALL!

All my love,
Katrina Hope

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family Camp is over. Kim, you are right..nothing compares with that year at camp..though it wasn't last year- it was actually two years ago already. Family Camp was pretty fun, but very tiring for some reason. In Champions today we had a massive water balloon fight with all the kids, and I think that was a highlight of camp for me. Each team had two captains, and I was a co-captain for one. I think us MCs (there were like 7 of us involved in the water balloon fight) ended up way wetter than any of the kids. The guys had filled up regular sized balloons with water which they used..and we ended up breaking those on each other and dumping huge buckets on one another. The first like 3 minutes was Capture the Flag...then it just became hit the other team..than it morphed into...hit SOMEONE. It was really fun, and I was soaking litterally from head to toe after Tyson and Ryan had both dumped several buckets over my head...but don't worry Morgan and I (the two girls) held strong and definitely dished it out...Ty, Ry, and Ricky especially all walked off soaking too, as well as Bry and Aaron. It was a blast! One week today! I am going to pack up a bunch tomorrow...probably all that I can. I LOVE YOU ALL! I can't wait to see you Kim and Jason...I miss you both soooo much! Kim, no Trace Atkins...I think you forgot something important you invited several people to on the 31st! lol??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yesterday was a full, but it had its own challenges and was draining. Today we finished up writing our covenant. Tonight it is going through its final grammar revision. We already have the format pretty finalized too. I am excited about how it has come out and I am waiting to see what Pastor Kevin says about it. He will get his first look at it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of Family Camp! I am staying with Aime at the Morrils...I think we are gonna sleep in the back of her Xterra. :) Yeahhhh, Family Camp! Bon fires, lots of late talks, stories, and laughs (wait..11 o'clock curfew??), swimming, soccer, cards, nerds. Oh, I am sooooo excited! Yep. Our dance I am in is really fun and long, we will be doing it Sunday morning. There is also a really cool one that the guys are gonna do that has like dancing, rythm, and 'acting'- I don't know much about it, but Todd, Ry, Evan, Rob, and Bryan are all in it and they say its the coolest thing we've done. I think it will be pretty fun to see.

I have 12 days till graduation!!! 5 of which are Family Camp! CRAZY!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I have been sleeping so much lately, and I am still SOOO tired. Ty said its because I'm probably really emotionally drained. Yesterday we worked on our covenant writing as a class from 3 till about 8:30 pm!!! Yep! Drain. But still awesome. We are pretty much to our final draft, at least as far as content. Today I cme home and took a nap for a couple hours, and I have been getting to bed by 10 each night, 9:30 even one night. Friday night I slept for about 11 hours! Anyways, theres that and I am fighting a pretty nasty cold..and I am pretty certain something else, but it could just be the result of nerves from all that is going on. I love you all!

Friday, August 11, 2006

I wish I had some new pics to post. Hmm, maybe I'll ask Todd or Riss to send me some pics. I know Riss and I took some funny ones today.

Well, we are well into writing our covenant and it is definitely tough, but I am so loving how it is turning out. I have a total peace about it and I know that the Lord is so helping us. Aunt DeeAnn encouraged us to be 'simple and true' rather than trying to be all idealistic and poetic. I think ours is coming out that way. We are seeking for it to be very real, matter of fact, and true to our hearts. I think it also sounds pretty beautiful. :) Simplicity is beauty to me. Tomorrow we will be working on it again, and by the end of our time together we will hopefully have our mostly final draft so all we have left for Tuesday is the visual and structural to decide.

Morgan came up with a pretty cool idea for our class pictures today on the ride home. I think she is going to pose it to the class, and I really hope they adopt the plan. Also, they are working on our graduation dance and we'll learn that when we get back from Family Camp.

We are learning a dance for family camp right now, its really fun and exciting. I actually start the I hope you all are there ;) lol. I am actually kinda freaked out about it, but I am also excited because its a chance to finish strong since I started out the year so freaked out about dancing in front of people and hating being in the front....well now I litterally invite all the people on the stage to come dance with me. Its a cool dance too!

Well...I am really tired and hope I get to go to bed early tonight, but we will see. We should be having dinner soon. I love you all....

...and I especially appreciate what you wrote dad! I was waiting to hear from you guys.

ALL MY LOVE, Katrina Hope

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Well, not that I really have super exciting things to write about, but I am at home alone and I feel like writing. So, rather than writing to myself like I normally would, I decided to let you all in on this. I have been crying. Not right now, but the past couple days I have had no defenses and things have been pricking my heart, like they used to. I haven't cried much this year...well I have, but at the same time I have felt pretty "tough" since I haven't cried nearly as much as I would have thought. In fact, I don't really like that. I hate people seeing me cry, and I am always around people..i think thats why. But, even still, I don't like feeling hard and insensitive. Most times this year I have been wanting so badly to cry and on the inside I am breaking apart, but on the outside there is nothing. It was so frusterating to me. I think maybe the shift came that night in Boston. It hasn't been bad tears the past couple days, I have just been really moved by things and really sensitive to what the Lord has been speaking to me. This is a pretty crazy time right now, and a lot is going on inside and out of me- not to mention all around me. I love you all a lot, and I miss you guys tons! Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the UW Undergraduate Admissions Office and begin doing what I need to, to register for my classes!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hey...I'm BAAACK. ;) Wow....yep, Kim's right, that was pretty much heaven for me. Most likely my favorite week all year. It was also one of the hardest though. There were a couple girls in particular who my heart just broke for and its so hard to pour into them and let them so into your heart and then just say goodbye. There were two girls in particular, Hannah who was in my cabin but went home like the second day because she was too homesick (and she was supossed to come back for each day, but only came back once) and then a little 8-year-old girl named Lillie who I got to lead to the Lord. Both opened up to me a bit about their families and my heart broke. Hannah was pretty inpenetrable..or so it appeared, but there were a couple things that showed me that she really was letting me in. Before Hannah's mom came to pick her up, I got to pray with her to receive the Lord into her life. Her parents are going through legal things and she can't really talk to her dad, and its just really rough. There are other things I am pretty sure about her too that she never told me, but I pieced together. I just so wanted her to know how much the Lord loved her. And then little Lillie, who wasn't in my cabin but raised her hand in one of the evening meetings to receive Jesus and I got to pray with her and her little friend Kennedy. BOTH ADORABLE. Well, Lillie also told me about her family and how her dad is remarried and lives in Montana and just her different thoughts and feelings about it. Oh, that girl. Then, I got to pray for her last night and after a bit I opened up my eyes and just looked her straight in the eyes as I was praying for her and speaking identity into her, and I began crying and I told her it was a good reason I was crying because I was so glad I got to pray with her to receive Jesus into her heart and tell her how much he treasures her, and told her how God sees her as His daughter, and how he wants to to talk to her and listen to her and will never miss a game. Ahh, man. Thats why it was tough too. My heart is so broken for those girls. In worship at Chapel last night I couldn't help but cry and Kate walked up to me and asked me why I was crying and I said it was okay. I held myself together mostly during worship (just a few quiet tears) but as soon as it was done and i knew i could sneak out- I got out of the chapel and went behind one of the cabin and cried so hard, it really hurt. My heart was so breaking for Hannah, and Lillie, and Kate and Kolleen, and all the other girls like them that I've known. And part of me wanted to ask the Lord to take away that burden that He gave me for young girls who are so hurt, because I sometimes doubt how my heart breaking for them can help to change anything in their life. I don't know what I can really do for them, especially in just one week. I have had this burden growing in me, probably forever. And on several occasions it has built up to a painful sobbing, where I release it just enough to bear it and then I can't cry any more and it wont go completely away. I have seen it with kate and kolleen, and with Jeannie, and with others. I told the McCuens last week when I met with them that I know I am called somehow to help young girls who have been hurt and broken, though I don't really understand how or when. Lou Engle came and spoke with us back in January and I will always remember one thing he told us, "Tears lead you to your destiny." I know I found some pieces of my destiny last night.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

There isn't much to write since I am at home....but, I graduate in about a month (4 weeks and 4 days). Soccer camp is next week....then we write covenant...then family camp....the graduation week! Crazy!!! Love you!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kimmy, Kimmy. Yes, you are a bit out of the loop. lol. Crossfire, my old team has a tournament next weekend, and I am all signed up for the summer stuff so that I can play in any of the summer tournaments or games that I can make. Next week (today) the Wessels will be out of town until I get back from soccer camp, which leaves we for a week to stay somewhere else. I was supossed to be staying with the Mayes, but I asked Pastor Sean if it would be alright if I went home for the week and he said he didn't see a problem with that, and sent me to Ross Baker who is in charge of housing- Ross called the Mayes and got it okayed for me to stay at home this I don't know where I am sleeping, but I will be going home TODAY and staying until soccer camp! Thats one week, plus one night! I am very excited.

And about us being spoiled- we worked a lot while we were there, especially Registration, we were the first ones there and the last to leave. We worked 14.5 hours, 13 hour, and 11.75 hours days..yesterday, Todd worked Reg all day (6am-1:30pm, and then tsg strike till 9pm!) Whats kinda sad (for everyone else) was that about 15 of us got lucky and didn't get put on strike, and we got off at about 3:30pm yesterday...and pastor sean got us tickets to Universal Studios for the Microsoft party!!!! It was really fun, and we had been told everyone else from kirkland would be able to go too after they got off, but because they got off too late they didn't get to, and I felt REALLY bad. :( Kim, you have to remember that we do tsg set up and strike now (take down all the computers and held pack everything up to be shipped!) so we have usually a couple days before the conference starts and those days we don't work as late....we were the only group here for the first 3 days (for set up), and then the conference was so huge we had 250 MCs working it under Mrs. Mitchell! It was pretty crazy! Reg was pretty great, boring, but great. I read a lot,,,actually Todd caught up to me in my book and read out kept us both awake, I have like 20 pages left and then I will be finished with it! Mara joined us yesterday too (she had just read the book so didn't mind coming in late). Her and Todd took turns reading it out loud...I LOVE being read to, and they both are drama people so they read really expressively! It was hard to stay awake sometimes though.

Last night at Universal Studios we went on this short roller coaster called "The Mumy" and I ended up closing my eyes through the whole thing because I was expecting it to be really scary (like the Mummy haunted house you took me through dad at LA Universal and I cried...yeah, still scarred). It ended up being a really short ride though and it wasn't that I love the roller coaster aspect, but I thought that the stuff you see (its all inside in the dark..its kinda liek Indiana Jones, but grosser!) would freak me out. When we got off we found they take pictures and it was really funny, because I am clinging to Connie's arm with my eyes closed,,,,it was pretty great. lol. It was fun. And Jaws is much better in the dark by the way cus you can't see the shark in the water, and you can't see it as clearly when it comes out at you so it looks more its dark and you are in this little boat in the dark..thats freaky in and of itself. Jewel was performing last night too. Hmm, I think I am gonna go swim now..I am mostly packed up and we have to check out at noon, so I want to get a little swim in first. I love you all!!!

Mom and Dad, and Kris..I will try to call, but hopefully one of you get this today...I need to be picked up at the church if at all possible tonight around probably 10:30pm or so- I'll call you before we get on the plane, and then also when we land. I am really excited to be home for a week!

ALL my love!
Kati Lady

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I love reading your comments :) They make me smile, and tear a little. I just woke up from a nap and everyone is either in, or just getting out of the pool. Tonight is the first night I think that I haven't gone in the pool. Thats the great thing about travelling with crazy kids like myself- I never have to swim alone, lol. First thing Morgan and I did when we checked into our Orlando hotel (the Peabody..look it up, its incredible!!!) was strip, put on our swim suits and run to the pool- i aint kidding..she jumped in the closet and i jumped in the shower to change because we didn't want to wait for jess to WALK our of the bathroom. Then we RAN down to the pool and jumped in, it was at least 10 minutes before the firsts were able to come down to swim with us. LOL. Its been great. In the evenings here we gather (those who want to) at the pool and Jeff Mitchell reads a bit from the bible, we might talk about it a little, then we just sing acapella, people just leading out from one song to the next, and then we end by praying. Its so great- Kim it reminds me of when we found that youth group out worshiping that evening in Nashville and we just sat by and listened and talked for atleast an hour. Some people we sitting near by us doing just that.

So, to fill you in, I had a good flight, I slept for the duration. We spent the first night in one hotel, doing laundry and went out to eat in groups, and of course- went swimming. The place had 3 seperate pools, so a bunch of us missed each other on accident, lol. Then we had our hang out day, and because all the theme parks were so expensive and wouldn't offer a group discount, we just hung out. A bunch of us went miniature golfing, it was so fun! We had like 5 groups of 4, or maybe even more. Pastor Kevin was the overall champ, we found out he worked at a miniature golf course when he was 17- lets just say he annihilated us all!

Then we checked into our hotel here early afternoon and swam like ALL day, it is so hot, and the pool feels awesome! Dad- you would be in the pool! Then, around 6 we all showered and changed and met down in the lobby and we took a trolly to an awesome outlet mall!!! Yeah- it rocked and I spent money I told myself I wouldn't. Sorry :( I just bought a pair of jeans at the Lucky outlet!!! Yep, $40. And a pair of sunglasses (which I needed) at the Fossil outlet for $10, and a soft case for them for $5. And a new watch band for $8. OOO, and a cute pair of girls boxers at Gap (since Kim has mine in Nashville), and a cute sweeter/shirt.

So, right now its 9:15pm, and I am in the lobby, kind of. I am on the recreational level indoors, which is kind of like a balcony to the lobby- where a man is down on the grand piano & singing...there is a man down there each night. Its so wonderful, and you can hear the water from the fountain in the middle. Each day they march 5 ducks in which stay from 11 to 5 in the fountain in the mane lobby. Then they go back to the 'duck palace' out by the 4 tennis courts! lol. I haven't gotten to see it yet cus we are always at the conference center during those hours.

We have been doing tsg set-up the last 3 days, and badge and binder builds. We were the only group, but other groups began arriving today and the actual conference begins tomorrow. I am in registration at a kiosk with Todd.

I love you all so much and miss you tons. I don't get to write as much here because there are not computers down in the lobby like in Boston. Tonight, Jozi was super sweet to let me borrow her lap top. I will try to write again. I have the best family! Please keep leaving comments, they make me smile! I miss you tons and there is a chance i may need to stay at home for the week directly following this conference. (so from next sunday till the 31st, which would work out really well for the tournament, hehe).

Love you all TONS and TONS!
Katrina Hope

Friday, July 14, 2006

Its about 8:45am here and I am waiting down in the lobby for the rest of our group so we can check out. They are expecting over 1500 guests to be checking out from the hotel today! Crazy huh? Today we fly out (or in), and do laundry and hang out. Tomorrow is a free day and I heard we are going to Universal Studios....that will be fun! The man here at our Starbucks in the lobby asked me when we would be checking out, and told me he'd miss us...if that says something about my regular attendence, as well as others, lol. He's a sweet man, he knew my drink and started automatically adding whip cream to it. ;) What else to tell, hmm. Tonight we will all be in one hotel together and then the next night we get split into two groups. There is a pool at the hotel tonight, and hopefully the other one i end up at- we swam every night we got home early enough to this week....and sat in the hot tub. This morning we are taking the subway to the airport- the same way we came, and it is kinda a pain to haul your suit case and back What a site to see. Well, halfway through. I think I already told you all I got to work with a friend i met at the Dallas convergence. She's from North Carolina, but is going to Masters in South Dallas. She just finished her second year and will be going home after this conference. She wants to come visit in Seattle, and I am hoping she will. She's kinda like Jeannie in that it was so easy to become friends and talk about so much. I had to say goodbye to a couple of the Puyallup people last night. Of all the groups, theirs is the closest to ours and we have been able to spend good time with them over the year. They aren't going to the next conference, and then we aren't working the one after that which they are. So we wont be seeing each other before graduation, and a couple are going home. Its kinda sad. Oh well, I am sure I will see them again. :) OKay, its close to 9 now and I should go stand with the others. LOVE U!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Its a quarter to one- AM, so this can't be long. We are finished with the boston conference, we leave tomorrow for the next conference. Last night was rough, i cried. I am tired and have no defenses, and there was no where to hide when I cried really. You grow a lot at these conferences- you are forced are NEVER alone. So, basically I miss my family. I was just seeing all that I have let go of this year and I told the Lord, "You win, but I still hurt today." Thats what it came to. I trust the Lord, and I will give all for Him, but I also wanted to be real that it hurt- I didn't have the strength to hide it. I love the Lord so much, and I am so grateful for how He is drawing me close. I love you all and miss you lots. Pray for Mrs. Morril please- she was in Isreal, and was evacuated today...pray for her family too.
All my love, Katrina Hope
(I have read lots lately!!!! Its great!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yeah, we do tsg stuff now. We help with all the setting up of computers, and all the tear down. We've done it every conference this year, and at least last year- but I am not sure how long they have been doing it for, and we get to wear jeans and grey "eventforce" T's. Tomorrow we get to wear our brand new uniforms for the first time- they hucked the white polos and now we have red long sleeved, button up, collared shirts. They look pretty nice, but you can't get away without ironing them. The conference opens today- in that the attendees can register (I am not on registration this time, sad.) but the official conference doesn't begin till tomorrow. We worked from 8am to 9:45pm yesterday doing the most massive bag builds! ugh! And to make sure we got there on time (we take the subway there, and it requires 3 different buses/shuttles) and had time to eat we left out hotel at 6am!!! Yeah. lol. What rocks, is that there is a Starbucks in the lobby of our hotel, a nice big one...if I had a digital camera, I'd show you. And it usually opens before we leave-I have been spending my time with the Lord in one of the big chairs right outside the doors to it. Its been tiring, but fun. Its getting to be like a reunion because you meet so many MCs throughout the year at the conferences, and then you don't see them for forever. The South Dallas AG MCs are here, which I wasn't expecting, and so I have got to see my friend Nicole who I met at the Dallas Convergence. And Puyallup is here, so I get to see Daniela. Theres lots of them, its pretty fun in the breakroom- which is big this time since there are so any of us, and luckily it is seperate from the Eventforce office so we can talk and hangout a bunch. I met the Open Bible MCs from Spokane too, and then are really sweet...oh, look at that..STABUCKS IS OPEN! I am gonna go spend time with the Lord. We are leaving the hotel today at 7am.
Love you all!

Oh, one last thing- I took my first Taxi last night. Yep. eventful. memorable.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I guess I lucked out, they have an internet lab here. I am staying at a nice hotel. We had a real red eye the night before last..our plane left at 9:30 pm and we flew through the night, with a lay over and landed about 9am local time. I couldn't sleep very well on the plane, in fact every ther light was off but eventually Morgan (who also couldn't sleep, but just layed there and occasionally turned around and we'd talk a bit) gave me two sleeping pills..I was OUT, unfortunately, that was only a 2 or 3 hours before our lay over...the two of us we like the walking dead. lol. MY legs felt super heavy, as did my eye lids- it was almost funny how heavy those pills hit me- and then I had to be up walking around, lol. Yeah. I slept through most of the second plane ride too. Then we had to figure out the subway. By the time we found our hotel and checked in- we were all starving for lunch..and sleep. We did a little walking around (found the nearest H&M!!!), and of course went swimming. Then for my dinner I went down to the lobby and bought a steamed hazelnut milk and a peanut butter cookie, cuddled up with my book and read/slept on and off. (My roommated kept coming in and out and talking). I was really out by 11, and up by 5. I could sleep all day I feel like. BUT today is our first day at the cofnerence center- its jeans and t's for tsg....that will at least mean something to kris and kim. Mom- I am guessing that last comment was from and dad have got to remember to sign your name at the bottom. OKay, well I am gonna go tidy up my room and blow dry my hair. I love you all and am so grateful for what you each wrote. Kris- thanks for coming back to say goodbye to me! I love you all!
Katrina Hope

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm not sure when I will be able to write again because I am not certain if I will be able to while we are away at Microsoft or not. I am gonna miss you guys. Its July 4th, 9:30pm...and I am in my room on the computer. I kinda want to cry. Its okay though, I am tired and obviously emotional (since I want to cry??) so I should probably go to bed. I have been feeling off for the past few days and am not certain why, I don't like it though. Today I feel a bit better and I think its because I spent like 20 minutes just out praying this morning before carpool. I am torn, I think I should be out with my host family, but I also feel like I should just spend time with the Lord, study my verse, and go to bed. I have been feeling sick since like 2pm today...ugh. I went out to dinner at Olive Garden with Todd, Bryan, and Evan and all I got was a mocha because my stomach was just starting to feel better from lunch and I didn't want to feel sick again. Why must I eat at all?? Sometimes I wish I could just forego food all together, but I think it would make life impossible. ??? ;) I know I am inwardly fighting right now too and I know thats part of why I feel so sick- I hate to admit it, but I know (and have known for some time) that a good deal of my sickness is because of my internalizing everything. I am stressing over something and hurting and knowing that I shouldn't be and so I am trying to just ignore it, but it is still there- even if I wont let my thoughts acknowledge it, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach..litteraly. I just want to be free of it all. I know its not mine to worry about so I am gonna release it again...right now. So, I should probably go do my forms and try to catch a bit of the fireworks with the Wessels. I love you!!! I am hurting. But don't hurt because of it, k? Pain heralds growth. :)
ALL my love....Katrina Hope.
Please do keep praying for me- more than you even have before, its a new level for us all, and I AM praying for you- cus you need it too!

Monday, July 03, 2006

ooh, and its good to know you are still reading Kris.... LOVE YOU!!!
OKay, I'll try to save up..and NO way on the trade!!!! You can take back your jeans even..and I don't have any zip up hoodie of yours....I LOVE THOSE BOXERS! I told you that within a few months you'd be wanting a pair...but guess who didn't listen, and guess who's right..yep, the baby. Those better be in your suit case (and the chapstick), or you are sleeping on the floor, cus you know who's room you guys will most likely be taking over....mine :) hehe.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Jason, will you bring me a demo CD with the new songs you have by the time you come? I am excited to see you!!!

Oh, and Kim and Jason, also another chapstick from the Loveless Cafe, its my favorite and its almost all gone...the vanilla flavor. ;)

And Kimmy, my pink striped 'boxers.'

LOVE YOU< mean it.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Did y'all catch that? Kim AND Jason come home?? Did he get the time off??? Okay, well Kimmy you better let Kristin and I discuss this whole boy coming with us to the rodeo thing..... It does break tradition, and you could potentially get two mopey sisters- well at least one. hehe. We'll discuss and then return with our decision (though, just between the two of us, I think he's got a pretty good chance...just because he's cute.) And what did you say about staying over the night- are we staying in Ellensburg???? Maybe I should restate that- am I staying over in Ellensburg? Woohoo- are we gonna go to the Extreme Bullriding this year?? I guess I better get to putting some money away- like now. huh? I AM SO EXCITED! 8 weeks and a day (well today is near over).

Life in MCs is going so well, there has been a big step up in our class over the past couple weeks. This is the "MCs" I've been expecting and dreading for years- only I am not dreading it so much any more, I am excited about it because we are getting real and things are really changing- inside and out. I really like it, and I am trying to make sure that what I get will really go deep and stay forever. In case you wonder, and I know you all do sometime or another- I know this is what the Lord had for me to do this year, and I am so grateful that despite myself He led me there. And although it still hurts, both old wounds and new wounds, I am grateful that He's making me pure. And I really do want Him to have His way- He wins.

Another current reading. In MCs we are reading Pastor Norm's "Ancient Path" and I am really liking it. We were supposed to be discussing it the past two weeks, but we haven't gotten past the first two chapters, lol. Each day Pastor Kevin has said "Maybe we'll get to it" but we end up having a class discussion through the whole period, and then a half an hour longer...its been so cool to see different people open up each day and the way it has just unfolded and everyone has been so willing to just follow wherever the Spirit leads. I think that has been the biggest suprise to me about this year. I had pictured a very strategic and unbending curriculum, much like high school. But it has been nothing like that- each week the verse is prayed about and determined- Pastor Kevin has even taken suggestions from interns on occasion when they felt the Lord has spoken to them. The books we have done this year have been different then past years, and far fewer than the past years. Even last year's students are suprised by how different this year looked from their's. It makes complete sense, and I think I had made a jugdement against the program and leadership that it wasn't really spirit led. I feel silly about that now. I really do love Aunt DeeAnn and PK, I had a meeting with him today, just sharing with him where I am at and repenting to him about something (don't worry, you all know) and I walked out loving him even so much more and knowing even more deeply that he really cares for us all, and for me. They have an awesome heart, and I know they make mistakes or have, but they have a heart to hear and follow the Lord, and I trust them.

The other half of my reading list right now is the second book in The Mark of The Lion trilogy- Kim, if Marcus doesn't marry Hadassa, and he married that other new girl- Tabatha, I am gonna cry and I am gonna blame it on you, lol. And I don't want Hadassah to marry Alexander either. Hm. And that's that. ;)

I love you all, and I love what God's doing right now, in me, in my class, and in all of us, and in His church as a whole.

Kim and Jason, I am so excited to see you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you crazy!

And in the famous words of an unknown (multitude of) MC..."It hurts, but its good."
Hey so here is a quick glance at my schedule...

July 4th- in a parade
July 5th- leave for Boston and Orlando
July 23rd- return home
July 28-30th Soccer Tournament with Crossfire United (hopefully!?)
July 31st- leave for soccer camp (?)
August 5th- home from soccer camp
August 16- 20th Family Camp
August 21-27th Graduation Week
August 25th- Graduation Dinner (mom & dad attend)
August 26th- Graduation BBQ (whole fam attends- dad be ready to share ;)
August 27th- Graduation Day!!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I am staying with the Bests right now (you met Mr. Best today at the Men's meeting dad). The Wessels are on vacation for the week in Ocean Shores. So something huge the Lord is speaking to me about right now is really making sure that the things ihave 'dealt' with are really and fully dealt with- that I get all the roots out and really let the Lord fully free me, rather than abandoning the process when it all feels better. I just felt like the Lord told me to go right out the things that I have been battling over the years and to get strategic with them. So thats what I am going to do. I think I might have tonight to myself to just pray and spend time with the Lord. Todays has been so wonderful, I slept till almost nine, spent time with the Lord, took my time getting ready, and then talked with mrs. best for a while, read my book, and even took a nap. I just got back from the Saturday evening prayer. Oh, and I got to talk with jason and kim for a few minutes. Guess what else- they found my cell that i lost last year. Yep. I was right- it fell out of my hoodie pocket when I tripped outside the Molds house. The guys came out with water guns when rosie and i were walking home and I tripped when I was running. I didn't realize it was missing till I got home, and I went out to look but couldn't see anything in the dark. I looked several times over the next couple days. It was under one of their bushes and they found it yesterday!!! Arrrr! ;( OKay- well I love you all. I hope life is going wonderful for all of you too and I trust that God is doing a lot in your lives. Dad- I heard the men's meeting was pretty awesome. ??? I am excited for church tomorrow when the men's conference raps up, I hope to see you guys there. Love ya. XOXO

Thursday, June 22, 2006

As if I wasn't emotional enough right now. I guess I'm grateful- I have been wanting to cry all day and finally I have a bit of an actual release. (I just read Kim's Father's day blog.) I miss you all so much. I know that God has been and will continue to be so faithful to us. We don't get to spend the time together any more- and you all know the baby still loves the 'family time'- but I know we are all still fighting for each other. So much is happening in my life, its hard feeling like I am growing in a different place, and knowing you all are as well. I of course would like us all to be right beside each other, hearing the same things, going through the same process together- but I know that God has us in this time, and that He has me in this place and time. I love you all- and I know you will fight for me forever, and I hope you all know that I will never stop praying and fighting for our family, even as we are grafted into our own families. Kim and Kris- my desire is for us to fight together, for our families. Mom and Dad- I love you both so much, and I am so grateful for all you have done- for you two, and for us girls, and for the generations to come. I pray our lives truly honor you, and your sacrifices. I agree wholeheartedly with what Kim wrote- and Kim, we all miss you so much! It means so much to me just to be able to call you and still pour out my heart as if we were sitting together on your couch. I know that I can speak what is really in my mind and heart, and we may even both get fueled up, but regardless you'll really hear me and when I see you again- you won't allow there to be a distance or offense between us. I love you, and I will fight for our relationship, no matter how many miles apart we are. I love you all, and miss you lots. I am meeting the Lord in a very real, and fearful way right now- and I'm praying God moves in the way He wants with you guys too. Please keep praying for me, I've never been so desperate for your prayers as now. I am excited, I keep hearing deep in me "He is coming." I don't think I have ever felt the fear of the Lord in teh real way that I do now, and I want to be clean and pure. I keep thinking of the Israelites, and how the Lord came to Moses and told him to have all the Israelites cleanse themselves because He was going to come down to them. I feel like He is about to come touch us in a very real way, and I have to be purified- I want to be. In the words of my favorite song we dance to this year, "Here is our King, Here is our Love, Here is our God whose come to bring us back to Him....Majesty, Finally Here....And what was said to the rose to make it unfold, was said to me here in my chest, so be quiet now, and rest...." These words may seem somewhat random, but they capture a piece of my heart in this time. I love you all!!!
Katrina Hope ('Pure One'- I want it to be so!)
Hey here are some funny pics Kim sent me. ;)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I noticed my last blog caused quite a controversy. hehe. Kim, you mentioned last night that you have written more than me, did you count how many we each have? lol. So here I am writing again on my "glog." Dad- you make me laugh, I read your last comment out loud twice because it was so great. The way you worded parts of it cracked me up. I love you all, but I am gonna go do some chores real quick so I can head home to celebrate with Papa this afternoon. Oh, dad by the way- my minutes may be a bit high this month, I talked with Kim for a while last night on my cell. hehe- to borrow her words "love you- mean it."

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just got back to the church from the garden party, and we are hanging out waiting for the trucks/ vans to come back and then we'll unload them. The garden party was really good this week- we drove in early this morning through a drizzle and by the begining of the party the sky began to clear, as always. Tonight at 5 we are having another meeting with our guest speaker, Bennie Johnson, so us MC girls will just be hanging out here in between. I really like our speaker, she is pretty awesome. So dad wants me to explain who is in all the pics with me (yes dad- your 'little twirp' comment gave you away. Unfortunately it would be too hard to explain them all. They are all pics of me with my MC friends on tour- except for the ones of me and my sisters in Michigan. Larissa and I are the pic right below this, we took it at a lookout in Cali that we pulled over at- it was such a gorgeous view- and gorgeous day! The pic of Elise and I on the grass is from a sunday picnic we had in Cali with the Northbay church. There is a pic of Aime Morrill and I, on the patio of our house mom's at Northbay (Novato, CA). There is also a black and white one of me drinking Jamba Juice with Kara Z (one of my favorite Externs!)
Kim- I am so kicking your butt at gotta leave comments more often, even if they aren't perfect and they are full of type-O'
LOVE YOU ALL!!! Miss you tons!
Katrina Hope

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So, I am really excited and proud of my sister and brother (in-law). :) Just thought I'd share that! She has a new job, working for a big law firm in Nashville (and the only Starbucks is in her building). Tracy Bird came and introduced himself to her while her and Jason were having dinner at Morton's to celebrate her new job. (Jason has waited on him several times, and hung out with him in his tour bus, and had his cell number- so he recognized Jason). Also- a couple of Deirks Bentley's old time friends and writers were in at Mortons and one of the guys told Jason he would personally deliver his demo CD to Dierks if he could have it to them before they left. With a quick phone call to his ultra-management wife (and some serious scrambling by Kim), she pulled up with a CD of Jason's 5 best, labelled and packaged- right in front of their taxi. They were very impressed, and are going to be hand delivering the demo CD! Thats exciting, because if you haven't had a chance to hear some of Jason's best songs- they are good, like the kind of songs that would be your favorites on the radio- and I know at least 2 for sure would be great for Dierks Bentley! (I am spelling his name wrong- i know.) Anyways- exciting news for my family! (If you are family, you already read this all in Kim & Jason's blog, hehe.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

So two quick notes- one, i added pictures. scroll down and enjoy. two, THE U.S. PLAYS THEIR FIRST MATCH IN THE 2006 WORLD CUP TOMORROW- and I am watching it with my DAD! (Also, I have noticed I have tons and tons of type-o's. sorry)

11 weeks today. I am not counting because I can't wait to graduate- well that may be part of it. (Can you blame me for being excited about completing something?) But mainly, because I have a sense of urgency- I have 11 weeks left to get everything out of this I possibly can and to leave with no regrets. I know there is the possibility of me not graduating, but to be honest it isn't the greatest fear of mine, and eprhaps I feel to safe in that, but I am more afraid of graduating without really completing all the Lord had for me. If I am gonna do something, I am gonna really do it.

So, by the way. Dad and mom specifically- you need to learn how to leave a comment I think, lol. You ckicl on 'comment' on the bottom of a post and it lets you see the other comments and also leave one as anonymous (since you don't have accounts on blogger). :O Yep- lights going on. I know I am a smart.... You love me though ;)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

(I call this picture 'wet dog' since that is what I resemble. ;) This is me and my friend Kimberly Golnick at the beach right before heading out from Cali.)

Hey.....I"m hoooo-ooome! We arrived at the church at about 9pm tonight and then unpacked, sweeped through the vans, said hello to all the people there, had a group meeting and eventually went home. I talked to my house fam for a while with Kristin Hunter (my roommate) and now I am off to bed. It felt strange driving home today- it feels much longer than 10 days. In fact, I believe this time may have been harder than the last leg of tour. Perhaps it is because though we were home for a week or so- we weren't really home because we are so busy. But either way, it feels like I have been gone for a long time!

I really want an afternoon sitting on the back pattio at home, drinking ice tea, and reading- and at times, just sitting doing nothing. Tomorrow we have the day off to rest, do laundry, and unpack. Then Friday we are back to meet and talk about tour. Love you all and hope I get to see you soon! Under 12 weeks left- crazy huh? Love bunches, katydid. (thats for Jason) :) GOODNIGHT*

Monday, June 05, 2006


So two nights ago I uploaded all these pictures from Riss' computer to my blog- it took forever. Then, out of a deadly combination of stupidity and exhaustion I deleted them in a few quick moments. Then, I uploaded them ago and just before posting my kicked me off the internet and I have not been able to get back on the internet from Riss's computer since- which is where the pics are on. ARRRR! (Yes, upon my traveling I have become a pirate.) Do you se what is happening to me? Do you? I have lost my sense of humor- and- I have become wierd. Not in the way I have always been wierd, but in another way. :( lol. OKay-I'll shut up, or at least change topics.

So we ended up doing the chapel at the church's academy here at Novato (North Bay Academy). Yeah, and as we got there and P. K. (Pastor Kevin) and P. Diddy (sean) walked in P.K said "Kati. Ready to give your testimony?" I said "yeah"- kinda lying, kinda just following through with the whole 'ready in season and out.' He said, "Good, you're giving it this morning."I said "Okay" with a face of fear and ran into the bathroom where I gave out a loud "Ahhhhh" literally. I had 20 minutes, and not really that cus we had to do a "Whats What Meeting" and run through of our dances...I had about 10 minutes. Yep. So I ran through it with one of the girls in the bathroom and then went into the chapel and prayed for the Lord to speak through me. In the first dance I was in, the Lord really dropped something in my heart to focus on and I got up there a few minutes later and went for it. It was better than I have ever done where I've had to just get up and talk. I think the Lord really said what He wanted to through me. It was awesome! I was terrified, but it was awesome! And after I got a lot of encouragement from my group, which really helped me not beat myself up over anything. I enjoyed it, but I don't know how I could do it again- I guess if the need arrives again the Lord will have to just do it again.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach with all the kids from the school (its their last day of school) and then heading out later in the afternoon. We'll stay over at a hotel and then be home wednesday- we are expecting it to be around 7..which probably means closer to 9. AND- we get thursday off to rest!! Yeah- SLEEP! Whats funy is I really have been getting sleep, like at least 6 hours if not more each night, but I still feel really tired. I think its just because we are going, going, going and you are giving out in every way possible- physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I took a nap today and I am going to proabably head to soon here shortly- I need to work on my memory verse and finish up my forms either tonight or early tomorrow morning because tuesday means intern meetings. :)

I am really missing my family right now and I thought I would let you all know that! I called Kim for a second to get some contact information about her invitation bussiness and hearing her voice made me really, really miss her. And then I got home and I was telling Aime I really miss my fam- especially Kim and Jason, and just a minute later saw I had an e-mail from her. I love you all so much and miss you guys, I will be excited to have time with you all again soon. I want to revive the Sunday family lunches we were doing for a while. I know you are all gonna fight that, but I'd like to- just a couple hours, or something- maybe once a month a set time. I hope all is going well in your lives.

Much, much love, Katrina Hope

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hey all. I'm at my last official tour stop. :) I am staying at Lynn's with Riss, Aime, and Crystal. She is a sweet lady and her condo has a hot tub and pool!!!!! YEE-A! We just arrived about an hour ago and we are sitting out on her patio about to have dinner. Upon arriving she set two rules for us...1) make yourselves at home and 2) Do NOTHING! "Otherwise, tell PK that you disobeyed me." There are two other girls staying at a condo nearby and they are over as well with their house mom. Its so warm, I'm in a tank and capris. OH, and not to be forgotten- my shoulders are red. Kati's first taste of sun, and it bit her! We had a work party and sincde i would only be there for a couple hours I figured I didn't need to put any sun block on anything but my face- I was wrong. And OH how it burns me, lol. Its not really that bad. Hopefully with enough aloe i will have a golden tan, from my shoulders down. ;) I miss you all alot. ALOT. HAHA..and by the way, my hair is gone. yep. I debated whether or not ojust suprise you all or let you know- however this seems the most fair way to tell you all, each of you has an equal shot of being the first to know, and technically i shared it with all of you at the exact same time, NOW. Its an inverted bob, Kristin Hale cut it. I felt like the Lord told me to cut it, so I did. And as she was cutting it she felt so too, and whats funny is she said a coupke things that were exactly like what the Lord has been saying to me and it completely confirmed it- and i hadn't told her anything about it.
The Lord had told me a few nights before to 'grow up' and that growing up meant not demand my rights and what I felt was mine. And as I already said, I prayed to see if I should trim my hair and add bangs or just leave it, and I heard him say- chop it. So I said, "Kristin, I think He wants me to chop it to here (showing her about shoulder)." And she said, okay. Then as she was cutting it she said, "This is a very mature cut. It looks like a mature cut on you." I laughed and then told her what the Lord has been telling me. Then like four different people told me upon first seing it, "you look older"- or some version of that. Its cute. Don't worry. Hey, I love you all and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. If somehow I can get a picture, I'll add it. I LOVE YOU. Infact, "I need you, I want you, oh baby, oh baby."

Dontcha miss me???

Love you all! -Kati Lady. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hope is an anchor...

Watch out Kristin, we leave tomorrow for the second leg of our tour :) Yep..longer tour, longer blog. muhahaha. So, on Friday we got sized for our rings. !!!! Thats almost enough, I might just end the blog right here. I love you all and will miss you dearly. I'm sure I'll have lots of cool stories to tell you after. We are off to California!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Believe it or not, my mom is actually my inspiration for creating a blog. A few days ago I was showing her how to find my older sister's blog and she asked me if I had one too. With Kim now in Nashville, Kris working and going to school, and myself busy in the Master's Commission, it seems advantageous to begin to blog. I must say, I prefer my mysapce, it was much simpler, but because so many are anti-myspacers, I'll do my best. ;)

So for now, I am in the middle of my tour. This year looks different than previous tours for the Kirkland MC's because our usual Microsoft conference is in Seattle. So, we are on tour, but we aren't. We spent a little over two weeks travelling.

Our first visit was to Washington, DC where we met up with Lou Engle's group, Dutch Sheets and the Colorado MC's, our CCA 9th graders and some others. We were part of a Life Seige at the Supreme Court House (!!!), a powerful prayer meeting, and the National Day of Prayer rally in front of the Capital building. It was pretty exciting, however I wish I had better spent my free day- as good as the shopping was! :) We thought we could do a little shopping at Georgetown and still make it back to wander some of the Smithsonian, but the subway system proved too much for us. (I was warmly welcomed into the world of H&M shoppers!)

Next, we went to Charlotesville, Virginia. I met some incredible people there. I especially met an incredible young girl who I adore- Mary Claire. Her, and her sister are both pretty amazing young girls and it was great to see the Lord reveal his delight in them. I stayed with the sweetest lady, Barbara. She took in 15 girls! The woman was incredible, it was like we suddenly had a grandma- complete with late night brownies and packed lunches and all! We love her! We also got to prayer walk several places. I went to the university, one of the leading schools in the nation, ranked with Stanford- and it is a public university! It is also known for the schooling of Edgar Allen Poe, in fact Dustin, Shana, and I went and saw his room which has been kept just as it was when he attended (or so they say). There is a metal raven in the window and I wonder if it truly was there and was part of his inspiration for writing "The Raven" or if it was later placed there to comemorate his well known piece.

From there it was off to Ithica, New York. So, New York...tall buildings, taxi's, an ocean of black umbrellas. OR, New York...dairy farms, horses, 'the barn'. Who knew? Certainly not I! It was a pleasant suprise to me though. The city, strike that, town, itself eeks of a heaviness, you can feel it in the air. They are known for the demonic oppression and cults that reside there. I think I counted probably 5 cemetaries there- more than churches maybe. But that is to say nothing of the church we were visiting, and our host families. I stayed with the Beckers. It was one of those homes where you come in and would feel completely content to just live and immediately become part of the family, or at least the house. You don't want to leave, you hear 'family' spoken in the running faucet, and in the spin of the dryer, and in the crackling of the bon fire they all gathered around. Each day we would come home for a few short hours in the afternoon and Mrs. Becker would be up and offering us cold drinks, or icee's, just being the mom that she is. It was warming, and I was suprised by how at home we could feel when we were in a bed, home, state we had never seen, or even skirted before! Though I didn't get much time to really get to know their family very deeply, I already began to love them, just for who they are, and I hope I get to see them again! (Sarah, Jonathan, and Mrs. Becker even took me to feed the horses Sarah helps care for!)

Last we stopped at Lansing, Michigan which in many ways was my favorite. You all know I can't pick one favorite; so far I have probably just four. hehe. One of my highlights of Michigan was..wellI have two. First, Kim and Kris suprised me at Jacob and Abby's wedding, which was incredible! The next day was Sunday where we led a ministry service. I got to pray for my sis and I cried through the entire last dance, it was a good thing. That is definitely one of my favorite memories of tour thus far, looking at my sisters as I danced "Here is our King," knowing it's our story. My other highlight was ministering at Sexton High School and Bingham Elementary, which maybe I'll have time to detail more later. It was one of my favorite times, and I believe God used it to speak to me more about next year, and my future. I loved it! I loved just speaking into the High School girls there, and I loved loving on the little girls at Bingham- its what I was made for. Don't worry- I'm still gonna write- I was made for that too, and I guess we've yet to see how it all comes together. :)

Now, we are working our conference here at home, and next weekend I get to go to Les Miserables with my family, and Elise is finally coming along too! I am so excited! Life is certainly on the move these days for me, I can hardly recognize my life from day to day. Hopefully this new blog will help me to let you all know what is going on, on several different levels. love ya! katrina hope.