Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's actually happened, a friend had to ask me "What's up with you and NOT blogging?"

So, with that loving prompt, I'm back. I didn't get to blog in Tennessee about some things I'd wanted, and had committed to writing on those topics before moving on....and thus I remained. So here it is, I'll have to catch up on those topics when I find the opportunity, but for now I am incredibly busy this week and will leave you with this photo Kim sent me from the blog Creature Comfort Blog. She said it reminded her of me, and I'm certainly happy it did....I love this. I think we are all curious to find how others perceive us, and our sense of beauty. I love it when people send me things that reminded them of me, or they thought I'd like, especially when its something I really do love. Lately Samara has sent me couple things that I absolutely loved, and I loved that they made her think of me. Thanks Samara :)

And thanks for this photo Kimberly, its lovely.

Feet, and a unique capturing of something vintage and classically pretty...definitely something I'd find beautiful. I love the light in the photo, and its combination of simplicity and detail. I think if I could do anything, it would include traveling, photography, clothes, and writing. :) Okay, and a million other things. I love to capture beauty from different perspectives, both through writing and photography (I miss my camera...).