Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, my sister tagged me for a meme - I'm not even going to pretend I know what this is.
(I should let you all know that my sister has become a serious blogadict. Jason teased me last summer, calling me a "blogadict" because every day (at least once) I was blogging, and taking pictures, for the blog. In MC's he'd tell me "put that on your little sheet", referring to our half hour time incremented sheets :) Last summer, it became "put that on your blog"- with most things involving Jason, you really have to HEAR him say it, lol. However, Kim has brought a whole new definition to "blogadict"- she reads probably 40 blogs regularly- correct me if thats off Kim.)

On to the meme of 6 Weird Things About Me.

here's the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 6 random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them
5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

Weird thing number one.
I continually am commentating my life in my head. Like to the extent that I struggle to remember sometimes what was in my head, and what was out of it. Every possibility rattles through- what they said, or could have said, what I could have replied with...what if that man actually turned right now with a gun, what could I do, what would I do. If a person was to come after me in this bathroom- which stall would be the most safe (the middle one- because there are two exit strategies? Two exit strategies also mean to entrance opportunities that I'd need to watch.) Which bathroom stall is likely least used? lol. I know this sounds paranoid, or negative, but its really more fun to me these days...and unfortunately, it's also hard to shut off. This is also what I blame for my random comments that slip out from time to time- my mind travel fast, and though it appears random to outsiders, it really had a logical progression within a matter of seconds. "German, Germane. Jackson, Jackson 5, tito!" There is usually a story running in my head, sp if you see me laughing by myself...please, don't worry (and don't ask me to explain, because it most likely wont make sense to you in the end.)

Weird thing number two.
I no longer do this, and it took much work (and if I let myself start one day in the car- I'm stuck for the ride!) When I would ride in cars, I'd find myself having to count the street lights. I'd want to stop, but couldn't. It was one-two-three-four-.... or else, it had to be a head nod at every one, or something with my hand. (I know what you are all thinking right now- I knew she was weird...but maybe it's a real clinical issue, she's worse than I thought. I know.) It wasn't only street lamps either, it was the little blue turtles, or anything!

Weird thing number three.
I believe The 100 Acre woods is the ultimate personality guide. I called my sister one day in the car to share this major revelation: I can classify every one of my friends by a character of the 10 Acre Woods, or else some combination of them. It's true, we have Tiggers, Eores, Owls, Kangas, Roos, Poohs, Piglets (I'm part Piglet- "OoOh DddddDear!"and I think part Poo) and the whole crew!

Weird thing number four.
I can be driven into an anxiety attack by Kris moving things in my room. I'm not kidding- and yes, I have been praying that the Lord changes this before I have kids. She will come into my room and flip little things upside down, slide a picture frame 3 inches to the right, slightly pull out one drawer, pull my curtain over a bit, move a pillow, or switch two objects around (she loves to turn HOPE upside down!)...if I see her doing it faster than I can fix them I can get totally overwhelmed and genuinely freaked a little...but usually she does it while I'm out of the room....just for kicks! And she knows I will walk in and see that its off! Yes, I may struggle with a little OCD (or as we say- CDO...as it should be, in alphabetical order).

Weird thing number five.
I LOVE to vacuum. Always have, always will (I hope). My mom started letting me vacuum back at our old house, so I must have been 3 or 4. She'd take off the middle piece so it was super short and she'd turn it on and let me vacuum. I love this about my mom, because you know that actually caused her more trouble than help...no doubt she'd have to go around and vacuum it all regardless, but still, she knew she was training me. (In hindsight, she might not have let me play with the vacuum if she knew I'd become so CDO. lol.)

Weird thing number six.
I cannot stand to have someone leave mad at me. I hate people being mad at me in general, and have had to learn to let it go at the times I can't do anything about it...but it KILLS me. My last words to a person can never be mean, and especially not "I hate you" (which I have never said seriously, but often say as a joke...even though I shouldn't). My sister Kris knows this about me more than anyone since I usually say I hate you to her as a joke, and then she will find a way to leave if possible (usually laughing and refusing to hear anything else- ensuring that those are my last words). She'd run into her room laughing and close the door, and I'll be standing outside it shouting, "I didn't mean it- I love you and you know it!" It's mostly humorous, but part serious, lol. weird. A step further, I will always try to say "I love you" when a person is walking out the door (family and closest friends in particular), because I want to ensure that those are always my last words to them...because, what if they ARE my very last words to them. Ever since I was little, I'd run to the door, and say "I love you" to my family as they'd leave, sincerely making sure that they knew that before they left. I just want people to know I love them.

When I was little, I'd lay on the floor outside Kris' door because you can see through a one inch slit under our doors upstairs. I'd lay there miserable, begging her to forgive me and not be mad at me...she'd be inside, wanting space, or finding it humorous,...or sleeping, lol. Sufficient to say, we handle conflict resolution differently...I need to forgive and be forgiven asap....she needs a little space first. :) I've gotten a little better, besides, I can't see under her door anymore so there's no use in that tactic. ;)

SO, I'm tagging the only two other bloggers I know (besides Rach, who Kim tagged):
Morgan Elizabeth

And to make it more fun- all you who read, but don't have blogs, list out your 6 as comments, I guess you'll have to keep them somewhat short. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am waiting for Aime to come over and help set up for a birthday party with me, and I am so excited to hang out with her! This got me thinking....

I have some incredible people around me, who I just end up loving more and more! With this new MC class just coming together (and watching a couple of my closest friends go in and meet their new classmates), I've been set on a number of flashbacks...and how they do delight me :)

Aime, I met at FC United (the family camp talent show) the august before we started MCs. She was sitting behind us and someone mentioned she was the oldest Morrill sister ad would be in our class. We all decided pretty quickly we liked her, as we sat at the top of the amphitheatre commenting and anotating the function- at times starting the applause early to end a painful episode. lol. I soon found out she was moving in to my neighborhood (though I was moving out), and also was going to be my carpool driver. Aime quickly became one of my closest friends in the class, I grew more with her that year then with most anyone else (save a couple other girls). In the years since, we've met some fire, but I don't think our friendship has ever truly been in question. Aime has to be one of the most faithful and mature friends I have, never doubting me, never discouraging me...always there to love and build me up, always there to challenge me and remind me about the great adventure that life is. I love her attitude towards God, life, and others...embrace it wholeheartedly, spend yourself and enjoy it deeply! And she does. I love our trips/hikes/getaways :) Aime, you are remarkable. I a so grateful for you in my life. I love that God brought us together in MCs, and that you continue to pursue deeper and deeper, and continue to learn to be pursued as well.

Todd, another I met at MCs. I think we didn't actually talk until weeks into the program, lol. I heard OF him from Bryan, Ryan and Tyson in the car ride to the Puyallup Fair the week before we started, but it wasn't until months later that i realized it was Todd they'd been trying to figure out. Oh, how funny now! Once we were placed in the same outreach (Todd, Tyson and I) we suddenly had tons of time to build a great friendship. He kept me laughing through much of the year, and continually surprised me with his new revelations and his willingness to change. I don't think Tod knows even now how much our class needed him, and how much all of us still benefit from who he is. In the first year out of MCs, only a few of us (again, Tyson, Todd and I lol) headed into school- most were slightly out of reach in the business of their Extern/Intern schedules. In that year Todd was a great brother, and served to help keep me tied in to the year we'd just had, as we also ventured into this very new and different season of our lives...and he again kept me laughing through it's struggles. I love that Todd and I have already gone through a lot, and he remains my brother regardless of every tide. I've seen him continue to grow in this past year more than I think any year up to it...he is becoming such an incredible man, and brother, and leader, and many of us see it. He is an outgoing entertainer, that everyone knows, but he is also a quiet and strong leader...in the past months I've seen it more and more.

more to come (but I MUST get back to my homework)...

I am a blessed young woman.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Okay ya'all. Time for a call up. You need to comment. If you read it, you should have some sort of response to it, so respond, pleease. lol.

Now that that is taken care of, on to other matters of importance. I am currently sitting on campus. Today is my first day of classes, and I headed in early to savor the experience. Tyson started at 8:30 and Braden at 9:30- we we all went in early together for coffee on the way :) We have some new comers too this year which I am very excited about, Samara and Andrew start at UW today, and we should get to see more of Pierce too. Plus Lyndsey (Abbott) is back after taking last Winter off. It is going to be a great quarter. I am taking all english classes, two lit and one short story writing. Also, I will likely be declaring my English Degree and applying for the Creative Writing School in the next couple of weeks. I am rather excited! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Last Days of Summer are here... thankfully they are beautiful ones, though their beauty bites a little :/

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello friends, my blogging has slowed as of late, I know. Life has been wonderful, and exciting, and busy.

My Life's Table of Contents:
1. My friend, Heidi, is currently living in my room with me (she moves out next week to start MCs! very exiciting!)
2. I want to be a burning one! NO, I AM a burning one! I have been feeling passion stirring more and more inside me, and I am anticipating a great move to come soon! I am not sure what it is, but it is creative and powerful and its being birthed in me now!
3. School starts on the 24th! Woohooo, but I am still so not ready! :0
4. Work is....um, transformative still..just waiting and not being anxious.
5. Last Saturday was Revive night and it was amazing! God so met us in a sweet way. Seriously, I felt I could taste the sweetness of His presence on my tongue. I love Him.
Keep checking my creative blog, because I plan to post a pic of how the Lord spilt out of me that night. I was like- what?!! *but in a good way.
(notice how much fun I have with my grammatical symbols?...hmm, lol.)
6. Bill Johnson was at our church yesterday- morning and afternoon services, both incredible! I feel even more passion,...I think he tossed some spice in the spirit soup (yeah, again, I don't know where this comes from...lol.)
7. So many exciting new things- I'm taking new risks and starting off on new adventures, and I can't wait to give details..but I can't right now, some are forbidden to tell right now, but most details are just unknown. :0

There is something coming, turning, tubmling.....can you hear it?


(I love you all...!)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have been up in the Canadian Rockies for the last 4 days, enjoying a wonderful birthday weekend for Aime and Brittany. Aimes has "always" wanted to go to Banff, so for her birthday weekend, she headed up a trip. It ended up her, britt, cami, myself, and two of Aime's friends from Spokane- Laurie and Lisa. (who were wonderful!)

Friday was a long day of driving, we started out by 8am, and made just a couple quick stops along the way. We arrived at our wonderful hotel (Thank you Morrills!!) by 7:30pmish. Grocery shopping next. Then that night, I introduced the other girls to the addiction that is Heroes!!! The other two (Laurie and Lisa) arrived around 1:30am, said hello and we all went to bed.

Saturday morning it was beautiful. Which was perfect because this was our planned day hike! We all piled in and headed to Banff National Forest (we were staying about 45 minutes outside of Lake Louise and the Fairmont hotel). Upon arriving, we took many pictures (as you see) and started off on our hike. The beautiful day had drawn many like minded adventurists, and parking was difficult to find, but when we left, ours was one of a handful of cars still waiting. As we reached higher, we all noticed something falling from the trees...or not quite. It was snowing! Still beautiful weather, I hiked up in shorts and a long thermal, having stripped off the heavy layers.
It was a pretty steep climb (I thought), but gorgeous, and so much fun with the other girls!
When we reached the top, Lake Agnes, we lunched at the Tea House. A small little cabin with no running water or electricity, this little establishment is run by a small team that actually lives up there, in teh same conditions! Their supplies are brought in my helicopter (I believe they said once or twice a year!) I don't know why people choose to do that, I could see Krista enjoying it though. However, we were so grateful that they did- we enjoyed hot drinks and delicious sandwiches while the snow fell outside on the mountain top. An incredibe view was ours as well. Three of the girls decided to take an extra mile loop for a better view, while myself and two others headed BACK into the little Tea House for some french press, the pleasure of group body heat, and our books! An horu later the cabin was closing and we decided to head to the outlet from the loop the other girls took...only they weren't there. We walked down further, than started heading back up. At some point, we ran into Aime- turned out they had headed back on the loop to the Tea House, and arrived just minutes after we headed down. We all met up at Mirror lake about 800 km down the mountain and had a good laugh.

As soon as we walked into our room, we pulled out the swim suits and hustled to the hot tub....oh yes! delight! Later we watched a movie and all squished on the pullout and enjoyed a platter of food (veggies and dips and popcorn and kettle corn!).

Saturday morning we woke to snow! Lots of it infact! Friday- rain. Saturday- sun. Sunday- snow? yep. We slept in, and then all soaked and journaled and spent time with the Lord until mid afternoon, when we finally got ready and went to downtown Banff to wander the village. It was a blast! We all found a little something and really just enjoyed being together, coffees in hand as we wandered the wet little town.

For the final night we went out to a special birthday dinner for Aime and Brittney. The night before, in the hot tub, we'd got to talking to a local woman and her daughter. We asked them where they'd suggest for a nice dinner. They had the perfect suggestion- it was a little elegant and a little bit casual fun. We had such a wonderful night. The earliest reservations we could get were 9:15, and weren't seated till after 10...but they were so friendly and never made us feel rushed to leave...we closed the restaurant. :)

The next day we packed up early and headed out. Stopped for starbucks, then stopped at the Radium Hot Springs for a couple hours. Again, we stopped for lunch a few hours later. And lastly, for one more starbucks...then it was straight home. We made it to the Morrills abotu 10:30 last night, where a few folks were still waiting around after Family Time to say hello to us.