Saturday, November 24, 2007

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving :)

I absolutely LOVED mine! I've decided I really need to become a famous writer- because I can write from anywhere. Why is this important? Because seeing Kim and Jason makes me so happy and yet so sad- I miss them the 5 months or so in between visits. I also miss Riss and would love to go visit her for a while in Oklahoma...and I'd love to visit Kaylee (I know she'd put me to work- I think I'd love it though!). Not to mention all the places I want to go, that I don't know anyone YET (Italy, Ireland, Texas...). I'd really like to go see Tina, Amanda, and Andrew in Montana. I'd love to go to New Jersey and New York- see where mom's family is from. I've just decided I need a job that I can travel with...especially extended stays.

Dad- I know you are having difficulty breathing...I could perhaps go write in Tahiti too- and I'll bring you and mom.....feeling better? lol.

It would be fantastic though- especially to have a little place out in Tennessee. :)

Back to the present.

I highly suggest seeing two movies this holiday season. Bella, and August Rush. Bella is a much smaller film and is more difficult to find- but it is SO worth supporting with your money! August Rush has gotten a lot of noise, so you probably already want to see it. It really is good- I will be buying it a.s.a. it comes out on video, Kris and I already decided within the first 5 minutes of the film that we also want the soundtrack!

I'm also looking forward to seeing "Dan in Real Life"- I have heard from a number of people (male and female alike) that is was great! And, I'd like to see "Enchanted"- looks fun.

I cannot WAIT to be off for Christmas break, I need to make it through finals first!!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So- remember how I was so excited to go get Jason and Kim at the airport?

Katherine and I headed out, and just as we were getting near the freeway- Kim texted. They'd landed early! 20 minutes earlier than the southwest website had predicted.

Then- exit 9- a flat. As we reached factoria, my car was riding really rough- by the time we moved across the 3 lanes and found a place to pull over, we'd reached exit 9. yep.

AAA. Thank God- and my dad- for AAA. They said 20-60 minutes until they could get a truck out to us. Katherine and I realized that we could survive a day or so in my car- down coat, fleece sweater, scarf and hat, mittens, blanket, sleeping bag, water, After like 45 games of rock-paper-scissors, and 15 minutes of a game she calls "truck" (the title is self-explanatory!)...the AAA emergency service truck was there! They were so quick- he changed the tire, and we were on our way home.

Katherine was excited that she'd still be able to see the second half of Kid Nation. We stopped for coffee at BigFoot Java, then pulled up at home. Grabbed our coffees, my wallet, cell, keys- keys? Where were my house keys? Oh- and it came back to me- I'd set my keys back in the cup on my desk, "mom is home" I figured. So, we're home, but mom had had to go get Kim and Jase at the airport- so Katherine and I are home, once again, stuck in my car keeping warm......locked out of the house. Poor Katherine did not get to watch her show- so close, and yet too far.

We made some memories.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is here---

I decided to skip classes today, since one was cancelled and the other two were really not necessary for me to be there. Originally I decided this because I was going to be having a sleepover- the sleepover part of the sleepover vanished, but it was such a fun night. I got to spend time with Kaylee- which I'd been looking forward to for months...and Morg, her, and I watched Hairspray and ate way too many goodies....though I can't believe we never busted into the ice cream...kind of an incomplete girls night. Its cool though- we will NEXT time.

I love how God directs our relationships, how he takes some away for a time, and then brings them back close. I am so grateful for the friendships God has blessed me with. I feel very blessed, especially this year in girls-- it's a wonderful thing to really have close girl friends!

I am thankful for this beautiful day! Elise came over this morning, as is our new tradition- wednesday mornings. And we pretty much just layed in bed and chatted for our hour. I love her! I opened the window beside my bed and we were looking out (its rare that I am still in bed and it is getting light out)- after she left I fell back asleep for a couple hours, and when I awoke and looked outside I was stairing up at these beautiful bald trees and a bright blue sky! I am hoping dad and I will take a walk when he is up. Thats one of my favorite parts of fall, and I have been so busy lately he and I haven't taken ONE walk.

So, until he is up- I am doing my laundry, tidying up the house (as well as I can while be quiet)--- which reminds me- we got a new vacuum last week! I LOVE IT! I have always loved to vacuum, my mom satrted taking off the arm of the vacuum so it was super short back when I was four or five and letting me "vacuum" around the house. I think part of it might be she taught me to vacuum as if I were coloring- fill in all the spaces. I don't know- I simply know I LOVE to vacuum. And this new vacuum is so fun to use, because it is brand new. :) And its a simple white, which I also enjoy.

But beyond my simle joys, lol....

Kim and Jason will be here tonight!!! I get to go pick them up at the airport, and I can hardly wait!!! Oh, she just texted me to double-check we have a blowdreyer she can use-- I love it! My sister will be here tonight, and tomorrow morning she will be using my blowdryer- well, probably not tomorrow morning, since we usually stay in our pajamas until almost dinner. I love thanksgiving! And I love it even more when the whole family is together! I think I'll need to go buy some french press so I can ask jason to make it!

Traditions. We have several thanksgiving traditions, some were chosen purposefully, some just occured EVERY year, and now they must always. The first- mom flies the turkey. yes, its about how it sounds. :) Then, Kim and I always cuddle up and watch the parade--- at some point we go into kris' room and jump on her bed and wake up her and she'll tell us to leave, but now she will be awake and so she'll end up coming out to join us.

As a family, we eat cinnamon rolls and all cuddle downstairs in the family room- we'll watch movies, play games, do a puzzle (which somehow- I missed the family gene that loves these- but I love traditions, so I'll try at it for a few minutes.)

Yes....the holidays are here. This is definitely my favorite season of the year, when the leaves are falling, or have, and the trees are all bare, fireplaces are lit up, coffee is sipped, hot chocolate at night, white lights are up at malls, coats, mittens, scarves, family, friends, books, movies- old movies!!! AHHH, walks with dad, holding a coffee cup to keep my fingers warm. Jazz music...then, Christmas music!

I love you all! I hope I get a chance to be with each of you this season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Congratulations Jeff and Elise

Or as Morg and I have affectionately termed them, Gordie and Lou. :)

Jeff proposed Friday, November 9, 2007

My best friend is getting married!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Check these kids out! My (future) son is gonna rock out like the little guy who comes up front! Not to mention my girls will bust a move now and then too :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I had such a fun time Sunday night! Morgan and I were studying at Kahilis when she got a call fro Elise, asking her (and consequently, me) to go hang out....a few minutes into their call, Todd (who was with Jeff and Elise) called me- telling me that we needed to go. We both had some homework to do first, but agreed we'd see...and might come later. Morgan and I had already texted Tyson, to come study with us at Kahilis for a while. He hadn't tected back or called, and it had been over an hour. Morgan and I decided we'd done enough homework and that we should run over and meet them earlier than we'd said- and surprise them. As we cleared our coffee cups from the table, I said I would feel so terrible if Ty ended up coming after all and we had left. Morgan reassured me that he wouldn't come without calling, especially since it had been over an hour. I agreed, she was right. As we walked out of Kahilis- Tyson called. "Hey, where exactly is Kahilis in Kirkland?" I said, "Don't come! We are leaving right now." "What? You told me to come- I am IN Kirkland!" Morgan and I coudn't help but laugh (ALOT) at this ironic situation. Ty didn't find it funny, and our humor in the situation only agrevated him more. Seriously, how wierd is that though?

We told ty where we had parked and when he pulled over, I apologized about 20 times (and he still was a bit bugged! Which I can understand), and eventually he decided to follow us to Red Robins to meet up with Elise, Jeff, and Todd. And thus the night ensued. It was a blast- it's been a while since I hve had one of these random fun nights, where theres nothing on th eschedule, and you just simply enjoy your friends- WHEREVER you happen to be. Our night led us to the Party Store, and you can see a window into our night from the photos. I laughed a LOT! I don't think I've ever hung out with quite this group...I believe I probably will a good deal in the future- at least, I hope. Anyways- I wanted to share a few smiles with you all :)

Love you.