Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey, I was looking for a way to try to add music to my blog...haven't found it yet. But look what I did find. I went to George Strait's website and I was just looking around for maybe some kind of media player (nope.), and they've added the info for his annual Team Roping competition. So, I just grabbed a few pictures to show you. I was thinking the other day, and I told Kim this, I want to see like country music stars like walking around at the grocery store, or filling up their gas tank, just so I can see if they are wearing a cowboy hat...or if they only wear them to performances. I wouldn't blame them if they only wore them then...if I was a country star, I would totally wear my hat- I wear it every semi-reasoble excuse I get. But then, I said, I bet George Strait wears his around...and Kim agreed for the same reason, because he really is a cowboy.

He doesn't live in a big fancy house near Nashville...he lives on his 50 acre ranch in Texas. He's a real cowboy...and it's evident with all his old-fashioned cowboy charm when he takes the stage and begins to sing Amarillo by Morning. I also noticed in this picture- that I think the woman with him is his wife, and I believe the young guy in the backround is his son, Bubba...you don't find pictures of him, like at all. Far cry from the "celebrities" and "heiresses" you tend to hear and SEE too much of, don'tcha think?
Oh, have I forgotten to mention that Kim's pregnant? OOps.

Monday, July 30, 2007

La mia settemana e bella!

Oh, that is so discouraging--- I know that I just wrote that all wrong- I can't even remember how to say 'My weekend was beautiful!' I am currently registered for Italian 201...however, I am rather concerned, because it could drop my gpa A LOT, and it is guaranteed to drop it at least a little. It's funny, when I was trying to write that sentence, I got super confused...and I am still not sure if what I was thinking I should write for "was" was Italian, Spanish, or Latin. Latin did help learning Italian, at times, but more often then not, it was just close enough to mess me up...I would want to start doing Latin chants on my Verificas (pop quizes!)..bo, bis. bit. bimus, bitis, bunt. bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant. ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erunt, o, s, t, mus, tis, nt, eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant.....funny how those darn chants haunt you...wish I could remember at least 3 of my Italian chants. shoot.....trouuuuuuble.

Yet, I will still probably keep the class, because I really would like to learn the language....and study abroad (?????)!!!

Not only that, but I really do believe that learning another language, somehow gives you a better command of your own. I will not forget how studying Latin, actually taught me the parts of 'language' so much better than I ever had understood them. Not to mention, Italian is romantic :) And as you all should know by now, I am a silly romantic girl...it's true.

This post, is about my weekend (though you might be confused after the Italian introduction which became a 4 paragraph argument about the Italian language and my success, or rather, failure with it).

Friday night, Kim and I went to Green Hills and wandered the mall for a bit, got some delicious gelato (see, Italian again- it's a hidden theme!), and then saw Hairspray. Short funny story- the theater (this word always bothers me- theater, or theatre?) didn't have the number visible outside so we thought we might be going into the wrong one, but it seemed like it should be #10. Well, after all the previews, the movie started and I'm thinking, "This doesn't seem right." Then we realize, it's License to Wed (because we had seen that a few weeks ago). Kim gets up and starts sneaking out of the theater, figuring, we weren't in #10 after all. But I hear someone behind me say that THEY were in the wrong movie, and a number of people all over the theater start trying to leave "discretely" so everyone doesn't realize that these stupid people have gone to the wrong theater....like Kim. Well, I lean over to the women next to us and ask them what movie they were here to see. They are kind of bugged at first that I am talking in their movie (they obviously had not seen Hairspray or License to Wed yet). They answer, "Hairspray." By this time Kim is at the exit, waving at me to come, and I just shout out to her, "It's the wrong movie- Everyone is here to see Hairspray!" At this time, pretty much everyone else is also figuring out what I have. Kim laughs and comes over, then she decides to go tell someone so they can fix it....a few others had too. I hadn't realized just how many people had "sneacked" out of the theater, until rows of people started filing back in. Everyone in the theater was laughing.

The movie was great by the way- I sooo wanted to dance after it. If Kris had been there, we probably would have been up face to face with the credits, dancing away. Instead, I just danced right in front of Kim the whole way out of teh theater---Green Hills is like Bellevue, but even more extreme....it's where Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban live...it's "hoity-toity..." you get what I'm saying ;) So, my dancing like I was a 1960's rockstar was probably a little out of place. lol....But, You can't stop the rhythm as it.....oh, sorry. Back to my weekend.

Saturday, is usually the wonderful, sleep in late and wake up when the day is half over, right? NO. 9am, and I was wide awake. It ended up great- I felt refreshed, and I had lots of time to spend with the Lord....and then still lots of time to blog. That's when I found all the little picture icons that are now on the left of my blog. I looked through that website at icons for like an hour! And, it's when I got to add those verses to the left as well...I'll probably just keep cycling those through as I find verses that are working in me.

When Kim and Jason finally got up, Kim make crepes and fresh French Press Coffee (that's why I look forward to the weekends these days!!!) while Jason and I fed our addictions- the drug of his choice, online scrabble...and of mine, well, you're looking at it. lol. Not really, but we like to laugh about it....we spent a lot of time this weekend with him on the computer in the guest room, playing scrabble and looking up new words, and me sitting on my bed, on my laptop....checking repeatedly to see if anyone left me a comment. (uhum.)

The crepes were delicious! Then, once we finally headed out of the apartment, we went to Franklin for their Fair. Where we ate yummy food, watched some cool people (I mean these guys, more than the Blue Grass Bands) ... ate Kettle Corn and just walked around for a bit. THEN, on our way back to the car, Kim swore that it was Kimberly Williams Paisley who had just walked buy us holding a little baby...I didn't think so. I had caught her profile and it just didn't look like her. Kim goes...I just looked her straight in the face- it's her. So we were walking along behind her, and she crossed the street, but kept walking in the same direction we were. Then, up ahead there were two girls with a camera, all excited. And Kim goes, "Thats Kimberly Williams, huh?" And they go- Yeah! She turns to me, SEE!

The girls went over and talked to her, but we just continued to our car. That's a pretty cool story, huh? Brad is on tour right now, so that's why I'm betting she was alone- plus she's probably got a better chance of just being left alone when he's not with her.

SO, we were done with our plans for the day, and it was only late afternoon. We were headed home and I asked if we could just go drive--I haven't seen much of the country, or even the suburbs since I've been here. Jason turned the car around and we just headed off into the hills. We came across this old battle site, and he pulled in. Of course, I wanted to get out, so we wandered around it for a few minutes, read the signs, and then jumped back in the car. We drove through some beautiful countryside and looked at amazing barns, lol, and huge houses! Then, Jason headed in the direction of Leiper's Fork.

As we pulled into town- comprised of 5(?) buildings- Jason pulled the car into a gravel parking lot and shut off the engine. We went into the coolest little hick shop- grabbed 3 glass sodas (orange creme for me, black cherry for Jason, and cream soda for Kim) and walked out to the front porch of a little art museum (closed by this time), and sat out on the porch swing with our kettle corn and soda. It was great- meanwhile, people were pulling up and dragging their lawn chairs and blankets around back. There was an outdoor movie all set up, just waiting for dusk. We waited around till dusk and caught the opening moments of the movie, then drove back through the hillside, with all the little sparkles of lightning bugs like the last few promises of the day, materializing.

Dusk is my favorite time of the day, and there is few things quite as wonderful as a drive through the countryside right as the sun and moon exchange guard. We didn't talk as much as we had on the ride out, the music was low, and we all just enjoyed the moment.

As we reached familiar territory, Jason told us a great story about driving a big 'ol lift (a construction vehicle that is HUGE, and is SLOW) down this curvy street and getting pulled over by a cop. He also pointed out the house of Tony Brown (I believe that's his name), George Strait's producer.

When we got home we were going to watch Sweet Home Alabama, but we watched So You Think You Can Dance, and Don't Forget the Lyrics with Jason so he could catch up--or perhaps, it was just so we could hear him sing along to the "So you think you can, so you think can, dance, dance, dance." And mimic Cat Deeley. ;)

Kim crashed out before we ever started Sweet Home Alamaba, so Jason and I started Tombstone- Jason's all-time favorite movie, and a movie I had never seen= a must movie for us during my stay. Doc is one of Jason's all time favorite characters, and I agree, he was pretty great. I guess the movie came out while Jason was playing in the Minors, and he and his travel roommate loved it and would watch it ALL the time...it was like their soundtrack for cardgames, sunbathing on the porch,,,everything. And they would sit on the field and quote the movie to each other. So Jason knows literally, every line. BUT, he was pretty good at keeping quiet during it...though, we did end up rewinding quite a bit because one of us would be saying something, or it was just too good and we had to hear it again, or there would be some funny detail that you wouldn't normally catch the first 4 times you watch it and Jason would point it out to me.

Can you believe we are only on Sunday? Sunday, we had church, which was great! Then, the three of us went to Corky's for some really, really good southern BBQ. We got a bunch of wet ribs and then we all picked different sides- Kim and I both ordered this delicious fried corn...it actually had a light seasoned fried batter on it--- I want to know how to make it because it was amazing! Then I also got fried apples, which tasted pretty much like the filling of an apple cobbler---delicious!

Saturday afternoon we were going to go swimming- I put on my swimsuit, and so did Jason...and Kim fell asleep and we just didn't end up going..Then sunday after church, I put on my swim suit and fell asleep, then kim ended up falling asleep...and again, we didn't go. lol. SO we never did make the pool this weekend.

Sunday evening we went to the Bluebird Cafe, apparently a very Nashville thing to do. It's a tiny little cafe, that they pack out twice, each night. We were there 45 minutes early and still hardly got seated (after waiting quite a while!). They turned plenty of people away. It's has a stage and I guess it is pretty tough to get to perform there, you have to pretty much already have a name for yourself. The performance is usually pretty impressive according to Jason, and everyone else we've heard about it from, but last night was like a writer's open night, kind of...they have to audition one minute of their song and wait in long lines and stuff. Well, it actually got frightening at one point...a guy got up there and sang a song he;d written called "Porky." We'd had out eye on him since we came in because he'd been acting so strange...I'd thought he might be autistic. When he got up, I was impressed how well he played the piano, but he was still acting very strange. Then his second song was "On the outside looking in"...all about being left out in highschool. The guys probably in his 30s! His third, and final song was called "Shopping for Love" and it included lines like "You're the only produce that will do" and "Can I put you on my grocery list." I litterally started laughing at this point! Jason and Kim were both too scared, Jason said he was afraid he was gonna pull a gun on all of us after the first two songs. There was a list of pretty bad ones- and only two of the 11 even seemed to be good song writers at all- which is frusterating when we are sitting right by Jason, who has impressed us with several amazing songs! There were two highlights in the actual show, Greg Atkins, who I can't really describe except 'cute.' I really liked him. He was just kinda layed back and made himself less than he was...and his songs were good- especially his first one. And he had an okay voice...I enjoyed his time on the stage. Last writer to get up was Angel Snow- she looked kinda captivating with bleached blonde hair, real short and styled cute, and this beautiful skin, and pretty eyes. She sat down on her stool and started singing and the place was like in a trance! She had an incredible voice, and she just stole the night!

At the end of the night, the writers spotlight was the guy who has written a number of songs I love! I already forgot his name..I'll ask Kim and Jason later. But, he wrote "A Little Past Little Rock" which is a beautiful song, and "Don't Ask Me How I Know" which was a hit the summer after we graduated...I loved that song! And he wrote, "Good Little Girls Make Some Mighty Wild Women" as well as "Better Man, Better Off." All are really great songs, or at leat fun ones. It was pretty cool and we were glad we'd stuck around for that.

We were home late, and I got to bed around midnight...and this morning, I am TIRED!
It was a wonderful weekend though. I do believe that some of the greatest moments are the ones no one plans. I think God's a romantic too, and He likes to surprise us. At times, He even tries to take our breath away.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just having some fun with my MacBook ;)

Today was one of my FAVORITE days-- I've got some fun details (and PHOTOS!)...and I'll share them, tomorrow, because the night is still young and we are about to watch Sweet Home Alabama. :)
I am kind of becoming a blogadict aren't I?

It's kind of become a joke here at the Keith household. I'm always like, "I blogged it." And either one of them replies, "I'm sure you did." lol.

It's funny mostly because last year in MCs, Jason was puzzled by this "timesheet" thing. He'd always be like, "put that one on your list." lol. One time I went to bed early and then my family woke me up at like 2am when we were like toasting them or something...."put that one on your list." Or, how about when I went to bed and woke up with Kim and Jason there at like 2 in the morning...lol...he goes, "How you gonna list this one?" exactly, lol....there's really no way to write that...even now...

My family decided a couple times in MCs that if I went to bed because of curfew, they could just ALL come get in my bed with me, it would be totally fine....as long as I was "trying to fall asleep" and i was in bed with the lights off. Let me add, my bed is only a queen...lol.

Well, we are about to hit the pool, and then we are going to Franklin.

I added some verses this morning that I came across in my Remix Bible (one of my favorite little surprises from my dad!!). THEN, I added some fun new pictures/icons.

I loved my comment from Morgan- even read it out loud to Kim and she totally laughed too. I have re-watched this weeks Wednesday and Thursday episodes of So You Think You Can Dance a couple more times...I fastfoward to the dances I like and the watch them, and then rewind and watch the dance again and then go to the next. Now that I have watched almost every dance 4 times (some more), I have become even more convinced how BIG of a mistake America made by sending Kameron home. :( I am very upset. But, I suppose the world goes on. ;)

If you hadn't guessed, we aren't going to the pool. Kim has been taking some heavy medicine the last week, doctors are trying to figure out what's going on, by the process of elimination. Right now- whatever is in her- they are going to kill. That looks like her being kind of sedated at times. She WAS getting ready for the pool-- Jason came out and said with a grin, "Your sister is moving in slow motion." He laughed and added, "She's stoned." We went in to see how she was doing getting ready, she was asleep in the bed and she responded rather slowly "Go ahead, I'll meet you guys down there." We both laughed, we decided to just stay around here for a while, and let her rest a bit.

Saturdays are so wonderful- Kim made crepes from scratch, with fresh homemade whipped cream, and french press for Jason and I. It was delicious! And best of all- we have all day today because Jason has the weekend off!!!

Love you guys!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Drum Role Please......

Okay- so this survey question is a joke. It's rough, because it shows the votes for each- that means even if someone didn't know, they could guess what everyone else had. Hmm. Well. We are ending this survey question early.

Thank You Toni for POSTING the answer in your comment...next time, could you vote and keep it to yourself? hmm? what do you say to that-? lol.

Yes, it's George Strait. There were 6 votes total, two for Gary and 4 for George. Being that I VOTED twice for Gary Allan...100% of you knew the correct answer. Yes, I love George Strait. How you all (all 4 of you- lol) knew that, I possible can't fathom.

And Toni, I know George is happily married and has been FOREVER. Plus, since he is older than my father...I don't need to marry him, I'd be happy with his first-born son ;) They call him Bubba....but it's really George Strait, Jr.

We ran into this conversation yesterday before Jason went to work--- turns out, he wouldn't try to get me a date with his son if he ran into George at Mortons...he's decided to air on the safe side of not sounding gay. I guess it's kinda true- but this isn't Seattle...you don't need to immediately assume the waiter is asking for himself when he asks you "Is you son still single?". HAHA, we had some good laughs yesterday.

Here's a few quick facts for your guys from George's myspace page... maybe enough to intrigue a few new listeners(?).

"After over 30 albums and 25 years of making timeless country music, earning armloads of awards, selling over 62 million albums, shattering attendance records in venues across the country and accruing more Number One singles than any other recording artist in history, it would seem theres little left for the biggest name in country music to achieve."

Just think of this- his first number one single was before I was born...and his most recent was this past year...not to mention the one climing the charts now. Impressive.

Yes, I am a fan. Yes, perhaps I am a BIG fan. Yes, I have a giant stuffed dog named Strait.

I'm glad you guys love me. ;)

(I promise I don't have any huge posters of him on my wall...and never had. I'm a classy fan, lol, the type that name giant stuffed bird dogs (as seen in, "Best darn bird dog we ever had") after their favorites. :)

< new question to the left <
So You Think You Can Dance!

Did ya'all watch it last night? I was a little upset. I was glad that girl went home....the remaining three are my favorite girls. As for the guys, my favorite are...crappp...I cannot ever remember their names. The blonde guy ( I had it down last night)...I think I have a little crush on him. ;) He is on of my FAVORITES! And my other favorite is the one they sent home last night- I COULD NOT believe it!! I thought for sure it would be the other guy in the bottom 4...FOR SURE. They announced it was Kameron (oh look- I remembered! yes!) and Kim and I at the same moment go -"WHAT!?" out of complete shock. I definitely had a cruch on him- he was such a good partner. They never felt he really "shined" or whatever, but didn't they notice that whatever girl he got partnered with became the star of the night!? He was a wonderful dancer- and he new how to really support and lead whoever he was dancing with- whatever style they were faced with. No, no, he should not have been going home. Send 'Ol Danny home. Or especially send home the other guy who danced the terrible austrian dance with ballet, valley girl who went home. NOOOO< not Kameron.

Sorry, I am still in the grieving process. ;)

Besides that...last night Kim and I went to the Opry Mills Mall (right across from the Grand Ol' Opry! :) We went there two years ago when I was here- it was one of my favorite thigns we did- especially since we went to this incredible restaurant that was circled around this giant tank that was filled with 2 big sharks, big eels, tons of big fish--- it was awesome---you felt like you were under the sea! AND the crab was delicious- which was a huge plus!

So, last night Kim and I came across some amazing steals! Also, I think I found a pair of great running shoes for a great deal..I bought them and I am gonna ask Jason (he worked in a special fitness store- plus he ran a half marathon- he should know if these are good or not). They are Aasics which are supposed to be one of the best running shoes.

Why do I need new running shoes you may ask? Well- old ones are destroyed.....which matters because, Toni and I have decided to train for a half marathon. I am extremely nervous because it is the weekend after Thanksgiving, which isn't very far away----and I just had 3 Krispy Kremes this morning, lol....in other words, I am the most out of shape I have ever been in my life. Don't take this for granted...I have been playing soccer about as long as I have been able to spell my name. Then in junior high, it became select, plus junior high soccer (with the amazing Kim Rankin as my coach!!!! holla!! lol). Then, higher premier, plus basketball, and eventually throw on Inglemoor High School team too. That was like my golden years as far as being in shape! Then-- came MCs. I thought I was bad then because I wasn't allowed to go running by myself anymore. Well...now I don't even have dance practice or pathetic exercises 3x a week....I have nothing! I have not gone running in at least 2 months....I didn't even have good running shoes any more.

THUS STRUCK my brilliant idea. I have for several years planned to someday run a marathon. It's one of those things you secretly want yourself to achieve but you don't want anyone to know because they might actually expect you to do it. lol. Yeah....well, the time has come where I need to have some kind of goal to make myself feel challenged and also get back in shape. Toni- aka Rosie- and I have mentioned a couple times to each other that we should run together..we have wanted to for some time now, but never do.

THE PLOT THICKENS. Kim told my sister and I some time ago that Jason, and his sister and brother in law (Scott and Kelley) wanted to walk the marathon here in Seattle Thanksgiving weekend. I kind of had the thought in my head - wouldn't it be cool to run it....hmmmm.

So, my first week or so here, I decided I wanted to try it. I texted Toni, and I texted Todd to see if his mom could help us make a training schedule. Well, Toni mentioned it to her mom- who is incredible excited about it-- made her call Todd's mom (who is good friends with Toni's mom- following still?) and Todd's mom is so awesome- she's totally helping us come up with a training schedule, free of charge and all (she's like wonder woman- triathlete- personal fitness trainer woman). The schedule starts when Toni gets here!! SO- I have got to get some running shoes so i can start running ;)

The thing is, I have terrible ankles and knees from all the years of soccer and I will need to invest in a pair that will give me the support I need....I hope I found that pair.

Well...that was largely our night.

Funny thing I'll share...we were watching So You Think You Can Dance, all cuddled up in the guest bed (aka- my bed). And these Severe Thunderstorm Warnings kept coming up and I was asking Kim about them...I was kinda getting excited (I like the storms here!), thinking it might hit us a little (not actually "hit" us, you know what I mean). Kim said, "It's not really near us, look at the little white dot, that's where it is. The yellow dot is Nashville, and that's pretty much where we are." I was a little bummed. Then later Kim goes, "Yeah, see its moving further away." Then she adds a few seconds later, "Not to mention this is taped." We both started laughing at ourselves.

Good times. And I am having many of them! I am so excited for the weekend...Jason took the weekend off, which is awesome! He has been working every night this past week, so we have seen pretty little of him- which you can imagine how much Kim and him hate that! I can only imagine how difficult that has got to be for them. But, they make the best of it. I am very impressed by them, and I admire their relationship a lot! :)

This weekend they have planned some fun stuff- we are going to Franklin for Saturday, and The Blue Jay Cafe Sunday night, after some pool lounging! It will will be a wonderful weekend. OH, and Kim and I are finally gonna catch Hairspray tonight!

Love you guys!

(PS---leave your names after your comments (ahum, ahum, Elise, hehe)! I can usually tell who it is, but it would help if you just signed your note. Dad usually insists on still not leaving it-- it's a battle of wills after an old post I left telling my family to sign their notes! But I can tell it's him because he says "Baby" and other things that I can totally hear him saying just how he says them to me when he's teasing me. Love ya daddy! - I know you really just enjoy knowing your girls can "recognize your voice." I guess it's the special priviledges of a father.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Kim has been talking about this cute little boutique. Today we stopped by Posh, and it's shoe store next door- it wasn't quite as great as I had built up my expectations for- but Kim said its not quite as cute as it usually is-- just a bad season--- truly, I think it was just that everything I really liked was a little too expensive for my taste...well, almost everything. I managed a couple amazing steals...

My new black sling- backs...I believe thats what these are called, right? Aren't they incredibly cute!? I knew kris would be proud of me, she really hasn't left me much choice but to look for a new pair since she reminds me how old the pair I usually wear are...I like them though. But they have become rather "outdated" - which gives me a great excuse to buy these!

Then, at the boutique...the first thing I saw when we walked in the door was this petty coat....my mom is going to say "wow, kati, that looks like you" when she sees it (by the way- she will love the jacket- and the shoes, especially since they are pat and leather--- how do you spell that?) I said to Kim- "I don't even want to look" in reference to the price tag... we looked all over the shop and then while we waited for her friend to leave, I looked. "Oh my gosh!" It was such a great price for it- like $65! In this shop- that was a miracle! And they had only two left- a Small and a Large. Believe it or not, the small is actually a tid bit too big-- i might need to get the sleaves and the waist brought in just a smidge. But I am sooo excited about my buys! The shoes will look AMAZING with a cute black cocktail dress- won't they!? And that jacket is going to be one of my best friends come school---yo udon't realize how cold Seattle can get until you are waiting outside for a bus every day- and walking from end to end of the campus! My other best friends at school are my cute down coat from Kris, all my sweaters, my thermal underwear (don't laugh- I LOVE them! Kris and I exchanged them on Christmas Eve!), sometimes my fleece pants, OH, and Tyson and Kyle--- not for warmth purposes....lol.

Anywho, I'm fixin ;) to wear my new jacket, a cute black hat (which I have yet to buy), and some jeans as my cute easy, warm outfit! I'm excited for school suddenly. I really do miss my bus rides so much, I saw Ty every day and now I rarely see him. It's much more fun to sit at a bus stop with a good friend, then all alone...not to mention you feel a lot safer when all the crazy (litteraly!) men start talking to you. I especially miss our secret Starbucks trick...we'll have to introduce Braden to that trick. Though, it sometimes was to blame for Ty and I going rather late to class, or skipping altogether--- a warm mocha is soo irresistable on a rainy Seattle morning!

Kim is cooking up something delicious in the kitchen and I ought to go act like I am helping....she likes my company :) Tonight is "So You Think You Can Dance"....I so wish there was an option to insert audio clips on here, because I wish I could show you how Jason says that- it's halarious and now whenever I say it or type it or hear it, I hear him in my head say "I'm Cat Dealy, and this is So You Think You Can Dance!"...he totally mimicks her and its great! He also sings along with the little song after each commercial "So you think you can, so you think you can, Dance! Dance! Dance!" I think I look forward more to hearing him say that, then I do to the actual dancing!

I love you all!

Wow! I just walked into the kitchen- and it smells AMAZING! Seriously- I LOVE MUSHROOMS!! Yummy! Mushrooms and biscuits for dinner!
Hey all. Another day, another dollar. :) Don't honestly know where I pulled that one out from? I promise, has nothing to do with Tennessee, probably more from my Uncle Charlie or something...don't know, but it's quality, haha.

Well, mostly, I wanted to point out the new aspects of my blog layout...look at the strip to left. At the top I added the lyrics to one of my all time favorite songs...which also applies to the "Hope is an Anchor" title...though don't write off the whole meaning of it as simply a song I like...it's got a good story behind it.

Also, at the bottom left, you'll see a new feature....a survey! It's up for a week, then I put up a new question and post the answer the previous weeks. Just thought it would be fun. This question I tried to make trickly, but Kim laughed at it...she wasn't fooled. BUT vote, whether you know that you know, or you couldn't be less sure...it will only be fun if people vote!

I'm trying to get my blog more interactive, it's great writing and letting you all know where I am at- but it's even greater when you guys WRITE BACK! Toni, sorry Rosemary, has become my new best commenter...but I know Morgan, and Elise, and Bianca, and Kate H. are all reading- because you've told me so....yet, no comments? So, when you get a chance--- respond...and when you don't really have time, I understand (...but atleast click the survey 'cus that fun!)

Two weeks till I am home again, and then it looks like August still won't be slowing down for me. Family Camp- and then likely a short road trip with my Dad! :) Plus, I will be going to San Francisco for work in October (?) for work...granted I still have a job with all my vacations!

I have to mention quickly, we had an amazing thunderstorm yesterday--- I WOULD have pictures to show how drenched we got just walking to the parking garage...but Kim has had enough of my camera fanatacism. :( And she wouldn't fork over the camera from her bag. Note to self: Purchase new camera body.

Love you guys!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Todays post isn't going to be so much of dishing about WHAT I've been up to. It's just my thoughts.

When you are away from "your life" for a while, it has some affects. For starters, all your friends become your favorite people in the world...you are too far away to be bugged by the silly little things that usually drive you nuts about them (hehe). Kim and Jason are probably going to get sick of listening to me pretty soon...with all my chatting about how great everyone is.

But the real thing thats on my mind right now is work. I have been away from my job, or jobs, for 3 weeks now. And I have been filling in here at Kim's law firm for the past 2 weeks. I keep thinking about writing. How am I going to get from here, to there? How am I going to be "a writer" who actually has articles printed and read by others- others who are strangers ;)

I am going to school, which I know is an obedient step- I know it's where God has me. But, should I be working in a place I can practice, and learn about writing? Shortly before I left, my manager asked me some similar questions. I have been so focused on wanting to be a help to my company, that I really haven't stopped to listen if its really a help to me. Sorry, I stumbled in writing that because I know it sounds selfish, but its true. I love the people at my company, I am learning A LOT about marketing and important business lessons. I even have it in the back of my mind to maybe double major and get something in marketing or communications. BUT, I don't want to get lead away from what I am really supposed to be doing. I also don't want to box God in, because who knows how my writing might play out-- maybe it will involve business??? (Though let me tell you, I have tried my hand at a couple press releases..not my forte.)

Business writing has already begun to help my style though, believe it or not. The first few things I wrote at work...I litteraly got laughed at for, and not in a playful manner. At least who I am working with, do not like cliches or typical marketing jargon- they are blunt. They want to say what we really mean, in as few words as possible. My style tends to be flowy, and it hurts a bit when I work hard to make it sound great and they cut it all up and keep on the parts which keeps it pumping. The body isn't so beautiful any more once you chop it up- when was the last time you saw a French painting of just a few pumpin organs lying on an examiners table? I hope NEVER is your answer.

But who knows, maybe this is just part of my training. Or maybe, its a season of waiting in the dungeon and doing my best while I am there...I guess thats a season of training too. But mostly I am wondering, am I supposed to be there right now?

My life is composed of so many parts and its hard to tell where I can remove, or should remove. School is coming shortly, and I will not be able to do all that I am able to through the summer- I will either need to quit one job (likely the coffee shop), or some how cut back..I will need to cut back on both regardless. I enjoy my marketing job, and I will likely remain there, its been a blessing in so many ways. But I want to make sure I keep my eyes on aim so I don't end up way to the right or left 10 years from now, wondering how I got there.

Like I said, just my thoughts. I feel a deeper urging to begin writing and really living in the now- and I am trying to find further details- what does that look like? I have even had several people tell me directly within the past few months "Now is the time to write" not to mention a number of different teachings and sermons from DIFFERENT people and places which have said, now is the time to begin doing what you were created to do...even adding "write books!" Crazy- huh?

Exciting! I just need to make sure I don't strangle out the exciting plans God is developing by my own busy schedule. I don't mind running hard and doing it all- but I need to know that I am not running in a million aimless directions.

The weekend before last, Kim and Jason were in Chicago and I stayed home and watched movies like I haven't in probably two years! I pulled out Pearl Harbor- a favorite, but one I rairly watch since it takes like 4 hours of your day! There was a line in it which I loved and keep thinking about. One of the officers asked a pilot, "Are you anxious to die?" And he replied, "Not anxious to die sir, just anxious to matter." I really love that!

Love you all! These are such exciting times, and I am grateful I get to live them with you!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Goodbye old friend, may the force be with you"

Lazy Sunday. Kim has not been feeling well- some strange things with her jaw and ear and now throat...and it kept her up much of the night. So this morning, I wasn't woken up for church...I was woken up at 12:30 with Jason's frnech toast- which I am not letting out the secret, but he makes them a different way and they are delicious! We enjoyed the french toast- I had 5 pieces! They were like half slices, but Jaosn still called me "Fatty!" I haven't been called that in a while- since dad stopped referring to me as "Phatty" (Pretty hot and tempting, huh dad? hehe.)

Then we sat and watched Star Wars 3, well the first half of it...we just stopped it because jason has to go to work...which also means Kim is pouting beside me. Full lower lip extension. Banks is grooming on the chair in the corner- primping like a princess as usual. Sorry- Banks is Kim's cat. She thinks she is a queen and we are all in her royal service. Litterly, she wakes Kim and Jason up every morning at about 7am- sitting in their doorway, "Meow!" Which interprets, "Get out of bed right now and feed me." Jason loves to torture her..and I love to watch, ahaha.

Jason wants to know what we are going to do the rest of the day...probably something like yesterday- pool, watch a movie, eat some ice cream. Yep. Maybe today we will head to Franklin like Kim wanted to do yesterday...then again, maybe we will stay on the couch, as we are RIGHT now, like we did yesterday. lol. We WANT to do something, but then, we don't. HM. Tough life, we know, but we do it for all those we love.

Perhaps today we will really go out and live a little, sweet tea in Franklin, or perhaps see Hairspray. BUT, that would require a shower, and I just am not sure I can extend that much today. haha. KIM's pulling on my swim suit strap, which reminds me. This morning I woke up and realized I had slept in my swim suit. My family will laugh at that- they know I LIVE in swimsuits ALL summer, have since I was little. Perhaps thats why I buy so many...I need them. I usually just change form one to another. And, that is what I did yesterday. I am proud to say I have been in one swimsuit or another now for 28 hours, and the forecast is SUMMER! Woooo-hooo!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


We drove for about 20 minutes to "a good Krogers." Krogers really do differ from one to the next, so we drove out to, honestly, an awesome Krogers. I laughed at the thought, but by the time we reached the hair and cosmetics isle....I agreed. But, I don't think their produce is quite as good as all ours...I dunno. BUT, as you can see, they do have a far superior selection of jams..!
Before leaving, Kim went through a few of her cooking magazines and choose some new good look'n recipes.. including, Beef & Spinach Lasagna, Beef & Bean Braid, Greek Chicken Wings, New Red Potatoe Salad, Asparagus Brunch Pockets (Can't wait for this one!!!)....plus I had a special part in picking the desserts...Jello Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits, Lemon Dill Chicken Popover, and Creamy Lemon Squares! Yes...I know I am SOOO ridiculously lucky. (Toni-- drooling? Yep....leave your running shoes at home....we'll eat now, train later! hehe.) Kim also organized all the ingredients "so we wont forget anything" It was nice though, we didn't have to run back to different isles, we went to frozen foods, to dairy (milk, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, eggs), evetually to our hair products and toiletries, and ended with the produce. It was impressive, but in a very Kimmish way. :) Two things people whou don't know my sister very well are learning from this blog: 1. Kim is very organized. 2. Kim is a killer cook!
You know what else I found at the store? They have Dreyers just like us, but they call it Eddy's...whats the Marketing point in that? Do Southerners really prefer to buy Eddy's ice cream over Dreyers? Well, maybe Seattlites would prefer that too, huh? You should think about that Mr. Dreyers Marketing Man...or should I say, Eddy? OOOO BURN. (hehehe- like that one Kris, Mom and Dad???)

At the point I took this picture Kim had decided I was ridiculous... she decided that long ago, but she said it now. But I had to take a picture, because I thought this was so cool, my godfather's name is Bob Evans and he is one rock'n cook!! He makes such tasty food- especially BBQ chicken! He actually sells his BBQ sauce, its called Rob.E.Q Sauce- clever huh? Its YUMM.E! Okay, I know. I'll stop. In my defense, I am not feeling well...I am shaking and feel like I'm burning up...it just hit me in the last ten minutes...wierd huh.

No joke, I am not just trying to poke fun... this was in a special center section near the meats... Yep, pickled eggs and Pigs Feet, there were some other things too, but they weren't as great as these two!

I'm fix'n for a tasty dinner- I can smell it!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dad, you are a stinker!

Apparently my dad has already rented out my room, and found my Buble tickets. Yes, he left a comment recently, thanking me for the tickets himself, my mom, aunt Ivy and uncle John (sandstrom), will be enjoying. The tickets that I snagged for Elise, Robert, Tyson and I. That's right- the four of us are going to see Michael Buble in concert!!!! It happened last minute and involved me calling and texting them all at like 6am...I can't believe it all worked out! I was on right when they went on sale and already most of the tickets had been bought in the presales! They eventually added another date to his Seattle shows because he was doing so well here. I am soooo excited, see I will be home (and apparently I will have to kick a boarder out of my room--- TONI??? Did you move in? lol).

Robert, Elise, Tyson and I have grown up together in "the neighborhood" and our last few years of high school especially we spent A LOT of time together and built a pretty special friendship. In MCs we all were distanced and got to grow in different ways and in different relationships, and then this past year we each were lead in different 'trainings' by God. Though we know things will never be quite like they were in high school, we are all getting really excited for Elise to be moving home and hopefully we will get some time to go to O.O. Denny, bbq, and listen to Buble again.

I love new friends, but the saying is true, old friends are treasures. I can't wait for our special date!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Missin Kristin.

I got to talk to Kris on the phone today....and I miss her. :(

Love you Krisy-Poo ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bye Bye Blondie.

Kim and I finally had our hair appointments today, we were both VERY overdue! Mine looked bad because it was soo blonde and my dark grow-outs were VERY obvious. Yes, I know you have all noticed, many of you have commented. Kim decided that I needed to capture my hair stylist- Dusty. I gotta say he was pretty stink'n cute, and he had a great little accent. Bonus Point: George Strait's character in Pure Country was Dusty :) and he kinda looked like him (but a LOT younger). Anywho, despite what you may at this point be assuming about me, I was not drooling (but I might have blushed). He was a really cool guy- a good friend of Kim's stylist (katie---- sooo funny and cute!)....but I walked away without a number or a date SO NO WORRIES, lol. You know me. Jason's sister and brother-in-law are in town as well right now and when Kim and I got home from our appointment, Scott met us outside and told us that Kelley was really sick....it got so bad that he had to take her to the hospital about an hour ago and we are waiting to here more. It looks like food poisening, and Kim said they will have to stop her from throwing up and then hook her up to an IV to get her hydrated again. So PRAY for her!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Toni Time!

Apparently my blogging has been inspiring...so inspiring that one of my bestest friends read my blog yesterday, and bought a ticket to Tennessee today!!!!

Can you believe that? I hardly can! I've never had a friend come visit me on vacation, then again I've never left for "vacation" for 5 weeks ;) I'm soooo excited!!!

I'm not saying who it is, but I think you might be able to figure it out...if you're a real sharp one and pay attention to the details ;)

Meanwhile, Kim and I are watching her favorite "So You Think You Can Dance"- its pretty AMAAAAAZING! I'll probably stay up for it and the next show "What Are The Lyrics?" and then I am off to bed early because I am soooo stinkin tired, I did not sleep well last night because my schedule is so thrown off. I was exhausted at work and was honestly struggling to keep my eyes open :(

Pray I get some good sleep tonight!
Love you guys!

This is gonna be the best darn Tennessee trip we ever had! (Toni!) hehehe.