Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is mainly for Kim and Jason,

WE HAVE LOTS OF SNOW! It dumped yesterday and then froze- Kris got stuck about a mile from Barco and had to leave her car and walk to Barco's and it took dad a really long time to get home from everett. Meanwhile...I was home from classes by 1:30 and was safe and warm- until later when I went out and played in the snow for hours and hours! We had a snowball fight and played tackle football down at the school (always fun in deep snow), and then Rob and I went sleding after everyone else went in. UW didn't cancel classes at their Seattle campus (though they did at their Bothell and Tcaoma campus'! dangit) but I e-mailed my teacher and told her I couldn't make it in. So..a wonderful day at home in the snow, again. I'm hoping we decorate our tree today, we have had it sitting on the back porch for days now. HEY LOVE YOU ALL and I wish some of you atleast were here to play with me in the snow...Kris, we could have built a big igloo!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A funny story...

So last night I was being my OCD self and I was 'arguing' with Dad about this little basket that he keeps moving on the window seal. Every morning I wake up and go into the bathroom (mine and Kris' bathroom downstairs!) and the first thing I see is this brown basket, off centered, pushed awkwardly against the old glass coke bottle that hold a flower (a fresh one, not a fake one- thats important to me, lol). OKay, so keep in mind dad and I are in the bathroom at about 2:30am aruging back and forth about the placement of this small basket. Actually, we aren't quite arguing, I am actually begging him to let me atleast angle the basket the other way of he wont let me move it back to where it belongs on the other side of the window seal. He, eventually willing to TELL ME WHY it must be in that ridiculous, off-centered position, tells me to open the window- thus knocking over the basket, which falls and knocks over the glass candle holder on the floor and making quite a commotion. I pick it all up- part laughing at this whole event, but still truly frusterated (dad's favorite word, hehe). Suddenly, in the midst of me putting things back, and re-angling the basket Dad starts laughing and points at the toilet and says, "Look what you did!" "You dropped your shoes in the toilet!"

Well....I had been picking up the bathroom and cleaning (yes, don't all normal people clean their bathroom at 2:30 in the morning?) And I had grabbed Kris' tennis shoes off the floor to put in her room, when dad came in and pushed the basket in against the coke bottle. I still don't know when, or how, but somehow I dropped KRIS's shoes in the toilet in the midst of our "argument" (and by the term 'argument' I mean a persuasive discussion incorporating all the available means of persuasion). As Dad is laughing, I thrust my hand into the toilet (okay- admit it, you are all wondering about the manner of the toilet at this moment...it is flushed, and it had just been cleaned hours before) and grab out Kris's tennis shoes, explaning to dad (in a very panicked, loud tone) "They aren't mine- They are Kris's!" "Crap! Crap!" Dad begins lauging harder than I have heard him laugh in a while, knowing full well that his middle daughter is about to kill me! I began panicking, wondering what to do with them.

Dad said, "throw them in the bath tub. She'll think they got wet in there." But she'd still get mad at me- how did they get in the bath tub?! I went and 'rung' them out in the laundry room and set them on the floor. By now, Dad's filled mom in on the story and she is laughing with dad as I worry about where I can put the shoes to dry. katherine's on the stairs, "what happened?" I said- "Go to your room!" Mom and dad both still laughing, even harder. I set them on the floor in the back corner of the laundry room, hoping she wouldn't see them....and then this morning, I could help but tell her the whole funny story. She laughed, until she found out WHICH shoes. :(

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today, we had a big storm, and I put a fire in and lit a yummy candle and Kolleen and Katherine and I all bundled up by the fire and I read two chapters out of Tales of the Kingdom. Then after it all blew over I let them go play at their friend's house down the street and I took my bif down comforter off my bed and cuddled up on the couch. It wasn't for long, but I enjoyed it, and I called Kim. :) And I took a bath after I read to the girls. It was a pretty good day. There isn't a whole ton to write about these days, especially since I talk to you all either in person or by phone. I'm reading Mere Christianity (again), I like that book. It breaks life down to being simple again. And I am in Exodus, chapter 30. OKay. Well, I love you all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It is TURF TOE, sorry if I made yet another typographical error. And, I can now shed some more liight on the issue. So, my big toes on both feet were hurting really bad all week, but by yesterday they had started to feel considerably better, so I decided to sub in the indoor soccer game again last night. Part way into the game (past half time) my left big toe began to hurt really TERRIBLY bad when I put pressure on it in a particular way. I hopped out of the game and took off my shoe to check it, beginning to consider if I should even get my toe x-rayed. Well. I have had this deep red toe nail polish on all week, and it had started to get rubbed off a little last night in the game, so I was able to see the bottom of the nail (toward the joint of the toe)- and yes- I was very suprised to see that it was all a deep blue. I sat out a couple minutes and then finished out the game. When I got home I took off the polish on both feet, and found that both of my big toes are all bruised under the nail. The left foot is really terrible, and now everyone has me scared I am going to lose the nail- grose, i know! :( My feet hurt even worse then last week- it honestly hurts to walk because putting pressure on them hurts- and shoes hurt really bad. Well- I thought I should share this important development with you all. I am not sure this is even classified as 'turf toe' but if so, this is one of the worst cases!!! I hvae never seen this happen to my feet, at least not this bad. I don't know if its from my shoes, or if from one of the guys when they stepped on my feet in the game- who knows. :( OKay, glad I've shared, lol.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am doing a poor job of keeping my blog updated. Our computer has become much slower- or our internet has actually. So, I don't often have the patience to wait for it all to load. Plus I write so much lately that after I finish doing my homework, I don't necessarily feel like writing in my blog. But I know I ought to. PLus, life is largely the same ol'- same ol'.

Well- I found out I am doing good in college- in at least 2 out of 3 classes. I had a midterm in Italian on Friday and I am very nervous to get it back. I hope I did well! I like learning what I am, I enjoy it alot!

Mom, Kris, the girls (Katherine and Kolleen), me, Todd, and our neighbor Paul all went rollerskating last night. It was a very random group- but it was the most fun I have had rollerskating! I laughed so hard! (but don't worry- I didn't pee my pants.) Then I came home and read the new Nicholas Sparks book until a quarter to three- I finished it in bairly over 2 days! I still don't know how I feel about it. I loved it and hated it and kind of just feel- I don't know :/ Anyways...I am sure Kim will comment more on it as she reads it. Now tonight I have my homework to finish, but mom is on the phone behind me and the tv is on so I am waiting for all that to be gone and then I will finish my homework (all I have left is what I need to do on the computer).

There were a lot more fun things yesterday too- I should start from the beginning. I got up REALLY late and went and jumped i Kris' bed- where I joined myself to her plans for the day, lol. I didn't think we would actually end up getting to spend the day together again- but I am very glad we did! We were gonna go get some coffee to start the day, but when we realized that day was home, and up we decided we wanted him to come with since we don't see him much these days. So, with mom's approval, the three of us headed out for coffee (which became coffee and quiche). It was a good time and we talked for hours. I really enjoyed it!

Then, we came home and I quickly retreated to my room to get back to my book, but Kris came in and teased me and we ended up going to a movie. We called Todd, who happened to be heading to a movie with his cousin so we met at Woodinville and all saw Catch A Fire. (Thats how Todd ended up being part of the rollerskating). After the movie we sat outside for a while and talked- then Kris and I headed home. We picked up mom, the girls, and our neighbor Paul (lol) and went to the rink. It was a blast- and mom has still got some stuff! I have never seen her skate I think, until last night. It was a good time- if I haven't already made that clear.

I played in an indoor game last monday with a bunch of people from church- it was fun- even though we got spanked! I have never lost by so much in my life! truly! I also got really bad trug toe I think- like REALLY bad. It's wiers. Its been almost a week and my big toes on each foot are still sore, primarily near the nail.

UGH- I want to do my homework. I can't wait to get a lap top. Hopefully I will get it sometime this week! I'm supossed to call Chris this week about getting set up to start working for him. YEAH! OKAy, I hope this was enough to fill you all in...and not too random and confusing, lol! LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS!