Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another, randon quick post.

You know something I love, especially in girls. I love it when someone knows they have something special- or do somethign special- a talent, a gift, anything that would be admirable to others, and they don't feel they need to tell everyone. I'm not referring to talents which should be used to bless, encourage, or help others (I think our talents in that sense are usually given to us to bless others). I'm struggling to explain this. I guess I mean more of a possession, or a cool habit- and the person keeps it to themself, and perhaps a chosen few, until the time to reveal it (if that time ever comes). I really love it. I admire girls especially who can do this, I think for two reasons. One, we tend to be the ones who feel we need to display all our "greatness" or "uniqueness"- especially when we're young. Second, I think women espcially were created in such a way, as to be "hidden"- they should be sought out. I guess it is sort of true, women are mysteries- or should be, but too often aren't today. And mysterious enough that perhaps people don't recognize the mystery until they stop and take some time to look again, or a few more times.

This is becoming more than I intended it to be. It all sprung because I just thought of something a friend told me recently- which completely stunned me- not just because it was very cool what she actually said, but that I had never known it, and know that few others do too. When a girl, or I guess woman (I am still not used to using this term, obviously), has something that makes her special in one way or another, and treasures it enough to keep it hidden- I cannot help but respect her and mark her maturity.

Too often, I tell myself not to tell people something neat about myself or my life, but then I run around and toss it from person to person- so excited, and probably arogant and insecure. I definitely want to grow up more in this, and become more of the mature woman, who 'hides these things in her heart.' It's such a challenge sometimes though, finding how to do this, while also remaining vulnerable and open. I guess it really comes down to WHO you tell, and why. Believe it or not, I tend to keep too much to myself- not bad things (well, sometimes), just most deep I've been learning to share those things in confidence.

I am learning more and more the value of being known by a few, rather than just knowing many. I'll take a close, faithful few over a bunch of 'fun buddies' any day, and I'll trust them with my secrets.
Oh my word, so after you watch the Michael Buble video on my blog (below), watch a few of the other ones it gives you the option of "brickbreaker" and "sign language"- they are little bips of him talking or being interviewed and you'll see a taste of his personality and you'll like him even more- guaranteed. That's all- I just saw that and watched the other ones it pops up and thought they were great.

Morgan- you are in- though next time, I am going to hopefully have more notice when the tickets will be going on sale, and I am going to collect money before I buy the tickets...that way I can pick up more for people. Also- I am going to join his fan club before hand so I can buy them during the presale so we can get better seats! That's my strategy. :) Of course, God could just happen to make us run into each other one morning at Starbucks, and we could become the bestest of friends, and that would be cool long as he lets me bring along my friends to the show.

It's 7am, I've been at work almost an hour, and there is not one other person in the office, at least on the first floor. I love coming in when no one else is here- my manager will probably arrive soon, and one of our designers, but besides that our office is full of late-comers. They will roll in between 8 and 10, most around 10. It's supposed to be in the 80s today! That's why I came in early- I need to make sure I put in some good hours, since I took a week off with my dad, and I'm hoping to be out of here between noon and two or so. Perhaps I'll work from home, aka my backyard. :)

Anything else good to share?? Hmm. School starts in a little less than a month for me. I am taking Archaeology, Italian 201, and Logic. I really cannot remember a full sentence in Italian, so second year level is probably going to rock me....but I really want to learn the language, well enough to speak it fluently, if not perfectly. I also would really like to study abroad this spring quarter, in Italy! If not this year, then next, when Ashley, Mackie, Morgan, Ramah, Jordyn....ALL of those great girls are in their Junior year and will travel there! It would be pretty awesome to be able to meet up with them all...especially if I'd been living there for a few weeks already, and I could speak the language quite well. We'd have fun, wouldn't we?

Mom, Dad, and the twins get home today...another reason why I'd like to get out of the office early today- I'd prefer to clean up the house better...theres a few dishes in the sink, Kris and mine's laundry are clean, but unfolded on the couch....I'd love to vacuum. I actually really do love to vacuum- strange thing about me I thought I'd share. When I was about 4, my mom would take out the middle piece and make the vacuum bar/handle short enough that I could walk around and vacuum....she would have to go behind me later, since a four year old isn't the best vacuumer (especially when the vacuum is bigger than she is!)....but by 7 I bet I was pretty good. My mom taught me to vacuum like I was coloring. Anyways, strange thing about me, I like to clean (if I know it will stay clean a little while!) and I especially like to vacuum. There you have it.

Goodness I'm tired. I think I have this weekend off, which is cool! Anything going on this weekend that I have forgotten about?? Tonight is Thursday- homegroup! I keep remembering, and forgetting, and's kind of exciting that way- I just better be at the "remembering" end around 6 tonight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Buble was amazing!

I don't have any pictures to post...not yet at least, but WOW! The man is talented, far more than I realized. I expected to hear him sing all his great songs, and to really enjoy it...but I was not expecting the show he put on, or to fall quite so in love with him! Elise, Tyson, Rob and I have been looking forward to this since June! We all four walked away bigger fans than before- and we were pretty big fans before. His personality and sense of humor were great- he was so much more down to earth and realistic, and funny then I expected. Like 1/3 of the audience (seriously- a bunch!) was his family members- his mom and dad were in the front row. Turns out, though he was born in Canada, he was raised here near he put on quite a special show. People were going crazy- and they kinda of allowed it- like several girls got up and walked to the stage and handed him things or asked to take a picture with him- and he let them- he didn't seem to love it- but he didn't make anyone stop it! And he ran down to his family and picked up his little cousins- gave the little girl a kiss...hugged his aunts and uncles, ran all over seeing his family in the middle of the conert! The show went till after 11, when it was scheduled to end at 10, so I am curious if we got something a little extra since it was such a special night for him. I think who he was might have come out a little more since he had so much support from all his family there....let me tell ya, he was great!

He was really smooth, like the man can dance! At the start of one dance he tap danced- just a few seconds- but you could tell he was good. He did an Elvis cover too- he said he wanted to prove to people he was a MAN, not some sissy "nice guy." It was pretty entertaining...he was all "This isn't how I wanted it to be. I wanted to be a hockey player...I'm MIKE Buble! All these journalists in the States are all, "He's such a nice guy. He loves his grandpa..." But I'm not, I'm a 'bada$$', I am!" Which was just so funny, 'cus everything about him is so nice and old'fashioned charm. He kept building this whole "Man" thing up and he had all the men shouting "Yeah" with him...then he finally blasted out the "Manliest song ever".....It's fun to stay at the joke! He had all his band sining along with the motions and all....not to mention all the men in the audience too! It was quite the entertainment! The audience was dying in laughter.

It was such a great show- I will definitely be seeing him again next time! If you like his music- you will LOVE his concert- and you'll love him more after! Even the songs, I only kinda liked from his albums, I loved when he sang them live.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have a couple hours left until I have to head home, and I am praying we can get down to the beach in time for me to have a little time there! I am still such a kid- 8 o'clock....wide awake. Everyone was asleep and I had showered, put on my swimsuit, spent time with the Lord and eaten. Now all are up, but it's drawing near quickly to noon, and that's really the LATEST I should leave. I'm tempted to push it and stay longer, but then I'll get caught in traffic and end up having to go to the concert in my swimsuit and shorts ;)

I like the feeling of being on the road- I think, honestly, I'm not sick of it yet..I'm ready to pack up again and hit the road (though this time I'll be alone, and heading home). The only change I would make is I'd make stops along the way at beaches for a few hours here and there...that would be really fun.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cannon Beach

I'm so very tired, I don't feel like blogging much, but I don't want to skip all these fun things from today. We made it from Eureka to Cannon Beach! It is beautiful- yes- I found our vacation spot for spring break morgy moo. It's so nice- and you can build bonfires at night on the beach- you'd love it!

After driving most of the day, with only a couple quick stops, Dad and I met mom, Katherine, and Kolleen in Canyon Beach at 5:59...this is important because I called that we would be there at minute later, which according to Dad makes me incorrect, but I continue to point out that it was far closer than any of his it luck, or whatever please you, I was right ;)

The girls and I split off for dinner so mom and dad could have a little time alone. Us girls ate on the beach at "Moe's" and then waited down in the sand for mom and dad to meet up with us at dusk. We built a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows and smores and laughed. It was good to have time to just be with my family...away from responsibilities for a moment...I just wish Kim, Jason, and Kris could have been there too....hopefully next summer.

I even sang a little, "Oh, the horse put his foot, put his foot on the ground...." but Dad closed that one off real quick.

I didn't get much sleep last night, at ALL...thus my lazy eye is very evident in a few of these pictures. :( But today was a very picturesque drive up the coast...we've driven close to 2000 miles the last 5 days! Tomorrow I am hoping to spend a couple hours on the beach, and then I've got to make it home for the Michael Buble concert- woooohooooo!

I am both sad, and happy (since my boo-tey is so very done with riding in a car) that the jist of Dad and mine's road trip is over. We drove a LOT of miles in those few days, but it was certainly a fun ride, we had a blast with Jerry and Sherry, and we had a good time getting there together. I also will not miss listening to the mullet worship artists of the wonderful 1990's...oh Fire and Ice, goodbye until next time. ;)

Getting home, it will be finally back to work, and working as much as possible until school starts..

Sunday, August 26, 2007


That would be in Southern California. We are on our way back already...and I have some fun things to catch you up on. Dad and I headed out Thursday morning and made it all the way to Ashland Oregon by 6:30 that evening! Ashland is the home of the Shakespeare Festival- a couple years ago, on a whim, my dad surprised my mom, friend, and I and we ended up going to see A Winter's Tale. We were remembering it on the way down, and somewhere along the way dad decided to stay the night there and see if we could get some last minute tickets again. They were playing "Romeo and Juliet"- tickets were sold out, yet one man was selling two tickets his friends had bailed out on- and they were ours. We wandered back to where we'd parked, and they ended up booking one of the 2 hotel rooms left in their sister hotel across town. That left us enough time to grab a quick dinner before the 8pm show.

The play was in the Elizabethan Theatre, a great outdoor theater designed like the theaters Shakespeare's plays would originally have been performed in. I got a picture of one of the doors- of course! ;)

The next evening we were at Jerry and Sherry's. Dad headed out immediately to meet up with Jerry at Promise Keeper's and Sherry and I rented Miss Potter- which I finally got to finish! Oh my goodness!! What a good movie! Sherry had already seen it, and she knew when to bring me a tissue, literally.

Yesterday I had some fun with Sherry, Dad was at Promise Keepers with Jerry again 'till one. Then after lunch, Sherry called them and we extended them the an offer to take us to a movie- "Becoming Jane." If you are coming into this thinking that it's Pride and Prejudice- it's not. I was a bit more uncomfortable at the beginning. It's nor real bad- there are two quick bear bottoms off in the distance. But besides that, no scenes or anything. And it quickly becomes SO good. I really want to say more, because I feel very strongly about this movie, but I don't want to ruin it for those of you who want to see it...and if I say ANY of what I want to- it will affect how you take in the movie. Gosh- I will say that I was very surprised by how well the main actor and actress did- they completely captured me. Oh, if you did not know, it is the story of Jane of Pride and Prejudice and 5 other novels.

This morning, we were ready early and then sat and talked at the breakfast table until 10:30! So, after day of driving on a beautiful route (we headed over to highway 20- beautiful!...which then met up on highway 101 shortly before we stopped.), we are now in Eureka, Ca. We've had dinner and are about ready for bed. Being it's one minute to eleven, and we want to be up and out of here early, I should get to bed. Tomorrow, we will meet up with my mom, Kathering, and Kolleen at Cannon Beach...I'll stay the night and head home for my Buble concert! The rest will stay a few days more.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week....I checked the forecast today, 70's in Seattle through the week. Kim- good to hear you guys got some rain!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am waiting for dad. ;)

We are about to leave on our trip to Cali. I am really excited! I am also really hungry- and I am hoping we get some breakfast sometime this morning, preferably soon. Dad keeps coming by trying to act like he is waiting for me- but I am all packed, and now am blogging. He his den, doing something, not sure what. I think my mom threw his pants in the dryer and thats actually what we are waiting for, to be fair.

We will be heading through Redding I believe, and I really want to stop at the Bethel church, but I don't think we'll have time to. We'll see. I don't even know if you can just "stop by" or what we'd do there, but I've been wanting very badly to go.

Okay...time to go!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As I promised, a few pictures of Elise and Jeff, the couple. :)

Last night, we had our girls night, and it was certainly worth the wait. We rented "A Good Year" (which I STILL don't know how it ends, since I fell asleep at a place a little after the place I fell asleep LAST time I watched the movie), bought some ben & jerry's and Haagendawz, I'd grabbed a Lush mask at my lunch break...and we just hung out and laughed and enjoyed it all. It was pretty fun just hearing elise talk about this whole new world to us single ladies...and we did out best to embaress her while she was on the phone with him. It was certainly fun...thought we know, we will be paid back in full. :)

Today, I am working from now driving while exhausted- in fact I got a few more hours of sleep since I could jut get up and pop up my laptop in my pajamas and messy hair. BEAUTIFUL. lol. I think I should definitely become a writer, then I could do this everyday, lol. I do worry a bit about how much I would accomplish if I had my man at home too...not much, not much :) Yes, it's true, Elise has got us all thinking a bit more about the future I think. I don't want to let myself think about it too much, in regards to a man, because I have a feeling that it will be years for me still. It is a good reminder though that we do need to plan like it could be next never really know. Bianca told me that a few months back, to someone prepare like it could be next year, and at the same time, like it could be 6 more.

Well, I do need to keep working.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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I'm falling asleep. I have been running early, to late, and it is catching up with me I am really struggling to stay awake, and that's after a venti mocha (though I am rather sure kris only made it a double, rather than the usual triple a venti calls for).

I am leaving with my dad Thursday for California, so I'd like to stay and get some hours in today, but I am pretty sure I'll end up leaving within a couple hours, max. Maybe after nap, I'll work from home. I was up late last night because Riss and I rented a movie, but then I decided to clean the bathroom, and we finished our laundry other we didn't finish the movie until midnight...and I was up by 4:30. I know, it's not terrible, but after camp and then two nights of little sleep- I am ready for a nap.

I just thought of my SLT paper I need to write here soon too! I need to have that done by the end of August I believe- hmm, that's like a week away. Interesting.

Well, hopefully I'll be in for a nap today- and then a girl night :) Morgan, Riss, Elise and I have been looking forward to a "girls night" together for months now- and tonight looks like our only possible chance (since Morgan has youth group tomorrow night, I leave Thursday, and Riss flies home the day before I get back :( !!)

Love you- pray I stay awake! Apparently I will be staying at work till 2, because I need to be at a meeting this afternoon. Oh well, I do need the hours.


Monday, August 20, 2007

My Best Friend is Courting!!!

I can't quite believe it-- Elise and Jeff announced their courtship yesterday..about 1 minute after graduating from Externs! I've known for a few days now- and for months that it was likely coming, but no one thought it would be so quick. Jeff told us yesterday he had asked his parents back at Spring Break if he could start pursuing it then! crazy. I am VERY excited for the two of them!!

I'll add some pictures later tonight, or tomorrow.

PS- Our senior class voted Elise most likely to be married first- looks like, odds are in her favor. ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today is going to be a wonderful day! Morgan and I picked up Riss at the airport last night, after her and I daring the mall, forging the parking garage, searching "Internation Blvd." (a name we decided was far too prestigious for the real road we experienced!)...all searching for a Starbucks, open Tullys, Big Foot Java...ANY OPEN ESPRESSO STAND! You see, we'd planned to hit the Starbucks in the Lodge at BellSquare after a little necessary shopping (for real- it was necessary!)...but we were running a little late. We knew Riss would understand, so we were STILL gonna go- but somehow we discovered we were wandering the wrong parking garage. We thought we were across the mall from our car, but it layed beneath us. So, after a good deal of laughter, we decided to hit a coffee stand/shop/drive-thru (ANYTHING!) along the way. Nope... Then, Riss's plane was still not landed, so we decided to search until she called to say she'd landed. We drove up and down International Blvd...we saw ONE eventually. It was closed. After all our searching and toil, we had become qiute ravenous, so we pulled into a McDonalds, which was a story in and of itself. Riss called- she had landed! We headedover, and she was surprised to see Morgan (for, it was, a surprise). After big hugs and smiles and laughs, and some creative manuevers, we were on the road.

We stopped at Morg's for a bit, then, at home it took a little while to get to bed (and a LOT of self-discipline to not talk to Riss, much.) All in all, I was asleep roughly at 1...and up at 4:15 to get ready for work. I dropped Kris off on the way, and then I grabbed us breakfast at Jack in the Box (breakfast croisant!), while she made me a mocha at her stand. Not a bad way to start the morning...the croisant and coffee helped with that "up-to-early, not-enough-sleep nausious feeling." Now I am in the office, and hopefully no one else will be in the office for at least another hour, so my music is on at my desk....and it's a good morning. I will have to leave pretty early today, I still have to pack!

I cannot wait- I hope I never stop getting this excited for Family Camp. I was looking for pictures to put up in my cubicle, and in my photo box, I pulled out a picture of my mom and dad, me in my mom's arms.
They are in the motor home, I believe the Hales' based on stories I've heard. The back said, "Family Camp 1987" That's the year I was born! I have another picture up in a double frame in my room...the left side is Elise and I in a play-pin..we are sitting facing each other and like holding hands, kinda hugging. The back of that one says "Family Camp 1987" too- I was only 8 months, and Elise was about 14 months. The other picture to it's right, is of Elise and I camping on our senior trip....pretty cool.

I'm very blessed to only be 20-years-old and already have friendships 20-years-long! And, a lot of others, close to as long! I can still remember what Elise gave me for one of my 4th or 5th birthday- it was a perfume, and I thought it was the coolest gift ever- I remember her and I "using it" on her front porch. I don't know if I've told Elise that memory in recent years (?).

Goodness, I need a hair-tie desperately! I let my hair just air-dry this morning, and it has become an image of the early 90's...this cut exaggerates my hairs automatice tendency to dry as a big..I don't even know what to call it.

Have I told you lately that I love you? I do.

Kati.. Kate.. Katydid.. Little One.. Lyndsey.. KK.. Pollux.. Kat.. Katers.. Shane.. Stink (can anyone guess that's from a big sister?).. Ubi-Boobi[Liss].. Kati Lady.. Katrina Hope.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sometimes I think I am so much further than I am.
I've run and run, then turn to see so little ground.
Thought I was a giant, but more a little lamb.
I'm fierce and strong; how do words make me unsound?

This new life is plagued by choices before I was born,
Though all made new, some things grow through,
The weeds all pulled, free from snare and thorn
Yet sprouts, a plant, I swear I knew.

And wonder weather to undo...or if this be a flower, true?

Let waters pour, again uproot, anything be that not of You.

Today I am choosing to look at,
Good Things:

*Larissa arrives tonight!
*Morgan's hair is..shoot, can't say it yet, most haven't seen :)
*Elise came home last night!
*Family Camp is tomorrow!
*I've had so much dance practice that I am sore, and accordingly have been getting some exercise!
*A bunch of people I love take the time to actually read what I write, even when it's silly and sprinkled with type-errors ;)
*Morgan has a blog!
*The sun is out and today should reach the mid-80s!
*Just got my paycheck in the mail today!
*I am about to go get a jamba! (peanut butter mood with extra banana!)
*I have amazing family and friends!
*I actually get to see my family at camp!
*I get to take a road trip with my dad!!!!
*The nerd festivities are tomorrow at 8pm!
*Life is good- and God is in a GOOD MOOD!

Monday, August 13, 2007

This is my 100th post, and I feel it appropriate that such a celebratory post should be heralding the return of ELISE AURELIA SANDSTROM!

Elise comes home this evening - and I am so incredibly excited!

She's going to be awfully upset with me though when she realized I have dance practice tonight and can't be there when she gets home- like she told me I "better be!"

Last night I had a fun time with Morgan- I am sooo excited for Elise to be coming home, and Riss to be visiting, and for family camp! And for extern graduation!!! This has been a really challenging year with having so many of my closest girl friends scattered- its been great because it's brought new frienships and allowed them to grow strong this year too- but one friend can never really replace another. I can't quite explain how happy my heart is to be receiving back some of my cloest friends, which I'd given Him completely. He gives and takes away- and then sometimes, He gives back, plus He gives more :) I think that's the moral of my story!

I don't believe I have ever felt so lonely as I have much of this past year - but somehow, looking back now, I don't believe I have ever been so rich in friendships as I have become. I can see a connection to what P. Norm was saying yesterday about God preparing us in the wilderness and desert seasons for His glory...I think in a similar way, He prepares us in the lonely wildnerness, desert seasons where we feel very set apart and sometimes fogotten (not by Him, but by our friends), for the richness of relationship. In the desert we draw close to Him, we deepen our passion and learn to rely first and only on Him, desperate to draw water from Him. Also, re discover the value of frienship. Then, at a moment, He begins to scatter friendships in our lives, like seeds sprouting up in every direction...and the ground thats been toiled in, watered, and tended grows frienships seemingly without toil or trouble.

At least, that appears very true to me. I am so grateful for all my friends- and that absolutely includes my family!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I should be getting to bed very soon...tonight it just one of those nights when you are full of such "good feelings" that you don't quite want to fall asleep, you'd rather just stay awake and 'feel good.' You know? lol. Maybe I am just even more sentimental and strange than you all thought.

My dad said to me not to long ago, "Still waters run deep. You aren't very still, but you certainly run deep." I think thats probably pretty true if you are considering that my mind is ALWAYS going- sometimes I wish it would just stop...but it moves along very quickly- and usually my train of thoughts makes little sense to others. Kim and Jason can testify- a couple times we were in the car and I would make some comment out of no where it seemed and Jason made the mistake of asking where it came from- and so, I rehearsed my thoughts out loud for them and they both ended up laughing and somewhat astonished.

You might already have realized that by reading my "stream of consciousness" style of blogging. I used to really not like that I thought so in MCs when I would say something and I wouldn't have a bunch of "Amens" "Yeah, exactly!" type would just be quiet sometimes. It bothered me, until a couple of my classmates encouraged me that it was a good thing that I'd bring things in a way they hadn't thought about- and Anna (who was my intern) would build me up, speaking to me about how God spoke to me differently, as a good thing. I don't know if that came out right or not. My point is just, I have been through a process of being very frustrated that people don't immediately agree with everything I say- to realizing I'd rather say something that not everyone agrees with immediately, because perhaps that is actually what is worth saying rather than saying things exactly how others see things already. We need each other, and the unique ways God reveals things to us, I'm no servant to those I love if I tell them things as they see them themself. Though I still get frustrated at times (probably due to my failure to communicate clearly more than anything!), I love that God speaks to us through one another...and I'm okay if I don't get to speak the lines that get the big amens...perhaps I'll get a few thoughtful expressions and thats great too. Hmm, that's just a bit of a process I've been in the past couple years. I'm really happy with whatever He wants to speak through me, as long as He is still speaking through me...I guess I might want to be a bit more selective than that because I really would rather not be speaking the types of things some of His prophets did! yikes!

So, the good feelings. I just think God is wonderful for making us relational beings, for wanting "vast sons and daughters" and therefore giving us brothers and sisters. Friends are such treasures. I love new friends, but it's the old ones that always puzzle me a bit- the fact that they stick around even after they discover how quarky and obnoxious you really are ;)

Ty and I were playing cards tonight, waiting for Rob to get home and he put it as "coming full circle." We have built in so many other relationships these past couple years- and hung out hardly at all as "the neighborhood," but tonight we were listening to Michael Buble and were so excited to soon have Elise back- once again, with old friends.

Today at CCK201, I think all three pastors who shared mentioned how great it was to have old friends...or those who you have stuck together with for long enough to really build trust. There was so much talk today about relationships, it was great. It actually had me a bit sad though, thats okay though. I was somewhat sad, because I've been realizing some friendships which have and are changing- people who I WANT so badly to be close with, but Gods just not really in it. I think its definitely part of growing up and learning to follow Him as He leads- which means change - which means not getting to pick your own friends, even based on who you would naturally like and get along with...and sometimes quite the opposite. ;)

Then again, there are always those who have stayed there at your side- sometimes silently and from a bit more of a distance, but you find they never leave. I know these friendships in particular aren't easy- they are the ones who will fight with me, who will say no to me and tell me I'm wrong, or sometimes that they just don't like my answer. They are the ones who've I've shared awkward silent car rides with- and also comfortable silence with. They are treasures- they are iron. They can't be fooled.

There are those too who I am so surprised by God- that He thought to place things in our hearts that would link at first meeting. There are several girls who I feel connected too without any of my own doing- its sovereign. I've got my writing pal ;) who I've known for some time, but so often I read her letters and I am stunned by how close her heart can be to mine and her pure vulnerability. I have my bus buddy, who I just couldn't stop staring at on the bus and when we ended up talking, found out we share passions, opinions, ideas, and convictions, not to mention a major. Then, my North Dakota friend- who I have amazingly got reconnected to after many years- and immediately felt my heart knit to! There's "old friends" who have become "new friends" thanks to second chances- I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on Lizzie for anything! :) Any there are so many more - I know I don't always feel this way- more often than not I feel "socially retarded" and lonely, but I am doing my best to secure my friendships and when I am alone- to enjoy those times too because I know it's God calling me out.

Life is exciting! Ashley shared something Lou Engle said a couple weeks ago. He said, "God doesn't create you and give you a dream. He creates a dream and surrounds your body around it." I loved that tonight when I read it- and obviously she did too (that's why she shared it with me!) I am surprised sometimes by how deeply I am shook by something I see or hear- I'll weep and not fully grasp why. I'll grieve about things I did not know before, broke my heart. There are passions deep inside of me, that I can sense I am only beginning to realize...there are dreams that my whole being seems to be anticipating the release of, though I have no idea now what they will amount to. Sometimes words escape my pen, that I didn't know were in me...and sometimes tears from my eyes.

I love that life is never only what we expect it to be, nor are people, or relationships, or long as we learn to let them be more.

I think often, and pray often (though not nearly enough), how we allow people to change and grow- moreover, how we encourage them to. I HATE feeling stuck by people in the same person as they've known me to be...and I don't want to do it to others. I want to be someone who reminds people of who they are, who prophetically pulls out of people who they are...reminding them of their heritage, encouraging them in their present, and holding them to their future.

Alright, I am becoming far too pensive...I need to get to bed.

Last few thoughts to share: I love the people God has given me, and given me to...all of them, my family, friends, church family... I love God's words. I love Him, and His care-full ways! He's really good to me!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Sitting here at work...time really does pass slowly at my office. Today is our company bbq- so I only have another 2 hours. THANK GOODNESS.

Here is a new So You Think You Can Dance video (it's from last week)...
SYTYCD- Neil and Lacey

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

15 minutes 'til it's time for me to head to the airport. And though my excitement is growing to see mom, dad, Kris, the girls (katherine and kolleen), and all my friends, I have this borderline anxiety that I am holding at bay. It's not because of the flying- I have gotten pretty used to that. It's from leaving. Strange, I honestly thought I'd be ready to go leave when it came to it, but I'm not. Kim and I have said goodbye about 4 times now, and I still was tempted to go meet her for coffee "one last time."

Okay, time to go....see you all at you.

Kim- I love you!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

WELL. After a long day of airport lines, security checks, baggage claim, etc...I am back, in TENNESSEE. Yes, my flight was delayed an hour and a half which would put me missing my layover flight in Salt Lake City- the last flight out of there tonight.
And Delta didn't have any more hotel rooms there to put people up in, so they reworked it for me to stay here another night and fly out tomorrow. The man who talked with me was very nice and he even has me flying home 1st class for over half of it. He also gave me vouchers for the airport...which was sweet.

Yet, it was an entertaining afternoon...and I feel too drained to go through it all again by sharing it here. Most everything that COULD have gone wrong, DID go I am here, with ONE of my bags, no not the bag with my toothbrush, clean underwear, socks, and changes of clothes. Its the bag full primarily of heavy books, my cowboy boots and other random things I don't need tonight, but that sufficiently make the bag rather painful to carry- also the strap broke off it when I first got to the airport today- yes, this is the bag they brought back to me....when I really didn't care for them to give me either, but they chose to anyways....

I grabbed a handful of quarters before throwing my backpack in Kim's car (you see i waited for about an hour for my bags...the bags I didn't even want to collect...the bags that 1/2 of came in the end)... So yeah, I was thirsty so I grabbed a handful of quarters, $1.27 to be exact....pops at the machine turned out to be $1.50. Less than a quarter short! And worse yet, Kim had to go pull out of the waiting area and she'd told me to call her when my bags came- yeah, I'd left my cell in my backpack, now in the backseat of her car. yeah.

Gosh...funny stuff. Turned out, I had missed my connection flight from the moment I even checked in at the airport- the machine said my flight had been delayed from 5:30 to 6:05pm...when I'd asked a Delta lady if I would miss my connecting flight she said she'd go check- and 15 minutes later, as they repeatedly called my name at the baggage check-in, she still hadn't come back. I'd assumed I must not be missing it....oh, if only I'd known. I could have taken care of it all right then and been back at the keiths by like 5pm. Now, its 8, my shoulder aches from holding my backpack and carryon for hours in various lines throughout the afternoon- waiting to check-in my bags, security checks, the line at the burrito place, the line to change my ticket (longest line EVER!), then my line to REcollect my baggage. yeah, quite a day! And, I had to call both of my managers at my jobs and tell them I wouldn't be at work tomorrow after all.

It's all alright though- because tonight, I get to have Bluebell Ice Cream one more time- Kim's in the kitchen cooking dinner, and Jason is more night at the Keiths' was certainly worth it. :)

Yes, in fact these pictures have nothing to do with what I am writing about, but they are some of our fun pictures from yesterday and the night before that I wanted to share them.

Toni will be home safe and sound in a few hours...and I am about to go play some scrabble, eat some yummy dinner and later Jason and I will probably watch Slingblade, and have rootbeer floats with BLUEBELL :) Perhaps in the morning I can get him to make me one last French Press...he hasn't said no yet. Gosh, it's hard enough leaving once...tomorrow is going to be very difficult.

Love you all!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


So, what have we been up to, you ask? Toni arrived Friday afternoon and we have been having a wonderful time. Friday night we went to Ted Montana's for some delicious Buffalo burgers, and of course, sweet tea.
Then, we went home and after Jason got home from work we all hung out. We stayed up late and slept in on Saturday. Then Kim made crepes (with a yummy whipped cream cheese filling) --Jason made French Press-- Rosie and I ate!

We spent the afternoon around the apartment and then that evening we went to the Williamson County Fair!! After touring the blue ribbon produce ;) we enjoyed the real talent of the night-- Elvis Night! These guys were impressive- they had won awards and competitions- Elvis impersonation competitions, haha! This was our favorite guy, he really had it down, and he even looked like Elvis in his early movie days (my favorite!). It's funny, Kim and I were just a little while ago playing a "game" seeing who would run out of elvis movie titles first- Blue Hawaii, Follow That Dream, Fun in Acapulco, Clam Bake, GI Blues, Kid Gallahad, Kissin' Cousins, Girls Girls Girls, Harem Scarum, It Happened At The Worlds Fair, Love Me Tender...

Then, we indulged with the staple fair food- corn on the cob for Kim and I! Jason and Rosie found some real tasty burgers! We wandered and soaked in the redneck environment. There was this clown in the dunk tank who sat up there, smoking his cigarette and taking low blows at everyone walking by- litterally, he said to one kid who was throwing at him, "Let me guess, mom wanted a little girl, dad wanted a boy, out you popped and they were both happy." He was mean...and let me tell you, it wouldn't have passed in Seattle, fair or no fair. lol. Everyone sending their little kids over to be harrassed, securing life-long insecurities. ;)

We went on some rides- I faced a few rides I'd always been a little too chicken for, and found out I loved them! The first was the 'ring of fire' type ride, which actually was a bit disappointing because our turn was shorter than the others we'd been watching, hmm. Then, we went on the "Seattle Wheel"...did you know, that Pharis (no clue how to spell this!) Wheel, had been introduced at the Seattle World's Fair? Yeah, there's a whole story to it and how they brought back the concept and built a couple more of them- it seemed like the little description was saying that THIS one was actually one of the few in its exact image. Mom, Dad, does this one look like it??? I thought that was pretty cool! It was faster than they usually are, and it went fairly high-- both were unwelcomed surprises to Kim, who spent the ride buried in Jason's shoulder. Also, the way you sat in a row facing out, rather than in a little circle, or cage, did leave you a bit more uneasy....but it was very pretty!

After a little dessert, we left the fair and headed to Opry Mills to catch a midnight showing of Bourne Ultimatum--- sooooo good! Unfortunately, Jason's food had begun to make a few complaints during our last ride (which had actually begun to pull my food up to...right to the throat-- hate that feeling! It was really fast and hung you upside down for a while too, it was my favorite, because Rosie and I were a little small for the shoulder strap things, so every time around as we went upside down, our butts would lift about 2-3 inches off the seat, giving us this airless feeling as we flew around!) So yeah, Jason got motion sickness...and the movie really made it worse with all its crazy filming, and Kim was soo tired she was struggling to stay awake. But despite all that, we all LOVED the movie- it was sooo great- you have got to see it (if you haven't already!)

Yesterday....we.....went to church, then went to the Loveless Cafe, saw Alan Jackson's house, scratch that, Estate! Then we dropped Jason off at work and us girls went looking for some little place Kim had heard of that has these delicious popsicle type things, but amidst our search, we were interupted with some great news- Jason had been sent home!! So, we turned around. At home, we went to the pool for a while, then that night Kim made her delicious choc. chip cookies, and we watched Sweet Home Alabama...well, we all STARTED it, but when I woke up on the couch, Jason was sitting on the floor, actually, rolling on the floor laughing hysterically, Kim was crashed out on a chair, and Rosie was gone. She's already gone to bed.

This morning, Rosie woke me up and we had Lucky Charms and then went to the pool for an hour- when we got back, Kim and Jason were up and we've been 'getting rady' and hanging out for the last few hours...trying to decide what to do today. Kim was given the day off to spend with us- which I am SOOO happy about!

We have decided to go to Opry Mills again and go to the magnificent hotel, then perhaps to The Aquariam for an early dinner, and then when Jason heads to work- us girls are going shopping. It's a great day so far!

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Poll is Closed.

I almost forgot, today's the unveiling of my favorite (living) author. I say living, because I LOVE George macDonald, and Shakespeare.

But truth be told, this really is no "unveiling" because obviously everyone already knew (again). I was the only one to vote against Nicholas Sparks.

I have been sooo excited for today, so that I could blog about his new book coming out! I had just checked his site, seriously a couple weeks ago and there was nothing new- they were still displaying his 'new' book from last fall, Dear John. Yep- read that one...last Thanksgiving!!

Then, Kim pulled up his site and I was standing right there--- lo and behold- a new book- out this September!! For those of you who don't know, Nicholas Sparks wrote the novels (by the same names) that inspired Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook. Plus, he has written a number of other great books which I expect to some day see as films! I read his autobiography, he wrote with his brother, and I loved it-- that's talent to write a captivating biography! Plus, I loved seeing where many of his stories poured out of his personal life...that's inspiring to me as a hopeful writer. Your stories don't have to just poof out of some magical land, they mirror the characters and adventures you witness. There's a quote I absolutely love, which I am sure I will butcher, but it said that a great novel should remind us of our own life...or something like that. I'll add it later- I have it written in a book.

Here's a little info from his site:
did you know. . .
He is a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do?
He still holds a track and field record at the University of Notre Dame?
After selling The Notebook, the first thing he bought was a new wedding ring for his wife?
Nicholas Sparks and J.K. Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) are the only contemporary authors to have a novel spend more than a year on both the New York Times hardcover and paperback best-seller lists?
In a poll of Entertainment Weekly readers, he was selected as the favorite author?
He is a major contributor to the Creative Writing Program at the University of Notre Dame?

Not only does he have a new book coming out, but there's another movie in progress based on his book, Nights in Rodanthe.

Anywho, I know you all really don't care much for my random facts about my favorite country artist, or my favorite I'll end this one early. If you do pick up one of his books- I'd recommend The follows The Notebook, but they aren't really too dependant on one another. His autobiography is entitled, Three Weeks With My Brother, and follows their travels together around the world over three weeks- as well as their family history.

It is worth mentioning a couple other authors I'd trust to recommend (and they are a bit safer than Nicholas Sparks), such as Ted Dekker (only read Blessed Child- but it was great!), and Francine Rivers. I'm reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter right now (I can't remember the author's name)- and its getting pretty good- I'll let you know what I think at the end.

Love you guys! I am home in less than a week- can you believe that?
Toni is on her way here!

I am very excited for this weekend. I only have 5 days left, but I decided yesterday to look at it as like a whole trip left! Most trips you take are about 5-7 days...right? Well, Kim and I are going straight from work this afternoon to pick up Toni at the airport...and then the fun kicks off. We have so much to do!

And about last night. I don't mean to spoil this for anyone- but, I cannot believe they sent Sara home! I mean, I can, but I am not happy about it. I told Kim that they could be sending her home, because she didn't have the best night on Wednesday...Kim couldn't believe it, even when they said it. She was judging mostly by the fact that Lauren ALWAYS ends up in the bottom 3 (or now 2), and Sara doesn't.

I was a bit surprised that Neil was in the bottom two, especially after the Mia Michaels dance that everyone cried in! But then, Danny is amazing and I bet he has a big 'ol following voting for him. And Pasha- well, let's just say he's the favorite of pretty much every woman in the office here--- and that sparks another note. So You Think You Can Dance is very big here- like they gather and discuss it in the coffee area, in the breakroom at lunch, and around Kim's cubicle- it is VERY big! I'm curious if it's a big deal all around here, or just in this office. Based on the stories and murmurs I have heard- I believe the devotion stretches through Tennessee. :)

Well...that's about all for right now. I haven't been feeling well for about a week now, which is kinda difficult since I am across the country from my doctor- so, please pray I feel better. Toni has been feeling sick too- so please pray for her to be better too-- strange huh, we actually have like the same hit at the same time, and we haven't been around each other for 4 weeks! Well, please pray we feel better and we can have an awesome time here!!

Love you.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Through the Pane

Inside the house, we're safe.
The weather tumbles, fights, and fumbles,
But we must not feel it in this place.
Life crumbles, bites, and we stumble,
But we must not show it on our face.

It's easiest when left inside,
There's no struggle to explain it all.
You say it's best if just denied,
You'd really best contain this fall.
But still- the tide swells deep and wide.

Your blurry view stares through the pane,
The clouds roll dark and the figures fight.
Flowers, sunshine, memories marred by the rain.
There's no one daring outdoors tonight.
And hidden stars say the future steers the same.

For curious or desperate, you can't quite tell,
Nor dare you to decide, for if you wait,
You might not follow this intrinsic bell.
So, with one stride, you unlatch the only gate,
Run outside, and scream and yell!

The rain falls, soft and warm.
The trees rage, but their roots are deep and strong.
Life isn't what you had seen to be the storm.
Hope is here, only hidden by the pane for so long.
Now, the dawn begins to fight and form.