Friday, September 20, 2013

The other night, I tried to catch her.  I chased her down shiny streets, up broken concrete hills.  That girl who loves to run at dusk on cold night, loves to feel the rain. That girl who listens to sad slow songs and sincere old country love songs.  Who loves a glass of wine alone.  Who stays up til morning, trying to escape a story. That girl who sees the best in people.  Who hates to complain about others. Who loves everyone. I tried to catch her. But that bitch is fast!

I chased her for a while, then resigned to try another night.  I promised myself I'd try to catch a better glimpse of her tomorrow.

[Sorry about the beezy, just couldn't resist.  But really.]


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Abigail Renae said...

hahaa! I read this in your voice. Perf. <3