Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm trying to remember, but I believe this is the first night John and I ever met.  And it went a little something like this... 

A good mutual friend, one of the classiest and kindest ladies out there (who also happens to throw an excellent party and keep a skilled finger on the shudder trigger) decided to throw a little mad men themed party.  

It was all that a classy cocktail celebrating the mid-century should be.  With cocktails, live music, tons of strangers and new friends, unexpected dancing in the middle of the restaurant. 


When I said goodnight, my soon to be Beau was outside with the gentlemen, surrounded with pipes and cigar smoke.  I was parked down the street and it was Belltown past midnight, so a male friend walked me to my car.  Imagine what John assumed. ;) 

Oh, no, I just remembered.  We'd met before, on the turf.  But I don't have photos of that night, and this is a fun alternate.  It's still part of how our story began.  I love this man. 

You can see more of Mal's fun shot's from this night on her Facebook album here, or better yet, take a look at her website and see what her photography looks like when she's working.   


samara said...

How fun to have these!! So precious.

As my dad would say, "You never know..."

Ashley said...

Love this! Keep the story going - I want to hear more :)

Rose said...

I want to hear more too!