Sunday, April 06, 2014

Endless Years - United Pursuit Band

I will hold you tight
When all is done;
When the world is gone, 
And its songs have been sung. 

You will be with me, 
Through endless years;
We will dance and sing, 
When your heart is fulfilled.

So, don't you close your eyes, 
Don't you lose your way,
Don't you miss all the gifts 
That are unfolding. 

I'm your anchor and shield.  
I'm the wind in your sails.  
I'm the song in your heart
That calms the seas.

Songs don't speak to me as often any more.  Instruments sometimes do.

This one finds just enough words and all enough melody and only enough rhythm to communicate with the locked parts.

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samara said...

One of my all time favorites!