Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I will never again.

I know they tell you not to use those words, but I think it's safe in this instance to say.  I will never again:

  • Plan a wedding
  • Be in the first year of owning a(n older) home 
  • Work a crazy stressful/demanding more than full-time job
  • Work a second, weekend job (because, hey, it'll be fun! shut up, Kati.)
  • Play on a weekly rec soccer team.
  • Buy four, unconventional pets I've never owned before.
  • Have said, older home with three units (that's three kitchens, three bathrooms, two water heaters, two roofs, etc.)

On top of the rest of life things, like family members in the ER and moving a sister and flying to John's hometown for a memorial service and family reunion all in a week...

I will never again do all of these things - at the same time. 

Never again.

[But if I had to do it again, I'd pick John to be my partner again.]

1 comment:

Elise Mitchell said...

Woah Kati! That is quite a ton when you look at it all together. You are amazing!