Monday, December 28, 2015

I now run my company's recruiting efforts and I find myself regularly looking through the modern day wanted adds - known as LinkedIn and the Careers pages of different firms.  As I'm drafting role descriptions, I cringe at the overused catch phrases I essentially must use.  I see a lot of "highly motivated, creative and collaborative people" sought after, all to join a "fast-paced, friendly environment."  

I think if I were to write my own job posting, without concern for CEOs, Principals or... legal concerns, I'd throw in a few more signifiers, words like thoughtful, kind, patient, dedicated, honest and committed to the conversation, interested, big-picture thinker, little-details checker, tinkerer.

A tinkerer is so much more valuable than a problem-solver.  Problem solvers throw solutions at problems without first understanding why there's a problem, what caused the problem, and perhaps offering a couple solutions to the problem.  I want problem-thinkers before problem-solvers. Problem solvers use the equivalent of zip locks and duct tape and you get to fix a bigger problem right after. 

I'd tell the potential hire the truth, because they already know "fast-paced" is a paid synonym for "stressful" and "always behind a deadline." And friendly?  Friendly doesn't mean a thing in a job listing. Just start hiring kind, patient, thoughtful people and you'll end up with a friendly environment.  If what you mean to tell them is you drink beer together on Thursdays or go to movies together on Monday nights, tell them. But if you're just filling up words on a page that someone is going to skip over to read the responsibilities and minimal qualifications - stop. 

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