Tuesday, March 15, 2016


You guys.  I got a puppy.  [stay calm. stay calm.]

It's March and I can check off one of a few real goals/hopes/dreams for this year!


You see, she's Canadian. And she's only 8 weeks old so she can't get her rabies immunization yet. And that's a problem with the CDC. Which means they turned us around at the border last week.

So we own a beautiful little girl named Magnolia.  And she lives in Canada, unless the CDC will approve our request for a Confinement Agreement and let us bring her home this coming Saturday as we've requested.  So, everyone, please pray for favor.  :)

If they say no, we'll have to wait 2 more months to bring her home. Which is sad.  But we know sadder things happen every day.  And people sit waiting for answers and loves much bigger than the one we're waiting on.

Meet Magnolia...

She's a Canadian Australian Shepherd. 

We can't decide if we're going to call her "Noli" or "Naula" for short.

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Ashley said...

STOOOPP IT!!! She is amazing. Praying she comes home soon.
(So jealous!) <3