Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fire = Energy [I'm no scientist]

Per the suggestion of Kim R., I have been going to the wonderful Dr. Tuttle for daily adjustments.  And while I can feel the positive changes my head and neck feel like they will burst at this moment, or simply melt and drip down into my feet.  I've also been working longer days, which means getting in as early as I can (since there's always evening fun to be had, right?).  These two facts mean 6am alarm clocks. 

Last night I was in bed and asleep before 10, and it was marvelous.  But I was still so incredibly tired as I crawled out of bed this morning (or, fell... for those of you who have seen the height I have to "crawl" out of each day.  I basically have bunk beds, the floor takes the bottom bunk and I take the top).  John and I have come to joke quite a lot about our "quality time".  Basically, we watch a movie and I fall asleep.  Or he reads to me, and I fall asleep.  Or maybe we make dinner, then I fall asleep.  Suffice to say, we've been taking more walks.  Those are a tad  bit more difficult to fall asleep on, but believe you me, I think I can figure out a way. 

My family has long teased me for my ability to fall asleep quite literally anywhere.  We have photos of my face in spaghetti, jello, and a dozen slightly more normal (and less liquid) places.  But with that, I also had this ridiculous energy as a kid.  I wasn't allowed to nap.  Ever.  They say that if I'd fall asleep for a minute, I'd be up all night.  I don't remember that.  What I do remember is being woken up with spray bottles in the face, or a cold wet washcloth draped over my eyes.  I'd jump awake and see the entire family gathered around, smiling.  It became a sort of game.  Kristin recently found this photo of me as a kid that she loves.  She swears it is exactly what I look like today if you wake me up.  The terror and confusion you see in my eyes - I think that has something to do with the family "game". 

I'm pretty sure my dad talked to my boss, because I'm still not allowed to take naps.   But I'd like to try.  I'd like to see if I'd ever stop falling asleep on my poor boyfriend.  John?  He thinks it might just be I need more sleep.  I'm convinced I shouldn't need more.... unless it's naps of course. :)

I was sitting in the chiropractor's office yesterday, waiting for him to come in with my x-rays.  Naturally, I studied all the signs on every wall.  The chart directly across from me explained the back and all the nerves, the organs each serves and the consequential injuries and pains one might experience from trauma.  The second or third spot down on the neck - where I am most injured -  traces a long line to a series of possible inconveniences and pains, among them:  exhaustion and chronic tiredness. 

Also, headaches.  I kid you not - my head might explode - or melt into a fiery puddle, drip right on down that spine this very moment.  Too gross for 8am?  :(   Sorry.   Well the goodness is, perhaps there's hope.  Maybe Dr. Tuttle can help me stop falling asleep on quality time with my Beau each evening.  Maybe what I am feeling at this moment, is energy crawling up my neck into my mind.  Yes, I am sure that's what it is.  Not a headache.  It's just energy that feels like fire. 

Happy Wednesday:  Drink Coffee.  Be Grateful.  Wear a Scarf.

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Kimberlee Rankin said...

I thought you were going to say you fell asleep waiting for Dr. Tuttle to come in....i know I have! Well here's to healing! praying for you! and I knew you would love him too!