Sunday, October 14, 2012

6 months ago today, this guy took me to the symphony. 
After the following week of being told by nearly everyone that it was a "date"
 and beginning to hope that perhaps it really was, 
he told me exactly that.  

A moped, kite, Gasworks, a bag of cookies, chocolate milk, long talks by the water... over dinner.. over drinks.  He introduced me by name to one of the Real Change vendors in his neighborhood, Kat.  He purchased her artwork in a card set for me. He knew her story.  Every moment seemed to include the greatest and kindest attention to little details, with me in mind: Reservations, an intentional gift (children's nursery rhyme book in Italian, need I say more?), a violin concerto, my car door opened every time.  Certainly one wonderful day, and one that led hope to spring in my heart.  

I'd like more time with this man, John Turner. 

And I've been given just that.  I couldn't be more grateful.  

Who knows where this is meant to go, we don't yet.  But I know that every minute with this man has been a blessing in my life.  He has taught me kindness and love and sacrifice in new ways.  He's made me uncomfortable in my own comfort - and at the same time, never have I felt more comfortable being raw and real and unkempt.  

I'm grateful today for not just John, but for all the people God has placed in my daily life in this season of stretching and growing.  Of wrestling and discovering what God has for each of us.  He has been so faithful.  And His provision has been so kind.  


Morgan said...

my exact words to my mom:

"They are PERFECTION together"


Rosemary said...

I LOVE you two. Lots.


Kimberlee Rankin said...

Proud of you Kati! and we sure like that guy! Good thing I took all those pics of you with his camera last March! ;)