Friday, April 12, 2013

Hours until my Beau lands back in this rainy state and I'm struggling to put my heart into work today. I'd rather be sleepy, sipping copious amounts of coffee and watching the clock (wait - doing that part already)... wandering neighborhoods and exploring or just watching movies in Beau's blacked out apartment - old crocheted blankets hung over all the windows. Awg! Work. Oh well, I get a quick coffee break to see that hairy face in a few hours... and then it's the final push to the weekend. A much needed and long-waited for date night, followed by a long weekend with the Tens as we learn how to bar tend. :)  By the end of next weekend, K & the Tens will be available for hiring for all your special events and dinner parties.  (Okay, the name needs help, and I'm sure the boys won't mind I just started a business venture for them. Beau has already mentioned it.) ;)


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Kayla Janine said...

you are so precious! i love reading these updates :)