Friday, May 31, 2013

I caved.  I flipped the switch.  I ... bought a kindle.

After months of carrying around 10 pound HP books in my purse, I finally decided to make the move.  I am the proud owner of a beautiful little Kindle Paperwhite.

I felt a rush of emotions after I ordered it.  Excitement.  Guilt.  Shame.  More excitement.  Confusion.  I'm a book girl - an old fashioned, hard backed, paper-smelling book girl!  I've prided myself in that for the past 20 years!  And now, I'm ascribing to the world of e-readers?!  All that is wrong in this world?!

My roomie helped me wade past the flood and remember, I'm still a book girl.  I'll always choose a hard copy at home, or when given the opportunity to relish and enjoy... but this neck of mine needs a break on the bus each day.  And now I have it, thanks to my cute little kindle.

Just in time for my train ride to Portland this evening! ;)


samara said...

It's really tempting... might get myself one at some point. For now, I've just been sticking to smaller paperbacks on the bus ;)

Linda said...

A good decision that does not lessen your book lover status! The way I think of it--its a stewardship issue!! Physically your shoulder is no longer going to be out of whack by lugging around said book and when you average the cost of the book you absolutely have to have in hardcover [for example Bonhoeffer] with the cost of the Kindle edition and the potential broken nose for having said huge hardback fall on your nose while reading late at night...this all makes perfect sense! Good job and welcome to the world of book lovers who are trying to be good stewards :)

Kim said...

Traitor ;-P

Katrina Hope said...

Kim, you have an iPad!!! :p

Kimberlee Rankin said...

I have read sooooo much more now that I have had a kindle...going on 3 years now....I just wouldnt lug my big books around but now I have the ability to steal minutes away and read anywhere at anytime! I love it. But still grab the real ones at home!