Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I've been working on talking less.  Which hasn't been going incredibly well, per se.  What it has accomplished it seems is less blogging.

It's not so much that I feel I need to talk less, as that I think I should less often feel I have something to say.  It's been growing deeper and deeper into me - I don't know the answers.  And while I've known that for a long time, I'm seeking to actually behave accordingly.  Because giving advice, can be dangerous.  And more often than not - it can be unnecessary.  I've had some really good training over my short-lived adult life.  And I've had some great opportunities that taught me a thing or two.  And I think, a lot.  Like all the time.  I've spent years trying to learn how to s-t-o-p thinking so much!  So, I do have stuff to say.  And it's stuff I've processed through and really believe - but even still, it's my answers, and most likely not anyone else's.  I own them.  Others don't.

To put it better, I'm working on saying things that let other people continue to talk.  I'm not good at that really either.  See, I have a strong preference for people to say what they mean and mean what they say - and then stop saying it!  Hypocrite?  Yes. I know. I talk a lot - but I usually only say each thing once.  And I work hard at saying it as clear as possible the first time.  Communication is an art - and it's the one I consider my passion.  But sometimes I don't give others a lot of room to communicate.  Once I feel they've said it, I'd like to move on, keep the pace, progress the game.  I like to communicate at a sprint.

I read something in a book last week though about giving people air - air to speak, process, share, open up, really more unfold. I want to give people air...  and all too often, I don't.  It's hard to get air when you're racing.


Rosemary said...

I have been thinking about this lately too Shane. Learning how to chose words wisely. Even if they maybe be good things to say are they necessary? And am I really listening or just waiting for the other person to be done so I can share what I think. Feel like Ive been racing too much in too many areas :)

Love you lots.

Kim said...

When it comes to talking - for me, less is more. I like to get out what I want to say, in half the words if at all possible.

Love yoU!