Friday, July 12, 2013

Essentially, the head of my company just asked if I had an iPhone 5.   I said yes.  He asked if he could borrow it.  I thought it strange, but began to pull my phone out of my case.  "No, your charger.  Can I borrow your charger?"  

I think that probably should have been obvious to me. 

This is the sort of dumb stuff you do at the end of a week like this.  On a Friday that follows a night full of tossing, turning and incredibly odd dreams where you're in a meeting, an alarm starts going off, your boss leads a group of you to an elevator, you jump in and think we shouldn't be getting in an elevator- but I guess we'd never make it that many flights of stairs if somethings really wrong.  You start moving down and then suddenly the elevator picks up speed, falls out of alignment and some part breaks open.  You grab onto a railing and watch as all your coworkers and boss fall some hundred flights.  Looking back, in a slightly more awake state, the scene seems an awful lot like one in the new Star Trek.  :/  Coincidence?  Probably not.  After that, my sister and I discover some well-intended, but ultimately incredibly disturbing inner secrets in the company.  My mom gets the wait staff at our lunch spot to let us eat outside.  John gets pictures taken with a pilot from an airshow.  And I have an emotional breakdown because no one seems to care that I just watched 5 people fall to their death, while clinging on to a railing in an elevator in free-fall.  

This is not my typical dream.  That was not a normal night.  And this, has not been an easy week.  

The only thing that got me out of bed and into work the hour early as promised, was the hope:  


And I hated the entire one minute I had to ride in the elevator this morning.  I might start taking the stairs again.  :/


Rose said...

TGIF my friend. xoxo

Ashley said...

oh Kati, my dear - that is one rough night.

Much love to you, friend! Let's get together one of these weekends. :)