Monday, July 15, 2013

Um.  I think I'm 'living the life' right now.

These really are the days I know I'll look back on and smile, tell my kids about, sometimes remember with a bittersweet taste, wishing I could return but knowing I never will.  They're days too full of wonderful things - with someone too wonderful at my side.

They're exhausting long work weeks, followed by fantastic adventures outside, dreaming, exploring, peddling down quiet streets on old bikes that sound like locomotives when forced up hill. It's last second trips to favorite cities, sailboats, dancing, and a myriad of flavors in foreign places just down my street.  It's finding new worlds constantly  - ones that are, ones that could be.

I'll someday miss these days.


Ashley said...

This is so beautiful. Love it!!!

Cami said...

Love this! :)