Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I don't take nearly enough time to sit and meditate.  After cleaning up my room last night I sat on my bed and pulled out an old scrap book full of cards that have been given to me and special words spoken over me.  It was only 20 minutes or so, but it was encouraging.  I like being reminded that I'm the same person I was 9 years ago; sometimes I feel so disconnected from that girl.  I live in a completely different world - I spend my days mostly with a new set of people, in new surroundings, analyzing new information, being perceived in new ways and processing through new thoughts.  I don't feel I'm in too much danger of losing my true self... not really any way, but I do feel the tiredness of it all, of moment by moment being so many other things in the eyes of other people. It's nice to sit on my bed, and be just me, just by myself with no room for misconceptions.


samara said...

Good words... It's easy to struggle with the misconceptions.

Linda said...

I would gently submit that all that was spoken over you and all that you aspired to those nine years ago is the soil that fosters the new growth you find yourself in. God is into our processes ;)

Love who you were and who you are and who you are becoming--xoxo