Tuesday, August 06, 2013

While you might think me super-social (or not)... I come from a long line of introverts.  My poor mom, she doesn't understand why we all have to be alone to refuel.  Sweet extrovert in a family of intros. Perhaps this will help you understand.  It's not that we don't like people, it's just that they make us tired.  

In high school, I made up fake curfews so I could go home early from "hangouts." 

I'd pretend to be on the phone when I had to run back in after youth group to grab something I forgot - just so I wouldn't get pulled back into conversations.  (That trick still serves me well when needed.)

I got annoyed at my friends for sitting on my lawn, refusing to leave until I hung out with them. Mumsy threatened to ground me for being rude - grounding seemed fine with me- after all I just wanted to finish my book!! And we had hung out SO MUCH!

My roommate was afraid to tell people about a show we bought tickets to last week, because she assumed I'd be bummed if the group got too big.  

If I have a big party at my house - I immediately want to leave it.  

But I love people. :/  

Go figure. 

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