Friday, January 03, 2014

I'm working on my New Year's resolutions just like the rest of you.  So far, I want to read 25 books,  get more sleep, and work stretching into my daily routine.  When I say "daily routine" - I mean, create a daily routine, because I haven't had one for a few years now.  It's the same ol' annual resolution middle classers the world over make - live a healthier life.  But as I get older, it seems more and more important.  Take care of myself, today.  Take care of the ones I love, today.  Take care of my home, today. Tend to our dreams, today.  I think that very well might be my mantra for this year. Take care and tend, today.  Because today is what we have, and if last year taught me something, it is that tomorrow has no guarantee - but our best chance at it, is to care for today.

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