Monday, January 13, 2014

I've been going a bit nuts over books lately.  It's probably something about the weather.  Dreary Seattle gray and cold temperatures that make me spend weekends refusing to step outside.  Or, it is the changing of years - hitting one goal and setting a more ambitious one.  It could just be me getting older and deciding I should be living my life the way I say I'd like to be.  I should stop looking back with nostalgia on childhood weekends spent cuddled up by a fire, racing from page 1 to 10 to end. I should reteach myself that discipline.  Force distractions and business away from my head every now and then.  And life has never been more busy.  I mean it. Two worlds of friends.  Two families.  Two heads with ideas and dreams and goals and exhaustion.  THREE 'houses' needing fixing, furnishing and filling (or emptying more truthfully!).

But a midst that, both John and I find ourselves more inspired to read than ever.  And boy have I been feeling inspired!  "Brunch" with Esther simply implies a quick trip to the bookstore, inevitably next door or down the street from the chosen cafe.  And two books later, I was on my way home.  Two days later and I'm trekking straight up Madison to the Central Library to pick up my 10 pounds of books on hold. I can't even clip Wellington shut on my way back down hill - and that's having already left my current read and Moleskine in my work desk at lunch. I'm going to have to take shifts bringing them home over the next three days.

And this is being added to multiple other books that found their way to my shelf, closet, dresser or floor over the past month. I don't really even have a bookshelf right now.  There is a tiny one in John's office (officially called, "The Room with the Chair") on which I keep quietly slipping more and more in little right angle piles.  Last night I just gave in and made a "decorative" stack against the wall of the livingroom.  There are three under the coffee table.  Two under the end table. A straight plastic tub of 30 in the "workshop."

And I haven't unpacked my bookshelf at my old apartment yet.
It's just sitting there, full.  With small stacks on the floor on either side.


samara said...

I know the feeling - and it's wonderful! The simple joy and love of books is a beautiful thing. And I agree about the weather... it makes reading sound even more pleasant than usual.

Kim said...

Jason and I are right there with ya! I've now finished Gone with the Wind, The Longest Ride and My Reality. Jason finished Moby Dick, Animal Farm and is currently reading Gullivers Travels. In the evening, I'm happy to say we're both grabbing for our books over the remote ;-) Yeah!!!