Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Interviewing is a lot like dating.  A lot like dating. You must be charming, sincere, honest - but again, charming.  Be yourself so you know you and they can both be happy together.  But be your best self, so they want to take a chance on you. All the while you're looking for signs of closets, secrets, troubles.  Why did your last relationship end?  How did it end?  How many me's have there been? Talk to me about it - I want to hear you talk about it as much as I want to hear what happened.  Direct, but kind, we don't have much time. It's dating. 

And starting a new job, well, that's building a new friendship.  Dozens and dozens of unique and complex relationships all at once. It can be a hay-day for an analytical-creative thinker. This morning I was rehearsing with myself while brushing my teeth -  who do I want to be known as?  A Class-Act - Intelligent - Kind. There's too many new faces, too many new roles, but I can focus on these three things.  Class - Intelligent - Kind, be that, and that is enough. 

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Rose said...

You are all three my friend.