Friday, November 16, 2012

I kid you not.

This little girl stole my heart from the start.  And apparently, she stole my boyfriend's last weekend.  Last night he asked, "Are they like Auri?"  "Not exactly, but they're fun." With a coy smile he added, "I miss Auri."  I wasn't sure if he was just teasing me, so I checked, "Are you being serious right now?"  "Yeah, she is so fun to play with;  I kind of miss her."  He smiled again.  And though it probably comes as a surprise, he isn't exactly a kids sort of fellow. I woke up this morning laughing and called Elise on my walk to the bus to tell her.  Last Saturday as he sat on the floor and she brushed his hair and chatted along, cuddling and playing with her new found friend, he looked at Jeff and Elise with concern, "She is dangerous. She's the kind that makes people want to have kids." : /  Too bad they aren't all like Auri - little mischievous, brilliant, funny and loving three-year-olds.  I can't wait to meet the next Mitchell baby!

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