Saturday, March 16, 2013

I made it!  First week at the new job complete.  And what a ride it has been.  I forgot how uncomfortable it really is to start at a new company - and had no idea just how terrifying it can be too.  After a week of not sleeping, and busy days that flew by... I am exhausted.  It was sometime Thursday afternoon when I finally started to feel good and the full I can do this conviction seeped back into my brain.  When I grabbed my purse and headed for the bus, I was happy.  I had just worked an 11 hour day and I was so happy.  I nearly teared up on the bus.  I am sure there will be plenty of challenges I will face in this new workplace.  I will dislike things.  Maybe even people.  But, I like my job.  And I have a huge suspicion that it is going to stay that way.  In fact, I think as time goes, I will like it even more.  I spent all week working on those projects that I considered the best of days at my last job.  When they arose, I'd stay late, come in early, work weekends and when John would ask how my day went I'd respond with a smile, "I spent it in Photoshop."  That was code for a good day.  Most days I responded something about Excel, QuickBooks, phones.  To each their own, but that ain't my own.  I know my kind.  My kind is craft.  And my craft is writing! And now, I get to spend my days writing and designing, for an excellent company.

You guys, I have a library.  A real library - all art and business focused!  And a librarian.  In addition to all the books, there is a full wall of magazines to check out - from fashion to typography, architecture (duh) to the Harvard Review.  A wall. :)

I am happy.  I like what I'm doing - and I want to become excellent in my craft! This is a blessing I am not about to take for granted - liking my job.

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