Friday, October 04, 2013

Good morning!  And happy Friday, dear friends.  We have circled back around yet again to this glorious day of finishing and waiting.  Waiting for the weekend.  And this Friday is especially ceremonious at my office, as by 3pm all the networks will be down and by 5 every desk in boxes.  We've been in a remodel (and will be for 6 more weeks), and today marks our move into the first finished floor.  It has been a TRIP - packing up an entire marketing department - yesterday I attacked our WALL of binder coils.  Just binder coil.  Thursday, I alphabetized CDs of project photography.  A few hundred CDs later and I was humming Goo Goo Dolls like I was back in 7th grade.

But come 5 pm, it won't be the weekend yet for us.  We'll be heading to our recent 'second job' from 7-11. AND THEN, it's the weekend.  In celebration, I have worn my newly stolen favorite sweater (thank you Beau).  I hear it's made from real Alpacas.  My favorite wool socks and my boots.  Work appropriate? I'm not sure.  Friday appropriate?  Absolutely.  

This week of work packing has followed a full week of 'home packing' and moving John into his new house.  His beautiful, beautiful new house.  It feels so oddly big.  We're used to both our apartments, so to have an expanse with a real dining area, a living room, a separate kitchen and then THREE bedrooms?  It's crazy.  It just really feels odd.  I like to pace the place.  And a couple nights ago when I was over, I overheard doors opening and closing all over the house.  Over and over.  Apparently, John had just decided to walk around, opening, then closing each door in the house.  Because he could.  Because they are his.  It's pretty fun to watch and be a part of - his first project of course is mounting a retractable projector screen into the ceiling.  Something I couldn't be happier about, as it meas no longer will 100 sq ft be constantly covered by a projector screen. A 100 sq ft, which currently includes his beautiful new fire place.  :)

This weekend - will hopefully mean rest.  I need it.  He needs it too.

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