Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've been thinking about saying "no" to things.  About how we'll be saying no to 'plans' next month.  I'm a lit nerd right, so I spend my hours alone getting lost in thought about things like: "Huh, it's so odd that the holiday season begins with "NO-vember. It's the month that ends with Thanksgiving, and then drops us off at Christmas - for which we spend lots of time writing shopping lists and wish lists." It just seems odd.  Maybe even ironic, to have the month that marks the beginning of the biggest over-eating, over-indulging, over-spending season, begin with "no."

 I think more than just saying no to plans next month, I'm going to focus on saying no to buying things I don't need.  Spending too much at the grocery store.  Eating sweets I don't need.  Drinking more coffee than I really ought to... or wine for that matter.  Complaining about my day at work to John.  Complaining about [insert word here] to John.

I'm going to focus on what's before me - what I have and what I can work for - rather than what I want.  I'm going to think about how rich I am.  How many thank you letters I have reason to write. I'm going to practice starting prayers with something other than "Dear Lord, please bless...."

I'm going to practice "no" next month.
Then I'm going to be grateful.
Then I'm going to be generous.
Then I'm going to turn 27th! Woot.


samara said...

I really like this! And the Lord's been speaking similar things to me. Here's to practicing "no."

Linda said...

Sorry for all the comments but I am catching up on you! I can't believe that I've never had the realization that the month before what is traditionally characterized by excess begins with 'no'. That is revolutionary....seriously. You are inspiring. And your next paragraph reminds me of a quote I copied in my journal a month or so ago: "A million little things will happen this week--and there are always really only two choices: you get to decide whether you want to complain or whether you want communion. Life's complicated--thats clarity: complain or communion" [Ann V. blog]. As I said on your earlier blog---there is going to be some great fruit from simplifying your life! xoxo