Monday, October 21, 2013

November is No-Plans-Ember.

For the month of November, we aren't making any new plans.  It's already been hard, as we've had to say no to some truly great offers.  But I think this will be good - a chance to focus on priorities that tend to get last place and fall into the calendar cracks.  For November, it will be different.

If you invite us, we will probably talk about it for a while, going back and forth, both taking turns at the devil's advocate... but hopefully in the end, we'll reply with "sincere regrets" and an attempt to reschedule after the holidays. 


Kayla Janine said...

This is an amazing & inspiring idea. I gotta try that one of these months.

Linda said...

Good move girl! It will be hard, but it WILL bear fruit!

Ashley said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA. Seriously inspiring. And I'm a bit envious... :)
Cant wait to hear how things go. We should do coffee. But maybe January haha!