Thursday, November 07, 2013

While "No-plans-ember" has been a bit more restful than normal months, so far it hasn't been much of a change in our day to day.  We'd already committed to a certain number of things back before this idea, and the conviction to follow it struck us.  From tonight on out, we finally reach the point where we really aren't doing much - a soccer game, one bar tending night, a wedding.. and it's Thanksgiving.

While we might still have things to do - we both have felt a weight off of us.  It just feels good. Something about knowing we have to, and get to, say "no" to basically EVERYTHING is so darn freeing! (It's also so stupid hard - we've turned down a couple amazing invites.)

We have already gotten to address some big house projects (well, one), and have had a few more hours to rest than usual.  Rest.

The contemplation of this month has been enough to make me more committed to a long term life style change.  And if that wasn't enough, this article Beau just sent me certainly helps.  I understand that rest is important.  And I get that families have to set time aside.  But I think it struck me anew that the habits we build early in our relationships, are the ones we'll keep in our marriages, parenting and over all family development.  I'm about living where you are - enjoying the season you're in... but I also think we won't magically become something new. We have to choose today to be who we want to be in ten years when we're stewarding little hearts and eyes, not to mention a big heart of some goofy, brilliant man. ;) We have to learn to steward the "family" we're building for now - and a huge part of that is learning to schedule and protect your time.

I want to own my time - and be able to give it wholeheartedly wherever, whenever called, rather than ending days and weekends feeling like it slipped through my hands or was wrenched by strange commitments I didn't even know I'd made. I want to see my time deepening me as a person and deepening me and John as a couple, and furthermore that my time is allowing John to deepen as an individual too.

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Linda said...

You are a wise woman--well beyond your years ;)