Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I am currently dreaming of something like this.  I found an article for ten of the best fall Washington hikes and I'm itching to do all of them.  But then again, I'm sick of being cold.  If the dreary, wet commute to work each morning is enough to make me annoyed, I'm not so sure I'm up for a day of it.  But then - look at that!! And not just that, but John and I have slept in separate tents far more times than I ever wanted.  Each time I'd look at him before bed - point my finger - and say, "last time!" And I'd mean it.  But then, we'd camp again and we'd pitch his tent and pitch my tent.

Now we can finally cuddle up together in his far superior little tent and I so badly want to!!  I want to buy cute little blue camping mugs and get a ridiculous two person sleeping bag and drive out to the mountains for a little backpacking.

I just want it to stop raining first.

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