Monday, November 10, 2014

I've had a sincere, and sincerely inexplicable happiness at work lately. Even after a 9 hour SUNDAY work day with an additional couple hours of bar tending (also related to my firm)... I was at work just after 7 this Monday morning, and I was smiling at people!

I used to always be smiling at people.  Not so much since joining this company. Not that I'm always miserable, I just don't really walk around beaming smiles at my comrades. But for some reason, the last couple weeks I've found myself comfortably smiling.  Maybe it's marriage and the comfort and confidence of home. Or maybe its an outcome of choosing to change my conversation and contemplations - stopping negative and complaintive thoughts early on and proactively finding positive and wonderful things to run through my mental system and chew on. Maybe it's the happiness of the holidays drawing near. Not really sure what it is, but I'm tired after a long week (and weekend) or working sick, staring down another four long days, and I'm smiling.

Not sure what it is - but I'm grateful for it.  A happy heart makes a hard work day so much better! This Monday, I hope you find yourself with an inexplicable smile on your face and a sincere happiness in your heart.

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